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Classical Roots

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Classical Roots
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Classical Roots

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  1. Classical Roots Lesson 6: all or nothing

  2. ROOTS • COPIA <L. plenty • MAKROS <G. large • MAGNUS <L. great • MEGAS <G. great • POLY <G. many

  3. copious • Plentiful; in large amounts

  4. macrocosm • The universe • Any great whole (kosmos <G. universe)

  5. magnanimous • Noble and generous, especially in forgiving; no petty (animus <L. mind, spirit)

  6. PRACTICE! This word can mean “the universe” or “any great whole”… copious? magnanimous? macrocosm? (macrocosm)

  7. PRACTICE! This word basically means “a lot”! copious? magnanimous? macrocosm? (copious)

  8. PRACTICE! This word refers to somebody who is very forgiving… copious? magnanimous? macrocosm? (magnanimous)

  9. magnate • A wealthy, influential person, especially in business

  10. magnitude • Greatness in importance or size • The degree of brightness of a star

  11. megalomania • A form of mental illness in which a person has exaggerated ideas of his or her own importance • An obsessive idea to do things on a grand scale

  12. polygamy • The system of having more than one spouse at a time (gamos <G. marriage)

  13. polygon • A flat shape with many straight angles (gonia <G. angle)

  14. PRACTICE! This word is associated with going “way over board” or “way beyond what is considered normal”. magnitude? megalomania? magnate? (megalomania)

  15. PRACTICE! This is a very successful, well-known person magnanimous? magnate? polygamy? (magnate)

  16. PRACTICE! This word means “greatness of importance”… magnitude? magnanimous? macrocosm? (magnitude)

  17. PRACTICE! A many-sided flat shape is called this… copious? polygamy? polygon? (polygon)

  18. CHALLENGE! What is the adjective form of macrocosm? (macrocosmic)

  19. CHALLENGE! What word can mean something that represents “a great whole”? (macrocosm)

  20. CHALLENGE! Which word means “mentally ill” and “an obsessive idea to do things in a large scale”? (megalomania)

  21. CHALLENGE! She sat in the front row and took ___________ notes during the lecture. (copious)

  22. CHALLENGE! If we used Thurston students to represent students across the country, we would call them a …? (macrocosm)

  23. CHALLENGE! Which adjective would be a great compliment ? (magnanimous)

  24. CHALLENGE! What is the adjective form of polygon? (polygonal!)

  25. CHALLENGE! The huge storm brought ___________amounts of rain. (copious)

  26. CHALLENGE! She made a ______________gesture of forgiving all of the debts owed to her. (magnanimous)

  27. CHALLENGE! His _______________prevents him from recognizing his faults or appreciating the talents of others. (megalomania)

  28. CHALLENGE! The _____________donation filled the shelves of the entire food pantry for the shelter. (copious)

  29. CHALLENGE! The constellation of Orion contains two stars of the highest _____________. (magnitude)

  30. CHALLENGE! Ezra Cornell, a lumber __________, left his fortune to Cornell University. (magnate)

  31. CHALLENGE! The actor has an ego that borders on _________________. He thinks he (megalomania)

  32. CHALLENGE! Many physicists have attempted to determine the size of the ____________. (macrocosm)

  33. CHALLENGE! Each of the five-pointed stars on the American flag is a __________. (polygon)

  34. CHALLENGE! Do not underestimate the ____________of your family’s support. (magnitude)

  35. CHALLENGE! Although ____________was not practiced in ancient Greece, the rulers were allowed to have mistresses to guarantee an heir. (polygamy)

  36. CHALLENGE! _____________drove the couple to build a swimming pool far more expensive than their modest income. (megalomania)

  37. CHALLENGE! The Nobel Prize in literature goes to a writer who has created works of the highest ______________. (magnitude)

  38. CHALLENGE! Although his brothers had deeply hurt his feelings, he _____________forgave them in order to have a peaceful future. (magnanimously)

  39. CHALLENGE! Drink ____________amounts of water when it is very hot to prevent dehydration. (copious)