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Gas Recovery System A/S Oslo, Norway PowerPoint Presentation
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Gas Recovery System A/S Oslo, Norway

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Gas Recovery System A/S Oslo, Norway - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gas Recovery System A/S Oslo, Norway. Gulf Coast Consulting Presents. Gulf Coast Consulting Strategy & Technology Consulting Houston, Texas. Gas Recovery System A/S Featuring the GRS Unit Amarillo, TX • April 19, 2005. Progress Rail Services Corporation Amarillo, Texas. The GRS Unit.

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Gas Recovery System A/S Oslo, Norway

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Presentation Transcript

Gas RecoverySystem A/SOslo, Norway

Gulf Coast ConsultingPresents

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Gulf Coast ConsultingStrategy & Technology ConsultingHouston, Texas

Gas Recovery System A/S

Featuring theGRS Unit

Amarillo, TX •April 19, 2005

Progress Rail ServicesCorporationAmarillo, Texas


The GRS Unit

Design Model:

VIEWPORT: Mobil Transport

Progress Rail Services Presentation

The GRS Unit is a compact, transportable multi-purpose recovery system for handling VOC-Volatile Organic Compounds. The GRS system is based on Cryogenic condensation with liquid nitrogen, developed specifically for gas and chemical recovery applications.

VIEWPORT: Controls Trailer


VIEWPORT: Mobile Skid


The Newly Re-Designed GRS Unit

Design Model:


Progress Rail Services Presentation

The vapor recovery technology patented by GRS offers a clean and energy efficient method for refining, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries to reduce losses incurred during loading, unloading, storage, and handling of organic compounds





The GRS UnitData Sheet

Design Model:


Cryogenic-Nitrogen based

Purging Capacity Examples:

3700kg VCM vapors/hrWeight:

Approx. 5000 kg

System Data

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Operation mode:

Fully automatic

Capabilities:Purges & Recovers


In addition to the high capacity and efficiency of the GRS unit, the system is also compact. All components are mounted in a standard 10 foot ISO container frame. This makes the unit easy for transportation and consequently extremely versatile.

System Data

Unit size:10 ft container frameSkid MountedEnergy consumption:Process 5kWN2 Heater 60kW

GRS Unit: Equipment Layout

System Data


The GRS UnitApplications

Design Model:

  • Gases & Chemicals
  • Ethylene
  • Ethane
  • Propylene
  • Propane
  • Butadiene
  • Butane
  • VCM
  • NH3
  • Halons
  • Chlorofluorcarbons
  • Isoprenmonimer
  • Various chemical gases
  • Freon P11, P12, P114

Tank CarServices

Port Services

Progress Rail Services Presentation





The GRS Unit is targeting its third sector market, the U.S. Rail Industry. The GRS multiple commodities handling features, will expand Rail terminal’s core business, capabilities, and services offered to its existing and new potential customers.

Bulk Storage Services

GRS Unit: Recovery Applications

Transloading Services


The GRS UnitDiagrams

Design Model:

Recovery Principles

Rail Tank Car

Progress Rail Services Presentation

GRS Recovery Systemconfigurations include:

Rail and Road Transport

Oil and Gas Terminals

Gas Carriers Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Offshore Installations

The GRS technology was designed for applications such as:

  • Vapor Recovery for Gas-freeing and Purging operations
  • Vapor recovery for Gassing-Up and Cooling-Down operations
  • Reliquification and Cooling for liquified gases

System Configurations

GRS Unit: Recovery System Process

Bulk Storage Tanks


The GRS UnitBenefits

Design Model:

GRS BenefitsEconomicsLow capital & operational costLow maintenance costNon-Flared systemVapor recovered on specificationRecovery and Purging simultaneouslyEliminate Permitting costs CommercialIncreases terminal versatilityTransportable for mobile operationsEmergency re-liquification unitOperationalTotal cargo vapor recoverySafe & easy to operateLow energy consumptionAdjustable concentration and flowEnvironmentalLow Emissions No secondary pollutionEliminates VOC & toxic gas exposure

System Commissioning

Progress Rail Services Presentation

System Layout

System Logging


The GRS UnitAdvantages

Design Model:

GRS AdvantagesGRSoffers it Patented Technology to Progress Rail Services Corporation, to meet and surpass industryAbatement Applications using the GRS system. Purgingand Recovery options of multiple commodities will expandyour railcar cleaning facilities’ capabilities and services.The GRS unit ownership will give Progress Rail thecompetitive edge for expanding its business operationsand services. The GRS will potentially increase revenuesthrough its ability to expedite tank car cleaning.The GRS Reclamation capabilities has potential for futureservices for client commodity buy-back programs. Thesystem is capable of commodity recovery to 99.99% gradeand according to specifications. Gas Recovery System AS-EuropeGRSis looking to the U.S. to begin benchmarking a newGold standard for Abatement and ReclamationApplications in several U.S. markets including the RailRoad Industry.

Unit Operations

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Unit Controls Trailer

System Control Panel


The GRS UnitProcess

Site Layout

Progress Rail ServicesAmarillo Car ShopAmarillo, TXRail Yard Layout

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Design Model:




ReturnThe GRS system willcreate new core businessservices for U.S. RailTerminals

GRS Tank Car Process Management System

GRS Business Strategy

Progress Rail Services Presentation

The GRS Tank CarProcess ManagementSystem is based on theGRS Plus System. ThePlus System is a premierfunction of Tank CarCleaning and CommodityReclamation for RailTerminal Operations.

GRS Process

The GRS Plus Systemgives terminals theflexibility and capacityto initiate a 1 to 3Plus System, for tank car

abatement simultaneously.

