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SSB Aggregation

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SSB Aggregation. Jacobo Tarragón IT/SDC September 23 rd , 2013. goals. integrate SAM site status computations into SSB reuse virtual metrics system. challenges. SAM metrics can’t be managed manually SSB Virtual columns are not flexible enough to implement SAM computations. the idea.

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Presentation Transcript
ssb aggregation

SSB Aggregation

Jacobo Tarragón


September 23rd, 2013


integrate SAM site status computations into SSB

reuse virtual metrics system

SSB Aggregation


SAM metrics can’t be managed manually

SSB Virtual columns are not flexible enough to implement SAM computations

SSB Aggregation

the idea
the idea
  • provide a generic aggregation system on top of the current virtual metrics
    • arbitrary operations: AND, OR, …
    • horizontal: m1, m2, m3 for i1
    • vertical: i1, i2, i3 on m1
  • bootstrap SAM metrics from the profile description

SSB Aggregation

  • new Virtual Collector
    • regular virtual metrics + SAM metrics
  • SAM metrics bootstrapped on every run
    • read profiles from POEM API
    • get or create metrics on the fly

SSB Aggregation

bootstrapping 1 2
bootstrapping (1/2)

{ “name”: “ATLAS_CRITICAL” “algorithm”: “CE * SRMv2” “metrics”: { “CE”: [{“name”: “m1”, “FQAN”: “f1”}, {“name”: “m2”, “FQAN”: “f1”}], “SRMv2”: [{“name”: “m3”, “FQAN”: “f1”},{“name”: “m4”, “FQAN”: “f1”}] }}

(AND *) Site Status for ATLAS_CRITICAL(OR +) Site Flavour Status CE for ATLAS_CRITICAL (AND *) Service Flavour Status CE for ATLAS_CRITICAL m1_f1, m2_f1 (OR +) Site Flavour Status SRMv2 for ATLAS_CRITICAL (AND *) Service Flavour Status SRMv2 for ATLAS_CRITICAL m3_f1, m4_f1

SSB Aggregation

bootstrapping 2 2
bootstrapping (2/2)
  • source metrics provided by MSG collector
  • vertical aggregations mapping provided via metric
  • complex operations need additional levels of aggregation

(CE + CREAM-CE) * SRMv2(AND *) Site Status (OR *) Combined Flavour Site Status (OR *) Site Flavour StatusCE (OR *) Site Flavour Status CREAM-CE (OR *) Site Flavour status SRMv2

SSB Aggregation

example start
example (start)


site status metric

Arbitrary vertical aggregation

(service-country metric)

SSB Aggregation

example site status
example (site status)

(CE + CREAM-CE + OSG-CE) * (SRMv2 + OSG-SRMv2)

Step aggregation:

Combined flavour status

Flavour status metric

(vertical aggregation over service status)

SSB Aggregation

example service status
example (service status)

MSG metrics

SSB Aggregation

good things
good things
  • SAM virtual metrics are stored as regular virtual metrics
    • minimal schema changes to store aggregation description
  • any metric may be a source metric, aggregations can get as complex as needed

SSB Aggregation

not so good things
not-so-good things

reusing the SSB data loading system introduces a delay

a flavour can’t tell if a service testing one of its metrics must be considered

SSB Aggregation

to do
to do

move algorithm definitions to POEM

integrate old virtual collector

availability values

vertical aggregations visualization

SSB Aggregation