unit plan the stranger albert camus n.
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Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus

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Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus. English Content: 10 th Grade Jerzy. J. Okol. Quick Summery.

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Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus

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    1. Unit Plan: The Stranger, Albert Camus English Content: 10thGrade Jerzy. J. Okol

    2. Quick Summery A shipping clerk living in French Algiers in the 1940s, our protagonist, Meursault is a young, detached yet ordinary man. The novel begins with Meursault receiving a telegram informing him of his mother’s death. He attends the funeral, but surprises other attendees with his unusual calm and, once again, detachment.

    3. Bellwork/Exit Slip Activities Day 1 -List three things that you believe to be culturally important in respect to your own background and where you come from. Day 2 -Write down three concepts of philosophies we have covered from last class. Take turns reading aloud and analyzing, interpreting a variety of literary works by Camus Day 3-Write about what language means to you and in what ways is language relevant to its given location. Day 4 --Define what absurdism means to you. Day 5 - No Bellwork - Assessment/Quiz

    4. Objectives Day 1 Pre-Assessment of students comprehension of the concepts associated with the philosophies of essentialism, existentialism, and absurdism Day 2 In groups of 3-4, explore the respective roles of futility, hope, and acceptance within The Myth of Sisythus. Day 3 In an open discussion, students will examine the language used by Camus in Summer In Algiers to describe his native Algeria. Day 4 In groups of 3-4, engage in meaningful discussions and write pieces that show evidence of reflection, analysis, and synthesis Day 5 Quiz/Assessment

    5. Grading Active class participation: (25%) Student-led discussion: (10%) Written responses and homework: (15 %) Quiz: (50%)

    6. Accommodations In respect to an ELL or a student with an IEP. Accommodations will be the following. -