texas and the mexican war n.
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Week 8 American Studies 7 April 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Week 8 American Studies 7 April 2014

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Week 8 American Studies 7 April 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week 8 American Studies 7 April 2014

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  1. Texas and the Mexican War Week 8 American Studies7 April 2014

  2. Manifest Destiny: America’s feeling of entitlement. Progress was not always this smooth. At each stop along the way, “civilized” people tended to revert to the more primitive life of the Frontier.

  3. Texas was part of Mexico.

  4. Stephan A. Austin, the “father of Texas” was an Anglo-American living in Mexico. In 1825 the Mexican government paid him (in land) to bring immigrants from the United States into what is now East Texas. He brought in 300 hundred families. Each family was given 4,428 acres of land. In return they had to agree to become loyal citizens of Mexico, join the Catholic Church, and had to pay $30. The Mexicans were hoping that the Americans would form a “buffer” between them and the Comanche. So many Americans immigrated that soon they outnumbered the Mexicans and the Indians, and they wanted to form their own country.

  5. Sam Houston1793-18631st president of Texas The ultimate frontiersman Followed the frontier pattern of leaving an established way of life for something more primitive—and more profitable

  6. Sam Houston—a complicated lifeSam Houston—an eventful lifeBorn in Virginia, moved to Tennessee with his family.Ran away from home as a teenager, lived with Cherokee.Joined Andrew Jackson to fight Creek uprising.Jackson helped him get into politics.Elected to Congress, governor.1829—gave up governor’s office, got divorced, lived w/ Cherokee in Arkansas.Became citizen of Cherokee nation, married Cherokee woman.Charged w/ assault & battery in Wash., D.C., relocated to Texas.Joined Texas Revolution, named commander-in-chief.Defeated Santa Anna at Battle of San Jacinto.Elected Pres. of Texas, later governor of Texas.

  7. The Alamo, San Antonio • An old Spanish mission that had been fortified against the Comanche, Texian rebels used it to make a stand against a much larger Mexican army. The Mexican commander, Gen. Santa Anna attacked under a blood red flag that meant “Take no prisoners.” He hoped that by killing everyone at the Alamo he could discourage the rest of the Texian settlers. Instead, “Remember the Alamo” became their battle cry. Among those killed at the Alamo were some famous frontiersmen such as Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Travers.

  8. 1836—Texas declares independence in this building. 1845—Texas enters the Union as the 28th state—a slave state. 1846—U.S. declares war on Mexico.