the classical era n.
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The Classical Era

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The Classical Era. Rococo Neoclassical Inventions Rulers Wars Lifestyles. Rococo definition. Rococo refers to a style of painting that depicted elegance, beautiful still-lifes (such as bowls of fruit), and fanciful depictions of outdoor entertainment. Baroque vs. Rococo.

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the classical era

The Classical Era

  • Rococo
  • Neoclassical
  • Inventions
  • Rulers
  • Wars
  • Lifestyles
rococo definition
Rococo definition

Rococo refers to a style of painting that depicted elegance, beautiful still-lifes (such as bowls of fruit), and fanciful depictions of outdoor entertainment.

baroque vs rococo
Baroque vs. Rococo
  • Baroque paintings were often oversized works full of drama and emotion, and many times characters were shown in the grip of heroic struggle.
  • Rococo paintings were designed to hang in the home as something elegant and pleasurable to look at, usually in the homes of nobility.
rococo painting
Rococo Painting
  • Chardin

Back from the Market 

Watteau – Still Life

rococo art
Rococo Art

Jean-Baptiste Chardin

Girl Peeling Vegetables

The Ray

neoclassical art and architecture
Neoclassical Art and Architecture
  • The architecture from this period reflected Greek and Roman influences inspired by the ideals of beauty and form.
timeline of inventions
Timeline of Inventions
  • “The beginnings of the Industrial Revolution”
  • In 1765 James Watt

refined the Steam Engine,

which revolutionized

industry and transportation.

  • 1793 Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin
inventions during the classical era
Inventions during the Classical Era
  • First Encyclopedie published in France, 1751
  • Spinning Jenny for weaving, 1764
  • First flight in a hot air balloon, 1783
  • First Bifocals invented by Ben Franklin, 1784
  • First sewing machine invented, 1790
  • The battery is invented by Allesandro Volta, 1800
  • Gas lamps for streets are installed in London, 1807
  • First steam locomotive races a horse to see which is fastest…and the horse won, 1808

Louis XVI of France 

Marie Antoinette, his wife

Catherine the Great of Russia 

the revolutionary wars
The Revolutionary Wars

The American Revolution, 1775-1783

The French Revolution, 1789-1799

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821)

life styles
Life Styles

The Rise of the Middle Class

Causes were :

  • Literacy
  • Redistribution of land, power and money

These things enabled middle class folks to have purchasing power, participate in culture, and have decent housing. The poor were still poor and many were servants to the rich.