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  1. Othello Othello directed by Tony Simotes and performed at Founders' Theatre in 2008

  2. Othello 1. The source of Othello Othello is based on a 1565 story by the Italian Giraldi Cinthio. SHAKESPEARE CINTHIO OTHELLO A character withgreat qualitiesas a man and caught in atrap of evil as a leader Anunsympathetic man withno dignity and honour Only Connect ... New Directions

  3. VeniceandCyprus, a Venetian possession Othello 2. The setting Venetian women were beautiful and interested in making love Venetian men were hot-tempered, aggressive and easily jealous Shakespeare chose this setting for his tragedy filled with passion, jealousy and sexual tension Only Connect ... New Directions

  4. Othello, the Moor, the black general of the Venetian army. Desdemona, from a white aristocratic Venetian family and wife to Othello. Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant. Othello 3. Main characters Laurence Fishburne as Othello in Alan Parker’s Othello (1995) Only Connect ... New Directions

  5. Othello 3. Main characters • Iago, Othello’s antagonist. • Emilia, Iago’s wife. • Brabantio, Desdemona’s father. Kenneth Branagh as Iago in Alan Parker’s Othello (1995) Only Connect ... New Directions

  6. Othello 4. The plot First part: VENICE has married Desdemona against her father’s wish OTHELLO has been asked to defend Cyprus against the Turks makes a plot to have Cassio dismissed IAGO Only Connect ... New Directions

  7. Othello 4. The plot Second part: CYPRUS a. Seeks Desdemona’s help Cassio is dismissed Iago puts Desdemona’s handkerchief into Cassio’s room Iago sows doubt in Othello’s mind about Desdemona and Cassio’s love affair b. c. Othello kills Desdemona, but then he stabs himself understanding his fault. Cassio becomes Cyprus’s Governor Only Connect ... New Directions

  8. Othello 5. The main anthitesis BLACK WHITE DESDEMONA OTHELLO • An African Moor of noble birth • A great general ruined by his virtues • A tragic hero • Symbol of purity, chastity, innocence IAGO • Symbol of evil • The villain of the story Only Connect ... New Directions

  9. Racism Othello is not accepted by society because of the different colour of his skin and his different culture. The power of words used by Iago to make Othello jealous of his wife. Jealousy leading Othello to kill Desdemona and to his own downfall. Black vs white. Master vs servant. Elected vs damned. Othello 6. Themes Only Connect ... New Directions

  10. Othello 7. Style OTHELLO IAGO • Musical poetry: • elevated tone • full of hyperbole • linked to feelings • Prose: • intellectual, cynical • full of litotes • linked to reason Only Connect ... New Directions

  11. Othello 8. Dramatic tension Dramatic tension Almost always present in the tragedy Shakespeare prolongs the tension even after Desdemona’s death It starts when Iago reveals his plot to have Cassio dismissed He delays the discovery of Iago’s plot when Othello, accused by Emilia, claims Iago’s evidence as his justification and she refuses to believe him Iago directs the action throughout Only Connect ... New Directions

  12. Othello 9. Two female heroines Juliet’sand Desdemona’s misfortunes can be summed up in the diagram: y x = Time y = Progression from love to death c = Climax of their love c x Only Connect ... New Directions