GRS Plus System


The GRS UnitClients-SINTEF

Design Model:

  • GRS Clients ListGRSover the last few years has establishedoutstanding results at sites for prestigious customerssuch as:
  • Vintron
  • Vopak
  • Simon Storage
  • Maersk Australia
  • Australian Vinyl Corporation
  • Norsk Hydro
  • Aga Norsk
  • Chemgas Shipping
  • Infracor Marl
  • GlaxoSmithKlineSINTEF Research Institute of NorwayThe GRS system has been laboratory tested and certifiedat SINTEF Labs. For more information on SINTEF

Unit Operations

Progress Rail Services Presentation


GRS has recentlyconfigured the unit forproviding services toFREON handling customers

SIMON Bulk Liquids & Gas


The GRS UnitVCM Project

Design Model:

The Marl VCM ProjectInfracor Marl, GermanyDecontamination of Vinyl ChlorideChemgas 16 at Chemiepark MarlAugust 12 – 15thThe decontamination of Chemgas 16 at Chemipark MarlChemgas 16 cargo, totaling 2060 CBM, 6 tanks each 343 CBMLast cargo vapors: Vinyl Chloride MonomerStarting condition 22ºC and pressure of 3.89 barPlanned Operational PhasesPhase 1 Draining of LiquidPhase 2 Pressure reductionPhase 3 Tank stratification with nitrogenPhase 4 Purging with nitrogenAugust 12th1900 hrs Henk Wegh and Bård Norberg arrived Chemiepark Marl1930 hrs GRS unit arrived at Chemiepark MarlAugust 13th0830hrs - 0900hrs GRS unit lifted into position at site0900hrs - 1600hrs Installation of GRS unit

Chemgas 16 Carrier

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Cooling Up GRS Unit

GRS Unit Vent Stack


The GRS UnitVCM Project

Design Model:

The Marl VCM ProjectInfracor Marl, GermanyAugust 14th0800 hrs Arrived at site. Infracor connecting GRS & terminal piping0830 hrs – 1030hrs Filling propane into GRS unit1030 hrs – 1330 hrs Commissioning GRS unitPhase ”1” – Draining of Liquid from Chemgas 16August 14th1330 hrs Commenced draining liquid from the barge’s tanks andpiping system into the GRS unit.Recovered VCM was pumped directly from the GRS unit to theInfracor VCM piping network

1410 hrs Environmental department of Infracor checked emissionsof VCM from GRS vent stack to be less than 0,3 PPm from

1445 hrs Liquid draining from Chemgas 16th completed

About 1000 kg of nitrogen was used in Phase 1

According to GRS unit flow meter 1350 kg VCMrecovered in Phase 1

Phase ”2” – Draining of Liquid from Chemgas 16August 14th Pressure reduction

GRS Unit: Automatic Mode

Progress Rail Services Presentation

GRS Unit N2 connections

GRS Unit Barge connections


The GRS UnitVCM Project

Design Model:

The Marl VCM ProjectInfracor Marl, GermanyPhase 3 – StratificationAugust 15th Starting condition 1.456 bar0000 hrs Release Nitrogen from GRS unit to barge. Nitrogen evenlysaturates all 6 tanks, Recovery temperature –153.8°C0300hrs Phase 3 completed clear break through of rich nitrogenatmosphere entering the GRS init from the barge.Barge tank pressure 2.8 bar-Nitrogen consumption Phase 3 7100 kgAccording to GRS flow meter 3680 kg VCM recovered in Phase 3

Phase 4 - Purging and gas freeing

August 15th, Starting condition 2.8 bar

0300hrs Commenced Phase 4 Released nitrogen from pipeline

0900hrs Infracor measured GRS unit emissions less than 0.3 PPM

0900 hrs VCM Tanks measured less than 20 PPM by Dräger tubes

1330 hrs Chemgas 16Tanks measured less than 0.3 PPM of VCM.

Operation completed

Nitrogen consumption Phase 47,100 kg

According to GRS flow meter 3670 kg VCM recovered in Phase 4

August 15th

1330 hrs – 1900hrs Clearing GRS unit.

Dismantled all piping and electrical connections

Onboard Chemgas 16

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Summary of Operation

Time was a critical factor in thisoperation. The unit performed

continuously and flawlesslyduring a 24 hour operation.

GRS 24 Hour Operation


The GRS UnitAbout Us

Design Model:

Gas Recovery Systems AS Bård NorbergBusiness Services DevelopmentKarenslyst Allé 8b

PO Box 112 Skøyen

N-0212 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 23 12 03 80

Fax: +47 23 12 03 77

GRS About UsGRS Europe is a GRS A/S company which coordinates alloperations within the European chemical industry. Alloperations are supported with scientific reports fromSINTEF Energy Research of Norway.

GRS A/S has developed a compact transportablemulti-purpose, cryogenic, nitrogen base recoverysystem for handling gases and chemical applications.GRS A/S is a division of the I.M. Skaugen Groupwhich is listed on the Oslo stock exchange.

In collaboration with our customers, we developprocess solutions, from the equipment, to the customservices we provide. With our technology we make itpossible to increase customer profitability, safety, and quality.Our process is designed to operate with low emissionswhich makes it environmentally compliant.Please visit our websites for more GRS information at:

Europe Contact

Progress Rail Services Presentation

Gulf Coast Consulting Fred ReyesNorth America Channel PartnerPO Box 610133

Houston, Texas 77208

Tel: 281 412 4957

Fax: 832 550 2798

North America Contact

God Dag from Norway