why electronic time reporting n.
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Why Electronic Time Reporting?

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Why Electronic Time Reporting? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Electronic Time Reporting?. Oracle Timecards. Federal Labor Standards Act. Every hourly employee is required to certify hours worked. Weekly time must be approved by a supervisor. Single Electronic Platform. Better Internal Controls over time reporting.

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why electronic time reporting
Why Electronic Time Reporting?

Oracle Timecards

  • Federal Labor Standards Act
  • Every hourly employee is required to certify hours worked
  • Weekly time must be approved by a supervisor
  • Single Electronic Platform
  • Better Internal Controls over time reporting
  • Overtime and Hours over Contract calculated automatically
who is required to use oracle
Who Is Required to Use Oracle?

Oracle Timecards

  • All Classified (hourly) Employees
  • By law, Teachers, Professional/Technical and Administrators are not required to report time
  • All Classified Substitutes
  • Teacher subs still paid through SEMS
  • Classified subs still called by SEMS
  • All part-time hourly employees
  • Many employees on Agreements for Services
  • Employees on Agreement for Services paid an hourly or daily rate should use Oracle
  • Contracted teachers with a supplemental Agreement for Services will NOT use Oracle
  • If Agreement is designated “Timecard Only”, use Oracle; if “HR”, then don’t.
weekly timecard cycle
Weekly Timecard Cycle

Oracle Timecards

  • Friday
  • Employee fills out timecard for that week. Deadline: Monday at noon
  • Monday
  • Approvals done by Supervisors and account code approvers
  • Tuesday
  • Any incomplete approvals will be forwarded to the approver’s supervisor for approval
  • Any approvals not completed by Tuesday night will be automatically approved
  • Wednesday
  • Reports produced and audited
what if i don t enter a timecard
What if I Don’t Enter a Timecard?

Oracle Timecards

  • Contract hours still paid
  • Any non-contract hours, hours over contract or
  • overtime won’t be paid
  • E-mail from Payroll will remind you of your legal responsibility
  • Continued failure to enter timecard could result in disciplinary action

Oracle Timecards

Overtime Calculated automatically

  • Hours worked over 40 per week will be paid time and a half
  • The Deposit Advice will look slightly different

Same as:

40X12(rate)=480 + 10X18(time and a half)=180

$660 Total


Oracle Timecards


  • Calculated automatically
  • Excluded from Overtime Calculation:
  • Extra Duty – Flat Hourly Rate
  • Holidays and snow days
  • All types of leave (Vacation, Sick, Special, etc.)
  • Agreements for Services set up as NOT OT eligible
hours over contract
Hours over Contract

Oracle Timecards

Hours over Contract

  • Oracle compares scheduled hours for each week vs. the following types of time:
  • Contract Hours (from OTL) – but NOT Additional Hours
  • Holiday and snow days
  • Leave (from SEMS)
  • Calculated automatically when data is transferred from Timecards to Payroll module
tech support
Tech Support

Oracle Timecards

  • **Contract Hours** will be the Hours Type in most cases
  • Online resources available for training (www.aps.k12.co.us/hr/timecard)
  • Help sheets (ServiceWare)
  • If you need another Hours Type besides **Contract Hours** and Leave Types, check with Helpdesk ext. 28303.
  • Problems with User Name and/or Password, check with Helpdesk ext. 28303.
  • Other issues, check with your department or school secretary or tech facilitator, or your supervisor.
  • Errors on timecards that have already been approved must be rectified through Payroll, Finance.