shenzhen high tech industrial park ship n.
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  2. One of the five state-level high-tech parks particularly supported by the Chinese government . • The APEC science & technology park. • The national export base of high-tech products. • A member park of IASP.

  3. Geographic Environment SHIP is located Nanshan District in the west Shenzhen Special Economic Zone covering an area of 11.5 km2.

  4. Geographic Environment Shenzhen Baoan International Airport(18km) Shahe Gulf(1km) The Window of the World(3km) Huanggang Port(15km) The bridge over Shenzhen Bay Shekou Harbour(6km)

  5. Transportation Environment With Shennan Road, the North Ring Road, Binhai Road &Guang-Shen Expressway crossing through, the transportation in SHIP is very smooth and convenient.

  6. Industrial Environment Software Industry With the software industry of stock, financial management embedded software, the state-level Shenzhen Software Park and Shenzhen IC Design Industrial Base are located in SHIP. 國微电子

  7. Industrial Environment Computer Industry SHIP has computer industrial group of overall and accessories with famous domestic and world brands such as IBM, Great Wall, Lenovo(LEGEND), EPSON.

  8. Industrial Environment Telecommunication Industry SHIP has telecommunication industrial group of program-controlled switcher, transmission, mobile and fibre-optical.

  9. Industrial Environment New Materials SHIP has novel material industrial group of thermal contraction, electronic ceramic and nano materials. 南虹電陶 金科特種材料

  10. Industrial Environment Bio-tech Engineering SHIP has bio-tech engineering industrial group of bio-tech pharmacy, gene reagent gene chip gene antibody and gene therapy. 安萬特·巴斯德 康 泰 海普瑞药业 邁瑞 匹基生物

  11. R&D Environment R&D Centers • Multi-national enterprises R&D centers such as IBM, ORACLE, UTStarcom. • .Domestic enterprises R&D centers such as ZTE, Lenovo(LEGEND), TCL, SKYWORTH.

  12. R&D Environment Universities’ Research Institutes With the guidance of Shenzhen Municipal government and the cooperation of famous universities, there are 43 universities’ institutes in SHIP. Research Institutes of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-HONGKONG Institution Shenzhen Tech-Innovation International Shenzhen Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China Shenzhen Research Center of City University of Hongkong Modern Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Hongkong Polytechnic University

  13. Talents Train & Tech-Transfer Environment Shenzhen Virtual University Park

  14. Talents Train & Tech-Transfer Environment Shenzhen Virtual University Park Consisting of 43 famous Chinese and world universities, Shenzhen Virtual University Park makes possible for talents cultivation and technology transfer. Tsinghua University Peking University University of Science and Technology of China Ecole Centrale De Lyon • The University of Hongkong • Hongkong University of Science and Technology • City University of Hongkong • Hongkong Baptist University

  15. Talents Train & Tech-Transfer Environment Shenzhen Virtual University Park • 7941 students with master and doctor degree have graduated from Shenzhen Virtual University Park • Creating over 100 small and media sized high-tech companies • Completion of 109 items of technology transfer

  16. Venturing Environment Incubators SHIP provides a very good incubating environment for all sorts of talents venturing in Shenzhen and has 9 integrated professional incubators. • Overseas Chinese Students High-tech Venture Park • Shenzhen Software Park • Shenzhen Virtual University Park Incubator • Bio-Engineering Gene Incubator

  17. Venturing Environment Venture Capital • SHIP has attracted more than 20 VC firms such as IDG, Walden, Bahrain, H&D Asia Pacific. • Kexing, Kingdee and Changyuan have got over 2 billion RMB yuan from VC firms.

  18. Venturing Environment Humanities Ecosystem Daring to risk and innovate, tolerance of failure and pursuing

  19. The Total Industrial Output Value In 2003, the total industrial output value of SHIP was 89.6billion RMB, in which the hi-tech output was 86.8 billion RMB taking 40% of whole Shenzhen hi-tech output which were 9 and 13.8times those in 1996 when SHIP was first constructed.

  20. Exportation & Taxation In 2003, SHIP’s exportation was 5.2 billion USD and taxation 3.1 billion RMB, 43,9.9 and 8.7 times those of 1996.

  21. SHIP is becoming a rich soil for business and home for success