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Kingdom Fungi

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By: Danica and Liselle. Kingdom Fungi. What is fungi about?. Soy Sauce yeast in bread beer mushrooms bread mould athletes foot . What is fungi?.

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what is fungi about
What is fungi about?

Soy Sauce yeast in bread


mushrooms bread mould

athletes foot

what is fungi
What is fungi?
  • Fungi is a group of simple plants that have no chlorophyll . There are some species of fungi that are single celled organisms, and there are other kinds of fungi that are multi-cellular organisms .
how are fungi made
How are fungi made?
  • Fungi are made up of filaments called hyphae that are stacked together from end to end.
where do fungi live
Where do fungi live?
  • Some types of fungi lives off of other organisms and are parasites, but other fungi species feed off of dead and decaying matter. A third kind of fungi lives with other organisms and neither the fungi or the organism is hurt. This kind of relationship is called positive symbiosis. But other fungi just live on land and other types of water environment.
how is fungi identified
How is fungi identified?

Witches Broom Fungiattacks cacao treesthat produce chocolate

Trichoderma is a good fungi, it attacks bad fungus that destroys crops.



how is fungi reproduced
How is fungi reproduced:
  • When reproductive hyphae cells are made by the fungus, a mushroom shape forms at the top. The scientific name for the mushroom shape is the sporocarp. It has one purpose, that is to release reproductive spores. The sporocarp is not part of the live fungi. Fungi can be reproduced alone or with a partner.
what does fungi do
What does fungi do?
  • Fungi are important decomposers of dead animal and plant matter. They break down dead organic matter into simple compounds that can be absorbed by the plants around it.
some different types of fungi
Some different types of fungi:
  • saprophytic, those that feed on dead organisms;
  • parasitic, which feed off living hosts;
how they transported
How they transported:
  • Fungi spores can travel in the wind, but most often they are transported by animals.
  • They cling to fur, stick to snouts and pop up in poo.
can we eat fungi
Can we eat fungi:
  • Well, some you can eat. It is an important ingredient!
  • Example:
  • pizza
  • bagels
  • bread rolls
  • pretzels
  • sour dough bread
  • beer
  • malt beverages
  • wine
  • soy sauce
  • Donuts
  • The reason for this is because it has yeast in it!
is fungi with us everyday
Is fungi with us everyday?
  • It's in the air, in our food and on our skin! A certain amount of fungus will always live on your skin. This ISN'T because you're dirty. It is true because there are microscopic fungi in and on EVERYTHING. For the most part you don't have to worry about this fungus. But it can cause health problems for some people.
  • Hyphae: in a fungus one of the thread like elements
  • Trichoderma: imperfect fungi of the family
  • Chlorophyll: the green coloring matter of leaves and plants
  • Organisms: a form of life considered a animal, plant, fungus.
  • multi-cellular: composed of several or many cells.
  • Filaments: a long slender cell or series of attached cells
  • Parasites: an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species (host)
  • Sporocarp: a multicellular structure in which spores form; a fruiting body.
  • Spores: a walled, single- to many-celled, reproductive body of an organism
  • Decomposers: an organism, usually a bacterium or fungus, that breaks down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances.
  • Organic: of or pertaining to an organ or the organs  of an animal, plant, or fungus.
  • Compounds: having or involving two or more actions or functions: The mouth is a compound organ.
  • Cacao: a small tropical American evergreen tree( makes chocolate)
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