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Oracle on Oracle Linux

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Oracle on Oracle Linux. Peter C. Smith NBS Consulting Solutions Paper #320. Agenda. Speaker Introduction Oracle Linux background Oracle Linux installation Oracle9i Oracle11g Oracle10g Upgrade 10g to 11g What was Learned What is the IOUG? Questions?. Who is Peter?.

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Oracle on Oracle Linux

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Presentation Transcript
oracle on oracle linux

Oracle on Oracle Linux

Peter C. Smith

NBS Consulting Solutions

Paper #320

  • Speaker Introduction
  • Oracle Linux background
  • Oracle Linux installation
  • Oracle9i
  • Oracle11g
  • Oracle10g
  • Upgrade 10g to 11g
  • What was Learned
  • What is the IOUG?
  • Questions?
who is peter
Who is Peter?
  • for those who care about education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineer and Computing Sciences Honours B.Sc. degrees from Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
  • what really counts: 20+ years RDBMS experience, 15 with Oracle. Now a consultant in Ottawa
  • volunteering: Ottawa Oracle User Group. Currently the IOUG Director of Education. Scouting leader.
  • Donated blood 85+ times, have you?
  • Tricks for configuring Oracle Linux
  • Tips for Oracle11g on Oracle Linux
  • Tips for Oracle10g on Oracle Linux
  • Upgrading 10g to 11g
oracle enterprise linux background
Oracle Enterprise Linux background
  • When released in 2006, it was just Red Hat Enterprise server edition with an Oracle wrapper
  • Oracle Linux 4.4 quickly became 4.5 and then 5, but it’s still RedHat in a different wrapper
laptop configuration
Laptop Configuration
  • 750MB RAM (should be 1GB)
  • Celeron 1.4GHz
  • XP SP2
  • 60GB disk drive
  • Used DPart to partition the disk drive into 2 x 30GB partitions
oracle linux
Oracle Linux
  • Going with the latest-greatest: OEL 5
  • Free for download from OTN
    • 5 CDs for installation
    • 4 CDs for Source
    • Only needed first 3 installation CDs
  • You can get Oracle9i, 10g and 11g for Linux as well from OTN
oracle linux installation
Oracle Linux Installation
  • Going for dual-boot rather than VMWare
  • Used DPart to shrink down the XP partition
  • Boot from 1st disk and go
  • Screen shots c/o Tim Hall
oracle linux installation1
Oracle Linux Installation
  • Keyboard
    • Made the mistake of following Tim’s instructions. I may be Canadian, but my keyboard is American.
    • Don’t use United Kingdom (# -> £)
    • Changed to “U.S. English” via “System Tools”
oracle linux installation2
Oracle Linux Installation
  • Manual disk configuration
    • Select the new empty partition
    • 2GB swap space
    • rest goes to /
oracle linux installation3
Oracle Linux Installation
  • Timezone / Region
    • Would be nice if some year they add in Ottawa since it is the national capital of Canada
    • Eastern / Montreal is the closest I’ve every seen for any flavour of Unix/Linux
oracle linux installation4
Oracle Linux Installation
  • Server
    • Software development
    • Web server
oracle linux installation5
Oracle Linux Installation
  • GNOME environment
    • Can do KDE, but stuck with defaults
  • Only need the disks 1-3, even for 10g and 11g requirements
oracle linux installation6
Oracle Linux Installation
  • SELinux
    • Will need to disable it later, so might as well do it now.
    • The reboot will be essential, I forgot and SQLPlus returned some really interesting library file errors.
linux installation
Linux Installation
  • Now have Oracle Enterprise Linux installed!!!
  • Create a group, DBA
  • Create a user, ORACLE and assign to DBA group
oracle 9i
Oracle 9i
  • Oracle 9i can’t be installed on Oracle Linux 5.
  • If you want to install 9i, then you can install Oracle Linux 4 or 4.5 as pointed out in the Certification table
oracle 11g
Oracle 11g
  • Tim Hall to the rescue, again
  • Amazing all the kernel changes you have to make for an Oracle database to work on Oracle Linux!
oracle 11g1
Oracle 11g
  • Kernel requirements are the same at 10g
    • Disks 1, 2, 3 needed
    • Runs fine with the 10g RPMs still installed
  • Different RPMs needed than for 10g
  • Spoof 11g entry in /etc/oratab
  • xclock &
oracle 11g2
Oracle 11g
  • Let’s check out his document and verify the configuration
oracle 10g
Oracle 10g
  • Once again, Tim Hall’s site is a perfect place to get the step-by-step installation information
oracle 10g1
Oracle 10g
  • Different RPMs needed than for 11g
    • Disks 1, 2, 3 needed
  • Have to convince Oracle that it’s RedHat 4 not 5, just to install 10g
  • TMP / TMPDIR should be a big directory
  • Spoof 10g entry in /etc/oratab
oracle 10g2
Oracle 10g
  • Let’s check out his document and verify the configuration
oracle 10g to 11g
Oracle 10g to 11g
  • If we’ve got time, let’s play.
  • We’ve got a 10g database, so let’s go to 11g
what was learned
What was learned?
  • Tim Hall’s web site is a wealth of information
  • Linux 5 installs easily, only need disks 1 – 3
  • Oracle9i doesn’t work on Linux 5
  • Oracle 10g and 11g install easily on Linux 5
  • Upgraded 10g to 11g (hopefully)
  • Peter C. Smith
  • Paper #320
    • Please complete your session evaluation forms