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Fall Semester Review. 2009. 20. Please select a Team. Football Volleyball Basketball Tennis Chess Swimming Dancing Soccer Track. 15. The purpose of the Catholic Missions in Texas was to--. Christianize Native people and secure its claim to Texas

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Please select a team


Please select a Team.

  • Football

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Chess

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Soccer

  • Track

The purpose of the catholic missions in texas was to


The purpose of the Catholic Missions in Texas was to--

  • Christianize Native people and secure its claim to Texas

  • Defeat the Comanche and remove all natives

  • Develop market places and populate Texas

  • Force the French from Texas and colonize along the coast


The Texas Constitution of 1845 included an executive, judicial, and legislative branch. This reflects the government principle of--

  • Popular Sovereignty

  • Individual Rights

  • Federalism

  • Separation of Powers

The victory at san jacinto was significant because


The victory at San Jacinto was significant because--

  • Sam Houston was permanently wounded in the leg

  • Texas became independent form Mexican rule

  • Santa Anna easily surrendered to the Texas army

  • It was considered the longest fought battle in history


What is Sam Houston’s point of view about how Native Americans living in Texas should be treated? Houston supported a policy of--

  • Fairness and goodwill

  • War and conflict

  • Loyalty and protection

  • Trade and action

Why did most texans want to be annexed by the united states most texans felt that the


Why did most Texans want to be annexed by the United States? Most Texans felt that the-

  • U.S. would not tax them as heavily

  • Republic would never be able to survive

  • State leaders in power were too weak

  • U.S. could solve the problems facing Texas

Texas statehood treaty of guadalupe hidalgo compromise of 1850 what came after statehood




Texas Statehood, ??? , Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Compromise of 1850.What came after statehood?

  • Republic of Texas

  • Texas Revolution

  • Mier Expedition

  • Mexican War

Texas colonists supported the mexican constitution of 1824 because it


Texas colonists supported the Mexican Constitution of 1824 because it--

  • Allowed little to no local control by Texans

  • Supported a government ruled by one

  • Forced the colonists to speak Spanish

  • Provided for a representative government

Because cotton and wool were hard to purchase in early spanish texas many colonists wore


Because cotton and wool were hard to purchase in early Spanish Texas, many colonists wore--

  • Buckskin (leather made from deer)

  • Beaver coats

  • Linen pantaloons

  • Ponchos

Most texas settlers supported a states right constitution for mexico because it


Most Texas settlers supported a states’ right constitution for Mexico because it--

  • Gave Mexicans the right to vote

  • Provided for more local control

  • Established the border of Texas as the Rio Grande

  • Appointed Stephen F. Austin as governor

Since reconstruction the population of texas has


Since Reconstruction, the population of Texas has-

  • Decreased in number every decade

  • Had a rapid increase since the 1970s

  • Slightly increased in the 20th century

  • Grown to over 26 million people

Why would people in the 19 th century want to settle in texas


Why would people in the 19th century want to settle in Texas?

  • Texas could provide many economic opportunities.

  • People wanted to be a part of the Mexican culture.

  • There was an economic panic in the United States.

  • Mexico had a more stable government than the U.S.



Which major city in texas today is located in the area known as austin s colony


Which major city in Texas today is located in the area known as Austin’s Colony?

  • Houston

  • San Antonio

  • Austin

  • Dallas



The year 1519 is significant in texas history because


The year 1519 is significant in Texas history because-

  • Pineda mapped the coastal region of Texas

  • LaSalle and his men established a colony in Matagorda

  • Coronado found the Seven Cities of Gold

  • The San Antonio de Valero (Alamo) was established

The two regions that are most similar are


The two Regions that are most similar are--

  • Coastal Plains and Mountains & Basins

  • Great Plains and North Central Plains

  • Great Plains and Mountains & Basins

  • Mountains & Basins and North Central Plains


Who was: a Convention of 1836 Delegate, Commander of the Texas Revolutionary Army, and a Texas Colonist?

  • Sam Houston

  • Stephen F. Austin

  • Juan Seguin

  • Mirabeau B. Lamar

What important decision was made at the convention of 1836 on march 2nd


What important decision was made at the Convention of 1836 on March 2nd?

  • The first battle of the Revolution was fought

  • The Alamo was destroyed by Santa Anna

  • Santa Anna recognized Texas as independent

  • Texas declared independence from Mexico


How did the Law of April 6, 1830, the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, and the arrest of Stephen F. Austin lead to the Texas Revolution?

