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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence 19 th Century Novel Frankenstein Philosophical Questions:

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artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

19th Century Novel Frankenstein

Philosophical Questions:

Could a highly advanced robot be a person (in the sense of having moral rights, such as the right not to be harmed without just cause)? What does it mean to be a person, anyway? Do you need to have a mind to be a person? Is it possible for something made of silicon, wire, and metal to have a mind?

May 11th, 1997 – IBM’s Deep Blue computer unseats Gary Kasparov
  • The beginning of the computer age – the late 1940s. Number crunching.
  • John McCarthy coins the term “artificial intelligence” in the mid 1950s. A.I. – the name of the research area whose aim it was to program computers to perform tasks that, when done by humans, were thought to require intelligence.
  • Definition of a game: start position, rules that specify legal moves, and a goal or set of goals.
Deep Blue

35 x 35 = 1,225

Consideration of one future move: 35 x 35 x 35 = 42,875 positions

Deep Blue could consider 200,000,000 positions or 7 moves in the future

Brute force method: decisions/computations made by a computer based purely on its processing power.

  • John Searle’s Chinese Room Thought


  • Three issues at the intersection of philosophy and A.I.
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Whether or not a computer can be a person
    • Whether or not the creation of A.I. could be destructive to human civilization