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Intermec RFID

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Intermec RFID. BlueStar VARTECH Conference August 16, 2011. Leadership and Experience. Intermec serves thousands of companies worldwide, including 75% of Fortune 500 companies 60% of the Fortune 100 A worldwide leader in automatic identification and data collection ( AIDC )

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Intermec RFID

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intermec rfid

Intermec RFID

BlueStar VARTECH Conference August 16, 2011

leadership and experience
Leadership and Experience
  • Intermec serves thousands of companies worldwide, including
    • 75% of Fortune 500 companies
    • 60% of the Fortune 100
  • A worldwide leader in automatic identification and data collection (AIDC)
    • Approaching $1B in sales
    • 40+ years in the AIDC industry
    • >17,500 warehouse solutions installed worldwide
    • >250,000 in-cab solutions installed worldwide
  • Extensive experience at solving real-world mission-critical business problems
intermec differentiators
Intermec Differentiators
  • Dedicated RFID Business Unit providing RFID leadership and direction to the corporation, our partners and our customers (RFID is part of the plan, not an afterthought or add on)
  • Ownership of many of the RFID patents used today
  • Most (all?) of our competitors in the RFID arena are licensees of our technology as a necessity
  • Each Intermec handheld computer is RFID capable out of the box with the simple addition of a snap on RFID handle.
  • Network of partners
  • Professional Services personnel to assist in planning, preparation, installation, training and service.
  • Depot and Onsite maintenance available with response levels to choose from
  • 44 years in the ADC marketplace
epc uhf technology growth

HF: Security, access control, ID systems, payment

LF: Animal tracking, keyless entry

EPC UHF: Traditionally supply chain, asset tracking

Price-performance and service partners are driving deeper applications

Taking share from active UHF and MW for asset tracking, Location Based Services, and vehicle ID

Taking share from HF and LF in laundry, access control, AVI/EVR, cards

EPC UHF Technology Growth

Source: VDC 2011

reader main vertical markets

Significant gains in retail (in-store and DC)

RFID will continue to migrate through the value chain to include transportation and manufacturing sectors

Transportation sector continues to lead adoption

Includes product movement from point of manufacture to the store floor (supply chain), as well as transport and travel

Reader Main Vertical Markets

Source: VDC 2011

intermec market strategy
Intermec Market Strategy
  • Positioning Statement:
    • Intermec’s RFID Business Unit creates and delivers deployment-ready RFID mobility solutions to optimize asset utilization.
    • Working with partners, these systems will be innovative, scalable and repeatable.
  • Leverage strengths: Broad product line, services, solution partners, innovation
  • Target markets and applications that have strong growth potential
    • Align with our corporate objectives and channels, or
    • Partner driven with high potential and little penetration
  • Leverage our channel partners to fill in the solution beyond hardware
  • Build strong partnerships in key markets
partnering for success
Partnering for Success
  • Comprehensive Solutions
    • Work closely with channel partners to discover growth markets and refine solution offerings
  • Customer Driven Designs
    • Continue to develop customer driven products to address target deployment environments
  • Market Leadership
    • Promote awareness of partner solutions and success through case studies and referrals
t raction in focus market segments
Traction in Focus Market Segments
  • Asset Management (Returnable Assets)
    • Mission Foods
  • Manufacturing Operations
    • Minera Norway (ACT Systems)
    • Accuride (Smart Label Solutions)
  • Yard Management
    • Tyson Foods (Fluensee)
  • Government
    • Border crossing (Unisys)
    • US Navy
  • Waste Hauling
    • Cities of Philadelphia, Charlotte, Toledo, Lakeland FL (Sonrai)
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)
    • Brazil (Autofind)
realized benefits improvements in warehouse and distribution productivity

Vidrala: JSV Information and Communication (Spain)

Automation of pallet scanning and identification process in glass production warehouse

(IN case study)

Realized Benefits: Improvements in warehouse and distribution productivity
  • Minera: ACT Systems (Norway)
    • Improved operations and asset tracking in stone cutting order fulfillment process
      • (RFID Journal article, IN case study)
realized benefits

Increased visibility and availability of inventory

Yard Management

Traceability of high-value items throughout chain of custody (Barcom)

Reduced supply chain errors

GrupoDisber: Tag Ingenieros (Spain)

Automated, error-free tracking of Christmas packages from production through dispatch

(IN case study)

Realized Benefits:
realized benefits1

Improved capital asset utilization

Mission Foods

Improved traceability of returnable transport items (RTIs) with over 90% reduction in replacement rate

(IN case study)

Oil and natural gas

Efficient traceability and maintenance of durable assets

Automation and integrity of real-time data

Commercial waste management

Sonrai Systems

International government agencies

Border crossing

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)

Realized Benefits:
high performance rfid portals
High Performance RFID Portals

Light stacks

Qualified Antennas

GPIO box

Jamison Door - Industrial Portals Division

High Performance Portal

IF61 Smart Reader

Feasibility, Process and Site Analysis, plus Installation

Intelligent motion sensors

thank you
Jack Jurasits

Strategic Account Manager, RFID

Intermec Technologies Corporation

(o) 484-872-8231

(c) 484-682-3564

Thank you!