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SSB 5410: An Act Relating to Online Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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SSB 5410: An Act Relating to Online Learning

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SSB 5410: An Act Relating to Online Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SSB 5410: An Act Relating to Online Learning

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  1. Martin Mueller, OSPI 360-725-6175 Purpose, Requirements, Timeline SSB 5410: An Act Relating to Online Learning

  2. SSB 5410: New Section 1: Findings and Intent FINDINGS: • “Online learning provides tremendous opportunities for students...” • “The Legislature supports and encourages online learning opportunities.” • “However…there is also a need to assure quality in online learning, both for the programs and the administration of those programs.” • “The Legislature is the steward of public funds that support students enrolled in online learning and must ensure an appropriate accountability system…” OSPI, 8/18/09

  3. SSB 5410: New Section 1, cont. INTENT: • Take the first step in improving oversight and quality assurance of online learning programs. • Examine possible additional steps that may need to be taken to improve financial accountability. OSPI, 8/18/09

  4. SSB 5410: New Section 1, cont THE FIRST STEP: • Provide objective information to students, parents, and educators regarding available online learning opportunities, including: • Program and course content; • How to register for programs and courses; • Teacher qualifications; • Student-to-teacher ratios; • Prior course completion rates; • And other valuable information. • Create an approval process for multidistrict online providers; OSPI, 8/18/09

  5. SSB 5410: New Section 1, cont. MORE FIRST STEPS: • Enhance statewide equity of student access to high quality online learning opportunities; and • Require school district boards of directors to develop policies and procedures for student access to online learning opportunities. OSPI, 8/18/09

  6. SSB 5410: New Section 2 DEFINITIONS: • Multidistrict online provider • Private entities contracting with districts; • Districts serving students living outside the district • Exceptions to multidistrict online provider definition: • Districts serving fewer than 10% of non-resident students; • Jointly developed regional online programs run by districts or ESDs where districts agree to share students. • Online course • Online school program • Bill includes online programs delivered under ALE law/rules. OSPI, 8/18/09

  7. SSB 5410: New Section 3 • OSPI shall develop an approval, monitoring, and appeal process for multi-district online providers. The Criteria and processes shall be adopted by rule by December, 1, 2009. • Initial approval will be for 4 years. • Grandfathering: Multidistrict online providers either already approved by the DLC or accredited by NAAS are exempt from approval process for 1 year. OSPI, 8/18/09

  8. SSB 5410: New Section 3, cont. • OSPI shall make first round of approval decisions by April, 1, 2010; thereafter, decisions must be made by November 1 of each year. • OSPI shall establish Online Learning Advisory Committee, which will advise the SPI regarding approval criteria, components of the website, model district policies, model agreements, etc. • Committee has broad representation across the public education spectrum. It does NOT include legislators. OSPI, 8/18/09

  9. SSB 5410: New Section 4 • OSPI shall create an Office of Online Learning • Hire staffed of the DLC, to the extent legal and funded. • $700,000 annual appropriation • Tasks of the Office of Online Learning • Develop and maintain a website that provides objective information regarding online learning opportunities offered by approved (or grandfathered) multidistrict online providers; • Website to include extensive information, including how to register for online programs and courses; OSPI, 8/18/09

  10. SSB 5410: New Section 4, cont. • Tasks of the Office of Online Learning, continued • Develop model agreements with approved multidistrict online providers that provide a template for districts interested in contracting with these entities; • In collaboration with ESDs: • Provide TA and support to districts; • Provide online tools for students, teachers, others. OSPI, 8/18/09

  11. SSB 5410: New Section 5 • OSPI Shall Develop model policies and procedures for districts; • By Dec 1, 2009, OSPI must modify the standards for course reporting to include designation of online courses in CEDARS; new standards are required beginning with the 2010-11 SY; • Beginning Jan, 15, 2011, OSPI shall submit an annual report to SBE, the Legislature, and the Governor; to include: • Demographics; • Course enrollment data; • Course completion data and passing rates; and • Outcomes of course/provider approval reviews OSPI, 8/18/09

  12. SSB 5410: New Section 6 • By August 31, 2010, districts must adopt policies and procedures regarding student access to online courses and online learning programs; • Policy must cover broad range of online learning issues; • Policies must be submitted to OSPI by September 15, 2010; • OSPI must submit summarizing report on polices to the Legislature by December 1, 2010. • Districts must provide students with information regarding online courses that are available through the school district. • Districts developing local or regional online learning programs must incorporate into the program design the approval criteria developed by OSPI. OSPI, 8/18/09

  13. SSB 5410: New Section 7 • Beginning with the 2011-12 school year, school districts may claim BEA for students enrolled in online courses or programs only if the online courses or programs are: • Offered by an OSPI-approved multidistrict online provider, • Offered by the district itself to its own students and fewer than 10% of out-of-district students enrolling in the program under the ‘choice’ law; • Offered by a regional provider operating under and inter-district cooperative agreement. • OSPI shall develop criteria to allow online courses that have not been approved to be eligible for state funding if the course is in a subject matter in which no courses have been approved and if the course meets HS graduation requirements. OSPI, 8/18/09

  14. SSB 5410: New Section 8 • Nothing in bill diminishes rights of students to attend nonresident districts under choice law. OSPI, 8/18/09

  15. SSB 5410: Section 9 This section modifies the current online learning law in 2 ways: • Makes existing law consistent with new definitions of online learning established by 5410; • Better defines the existing accreditation requirement for public school programs that are primarily digital or online. • NAAS, or • A national, regional, or state accreditation entity listed by OSPI . OSPI, 8/18/09

  16. SSB 5410: New Section 10 • OSPI shall conduct a review of online courses and programs offered to students during the 08-09 school year to create baseline information on the provision of online learning: • Part-time, full-time, and inter-district enrollment; • How courses are offered and overseen; • Contract terms and funding agreements; • Fiscal impact on levy bases and levy equalization from inter-district enrollment; • Student:teacher ratios, course completion rates, and student retention and dropout rates; • Other issues: special education, assessment, teacher certification. OSPI, 8/18/09

  17. SSB 5410: New Section 10, cont. • OSPI shall assess funding levels for online courses relative to basic education general allocation. • Comparison of staffing ratios and costs; • NERC • Facility requirements; • An analysis of the appropriate share of per-student allocations between resident districts and serving districts. • OSPI shall submit a report to the education and fiscal committees of the Legislature by December 1, 2009. OSPI, 8/18/09

  18. SSB 5410: Implications for the Digital Learning Commons • Loss of state funding for 2009-11 biennium. • Resulting modification of mission and services. • Most DLC staff began working for OSPI effective July 1, 2009. • Certain DLC services will now be offered via OSPI’s Digital Learning Department. NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. • Access to single courses, including registration and billing services. Course fees vary; about $300 per semester course. • Library Package. Approximately $5.50 per student. OSPI, 8/18/09

  19. SSB 5410: Implications for School Districts • Must adopt policy on online learning by September 1, 2010. Model policy will be available spring, 2010. Policies must be provided to OSPI in fall, 2010. • Beginning with the 2011-12 school year, online learning claimed for state basic education funding must be provided by either: • An OSPI—approved multidistrict online provider, or • A local or multidistrict cooperative program operating according to approval requirements. • Better tools and information for districts implementing online learning programs. • Model agreements with approved providers • Outcome and other program quality data on existing programs. OSPI, 8/18/09