what s not to enjoy it s a holiday with your mates charlie y6 n.
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“What’s not to enjoy? It’s a holiday with your mates!” Charlie Y6 PowerPoint Presentation
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“What’s not to enjoy? It’s a holiday with your mates!” Charlie Y6

“What’s not to enjoy? It’s a holiday with your mates!” Charlie Y6

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“What’s not to enjoy? It’s a holiday with your mates!” Charlie Y6

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  1. Welcome to the Arethusa Parents’ Meeting “What’s not to enjoy? It’s a holiday with your mates!” Charlie Y6

  2. Arethusa Venture Centre • Lower Upnor, Kent • On the River Medway • 1½ hour drive from Dulwich

  3. COMFORT ZONE STRETCH ZONE PANIC ZONE Daytime Activities • Children participate in a range of activities. • Each activity is designed to stimulate and stretch your child both physically and mentally without causing distress.

  4. Detective Game Archery River & Nature Trails

  5. Orienteering Team Building

  6. Kayaking Swimming Motorboating

  7. High Ropes Rock Climbing

  8. Evening Activities An activity has been organised for each night. • Games in Upper Field • Adventure playground and shop • Quiz Night • Talent Show and Disco

  9. Safety First • Risk Assessment carried out by DHJS and Arethusa. • All safety gear provided by Arethusa and fitted by trained Arethusa staff. • Trips offsite prepared in advance. • All Arethusa staff are fully trained and are specialists in their activity area. • Activities are available to children of all abilities. • There are no other schools or individuals on site. • All Arethusa staff are trained first aiders. • Children do not move around the site without an adult. • Building doors are locked at all times. Emergency doors are alarmed.

  10. Sleeping Arrangements The year group will be accommodated in three buildings: • Moller – Bedrooms of 6 – 12 • Williams – Bedrooms of 4 • Shaftesbury – Bedrooms of 18 There are at least 3 adults per house. Children will not know who they are sharing with until they are there, but we work hard to make sure they are with at least one friend and the houses are as balanced as we can make them.

  11. Inside the Houses

  12. What to bring Please ensure that your child has….. • Indoor shoes eg slippers with grip • Dressing gown • Warm jumpers • A waterproof coat • A swimming cap • A separate towel for swimming • Suitable swimwear • 2 pairs of outdoor shoes, including a sturdy pair for walking • A book for bedtime • A small rucksack • A water bottle • Sunscreen/hat

  13. What not to bring • Mobile phones • Computer games • Electric toothbrush • Money • Lunch • New clothes • So much luggage that your child can’t carry it all!

  14. Before we go • All clothing, including boots and underwear, MUST be labelled. • Your child may bring a few treats for the evenings. These must be in a named closeable bag to be given to the teacher when we get to the centre. • On the day of departure, your child must hand in their medication (including inhalers etc), even if it is already at school. The medication must be in a closeable transparent plastic bag or box, clearly labelled with the child’s name, class and dosage. • On the 22nd April we need to get away promptly, please ensure your child arrives in plenty of time.

  15. While we’re there • Your child is responsible for their own belongings, behaviour and personal hygiene. • Some of the locations we will go to do not have a toilet (please ensure girls know how to manage this)! • Please make sure you write at one or two (upbeat and cheerful) letters to your child so they have something to reply to. Not too many letters and no parcels please.

  16. Coming home • We aim to arrive back at school before 3pm. We will contact the school if there’s any delay. • It would be helpful for you to be there to collect your child between 3 and 3.30 in order to avoid congestion. • Your children will be very tired so may be more reserved than normal, even though they’ve had a fantastic time – don’t be offended! • Try not to plan too much for the weekend so they can recover for the feedback and response work at school on Monday.

  17. Final Reminders • It is crucial that we have up-to-date medical information for your child. • Please make sure you send along any medication that your child may need (eg. antihistamines), with instructions for use. On the day of departure, we will not have access to any medication/inhalers etc. currently in school. • If your contact details change, please let us know as soon as possible.

  18. Any Questions?