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  1. For free Science Videos for kids

  2. April Fools' Day is celebrated in the Western world on April 1st of every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools' Day. The origin is change of calendar in France when earlier new year was celebrated on April 1st,but in 1582 ,it was changed to January 1st.Few of the people refused to follow the same & still celebrated April 1st as new year , they were referred as Fools by others.

  3. . So from this change of date for New Year, started a new festival. So the people who still did not know or hear (remember in old days ,there were no newspapers, Radio or TV ,so any news would take may years to reach people), these people kept on Celebrating new year on April 1st. Other people who knew about the change of date of New year ,started calling these people as Fools as this was a sign of foolishness.

  4. Some people started playing tricks on these “fools”. Over time, April 1st became a day of playing tricks, and a competition of sorts - to see who would come up with the best prank. Now also ,almost 500 years later, April 1st is still a day when tricks are played on people in a spirit of fun. In all over world, this is a day of making fun of each other by trapping them in one trick or other!

  5. There are few basic criteria to make a good trick to fool people a) Trick must be harmless. b) The people should believe your trick c) The person should act in result of your trick means there should be some action d) You should tell them later on that it is April Fool Trick

  6. Few Examples: At few places, people would stick a coin on a busy road, the pedestrians would see the coins & would try to pick that. Then persons ,who’re hiding would shout April Fool Some would tie a fake snake with a very thin ,invisible thread & keep it on the way. When someone comes near to it, they would pull the thread & the passer-by would take it as a snake & run away.

  7. Warning • Please don’t read this slide, as your computer would explode after it • Leave it now………

  8. Ha ,ha ,you got worried , you’ve been made

  9. Ruchi Nehra Bombay Scottish, Class IVth