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Global Business Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Business Culture

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Global Business Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Business Culture

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Global Business Culture

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Global Business Culture

Site purpose: To provide a central internet location for housing links relating to global business issues including: Traditions and Customs, Cross-Cultural Communication, Country Guidelines, and Business Etiquette. Most sites in this directory contain databases with a search function pertaining to a specific country.

Simply click the desired icon below and view links:

Composition/ Background

Traditions and Customs

Cross-Cultural Communication

Country Guidelines

Business Etiquette

composition background

Go to the “links” option, and find extensive topics about any country, even search engines specifically for that country (shown in English). See the “traits of culture” for interesting new definitions of culture.

Do a search by country and find information about agriculture, government spending, foreign trade (see Morocco) and subtopics of the following: People: sex ratio, age structure, and death rates Government: national holidays, administration, flag description and meaning Economy: industry composition, impacting factors (climate) Geography: land composition, natural resources

Old World cultures describe in detail how countries originated, and how they function today. Gives background on education practices, history, economy, and religion.

traditions and customs
Traditions and Customs

Learn about different holiday customs and how holidays are celebrated around the world.

Describes what the country is known for, language mixes, history, and countless other tid-bit facts. Gives an introduction to the country. On the left bar menu, click “culture” for an in-depth description of the culture.

Large volumes of countries culture, traditions, history, events, and heritage. Related links available too!

The “Social Customs” option gives detailed information about social customs in both casual and business environments.

Go to a specific country, and then view the “culture” option. Describes modernization, changes, ancient rituals, social status, material ownership, social events, and art forms.

Learn about the beliefs and traditions of Christmas around the world. For example, learn that the people of Iceland believe that there are thirteen Santas, and that they appear in mischievous ways.

cross cultural communication
Cross-Cultural Communication

Guide to business etiquette and culture in the US top trading partner nations. Enhance cultural awareness for travelers through, culture, customs, and protocol.

A platform of communication for people of different cultural backgrounds. Provides articles to give insight into intercultural communication. Links are also available.

Articles on general cultural issues including communication differences and how to improve relationships.

Research and links to Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies

Seminar notes from a course in Cultural Communication

country guidelines
Country Guidelines

Basic country overviews given, as well as links for specific travel information.

Travelers share fond memories, cultural travel tips, and favorite places.

Create a miniguide by selecting a world region and then a destination.

Includes a country by country database of packing guides, travel restrictions, and health and technology guides.

In search field, type the country and “culture”.

A variety of useful travel information for several Asian countries, which can be applied to alternate travel destinations.

Translation guide where you can translate any word or phrase

business etiquette
Business Etiquette

Laws and regulations, business protocol, and business travel tips

Learn about management issues, business protocol, gift-giving etiquette, new, travel tips, and training.