  • Texans demanded revolution because of their loyalty to Stephen F. Austin

  • Texans supported Mexico but they were becoming dissatisfied with the government

  • Cutting off ties to the United States encouraged Texans to declare independence from Mexico

  • Texans continued to be disappointed with Mexico and demanded revolution

Stephen f austin was known as the father of texas he was given this title because


Stephen F. Austin was known as the “Father of Texas”. He was given this title because--

  • Of his commitment to the settlement of Texas

  • Of his effort to gain annexation to the United States

  • He was the first President of the Republic of Texas

  • He was the first Anglo American to settle Texas

The battle of the alamo is considered a turning point in the texas revolution because it


The Battle of the Alamo is considered a turning point in the Texas Revolution because it--

  • Was the final battle of the Revolution

  • Led to the execution of Santa Anna

  • Inspired others to join the fight for Texas Independence

  • Encouraged the annexation of Texas to the United States

How are the caddo and apache different from each other


How are the Caddo and Apache different from each other?

  • The Caddo lived a much more nomadic life than the Apache

  • The Apache were experts in agriculture while the Caddo were warlike

  • The Apache were more dependent on the buffalo than the Caddo

  • The Caddo were considered to be cannibals while the Apache were not

What is one way that the caddo and apache adapted to the environment they lived in


What is one way that the Caddo and Apache adapted to the environment they lived in?

  • They used the natural resources of the area to build their homes

  • Both tribes lived within canyon walls for protection

  • They traded items that were made from buffalo hide

  • Both tribes used animals to sacrifice during religious ceremonies

A physical geographic factor that supported the economy of those who colonized texas was


A physical geographic factor that supported the economy of those who colonized Texas was--

  • Deep canyons that were located in Central Texas

  • The El Camino Real which connected colonies

  • Rivers that provided irrigation for agriculture

  • A tropical climate that provided heavy rainfall


Problems of the Republic of Texas included: Mexico did not recognize Texas as independent, No Army, Financial Problems, and ???

  • No public Education System

  • Tension with Native Americans

  • Death of Stephen F. Austin

  • Too Much Land to Maintain


Which major era of Texas History would best describe this information: Old Three Hundred, Stephen F. Austin, Empresarios, Cheap Land, Catholicism, Coahuila y Tejas?

  • European Exploration

  • Anglo Colonization

  • Texas Revolution

  • Texas Republic


1845 = Texas becomes the 28th state of the U.S., ???, 1846 = The U.S. declares war on Mexico.Which statement best explains how the Mexican War affected Texas?

  • Financial dealings between Texas and Mexico still existed.

  • Tensions still existed between Texas and Mexican leaders.

  • Mexico did not support the institution of slavery.

  • The southern border of Texas was never settle.




The Spanish impacted the Texas culture in a way that still affects us today. What is one way they influenced Texas geographically?

  • Many cities in Texas were named by Spanish explorers

  • Spanish is the official language of the state of Texas

  • Spanish holidays are still central to the Texas heritage

  • The boundary of Texas was determined by the Spanish.

The texas declaration of independence state the


The Texas Declaration of Independence state the--

  • Causes for annexation by Texas to the U.S.

  • Hardships of establishing Catholic churches in Texas

  • Damages that war would cause between Texas and Mexico

  • Grievances against Mexico that would lead to Revolution

The event that guaranteed texas was a part of the u s was the


The event that guaranteed Texas was a part of the U.S. was the--

  • Election of the U.S. President James K. Polk

  • Signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

  • Approval of the Texas Constitution by the U.S.

  • The declaration of war by the U.S. on Mexico

Settlement in texas was


Settlement in Texas was--

  • An agriculture based economy

  • Influenced by American ideas

  • Occurred throughout west Texas

  • Beneficial for Native Americans

In his travels throughout texas cabeza de vaca observed for the first time


In his travels throughout Texas, Cabeza de Vaca observed for the first time--

  • Wild horses

  • Buffalos

  • Large deer

  • Longhorns

The principle of government in the texas constitution that is reflected by the information below is


The principle of government in the Texas Constitution that is reflected by the information below is--

  • Separation of powers

  • Checks and balances

  • Individual rights

  • Popular sovereignty

Texas 1845 Governor’s Election

James P. Henderson 7,853

James B. Miller 1,673

Scattering 52________________

Total vote 9,578