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RFID. Technology Applications Risks Security Privacy. RFID Radio Frequency IDentification. Replaces the ubiquitous bar code Electronic Wireless Contains much information Very flexible Very powerful. RFID . NIST SP800-98 GAO Report “Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?”

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Presentation Transcript
  • Technology
  • Applications
  • Risks
  • Security
  • Privacy
rfid radio frequency identification
RFID Radio Frequency IDentification
  • Replaces the ubiquitous bar code
  • Electronic
  • Wireless
  • Contains much information
  • Very flexible
  • Very powerful
  • NIST SP800-98
  • GAO Report
  • “Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?”
      • Melanie R. Rieback
components of an rfid
Components of an RFID
  • Antenna
  • CPU/Chip, i.e. Computer
  • Substrate
  • Chip Reader – Interrogator
  • Middleware – Communications and Database
  • Analytic System
gillette s razor rfid
Gillette’s Razor RFID

Close to actual size



hitatchi s answer
Hitatchi’s Answer

Human Hair

Tiny Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, 64 times smaller than current devices, have been developed by Hitatchi in Japan. Little bigger than a grain of sand at 0.05 x 0.05mm, the chips come with a 128-bit memory capable of storing an identification number of up to 38 digits

rfid s
  • Size is about the dot on an “i” or larger
  • Antenna can be up to several inches
  • Usually copper foil
  • Now can be conductive printer ink.
  • When the label is printed the RFID can be printed at the same time with sticky chip attacked
rfid tag printer
RFID Tag Printer

Tag Printer

rfid interrogators
RFID Interrogators
  • Hand held for inventory etc.
  • Fixed
      • Can read up to palette load of items
      • Overhead in a toll booth
  • Interrogation distances can be from a few centimeters to many meters
      • Subject to design considerations
rfid placement
RFID Placement
  • On the back of a Label
  • In the spine of a book
  • As part of the item
  • Within the person/animal
active rfid s
Active RFID’s
  • Active RFID’s will have a battery
  • Can have multiple sensors attached
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Impact – Accelerometer
      • Radiation dosimeter
      • Verifies proper shipping/storage specs
  • Used mainly for large shipments
  • Passports
  • EPC’s – Electronic Bar Codes
  • Toll Roads
  • Baggage Tickets
      • Later
  • Smart Shelf – Smart Store
      • Later
  • Operating Room Items
  • NAIS
      • Later
the smart shelf
The Smart Shelf
  • Shopper photographed when item is selected
  • Each RFID has a unique ID Number
  • Quantity selected is known
  • Items are tracked throughout the store
  • Theft risk assessment is made
  • At checked out undeclared items are known
gillette s razor rfid1
Gillette’s Razor RFID

Close to actual size



  • National Animal Identification System
  • “Recommended” by USDA
      • States are the enforcers
      • State by state data bases
  • Non-compliance fines up to %5,000 per animal
  • Purpose
      • Track disease
      • Feed lots are exempt
  • Recommending Committee
      • Agri-Business
      • Chip Companies
  • RFID
      • Corruption/Compromise
          • RFID chip
          • Middleware
          • Data Bases
  • Interrogator
      • Impersonator
  • Middleware
  • Analytic System
  • RIFD corruption
      • Baggage routing exploit
          • “Does your cat have a virus?”
  • Backend database compromise
      • Subject to the latest vulnerabilities
      • Subject to the latest exploits
  • Evesdropping
      • Passports in an Airport
      • Redesign
virus infection
Virus Infection
  • Scenario
      • Baggage check in at the airport
      • Each bag gets an RFID
        • These RFID’s are printed at the check in counter
        • Routing info
      • All baggage handling equip read the RFID
      • Route correctly
  • A Bad RFID is put on the bag
      • This one corrupts the routing data base
        • SQL Injection vulnerability
virus infection1
Virus Infection
  • When the bad RFID is read the data base is corrupted
  • All new tags will have the same virus
  • As the tags move through the system all routing DB’s will become corrupted
  • Evesdropping
  • ID Association
  • Personality Profiling
  • Life Style Profiling
privacy evesdropping
  • RFID contains personal information
      • Could be compromised
        • One card at a time
  • RFID contains serial number to a data base
      • Fairly secure from evesdropping
      • However
        • If the data base is compromised then the entire system is compromised
privacy id association
PrivacyID Association
  • A RFID is associated with you
      • Your credit card is associated with you and you have aand RFID on your clothing.
      • Your activities are tracked
      • In a smart store all of the merchandise you look at is logged.
privacy personality profiling
PrivacyPersonality Profiling
  • Shopping history
  • Travel patterns
  • Profiling is based on an RFID assigned to you
      • Credit card
      • Smart card
      • etc.
privacy life style profiling
PrivacyLife Style Profiling
  • RFID tracks
  • Cell phone travels
      • Tower by tower
      • GPS
  • Credit card purchases