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Hardware. Control Process Unit ( CPU ). Contents. Introduction Definition CPU Components of CPU Stages of the work of CPU CPU frequency CPU Cooling Conclusion about CPU. Introduction. Computer consists of two parts: - hardware. - software.

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  • Introduction
  • Definition CPU
  • Components of CPU
  • Stages of the work of CPU
  • CPU frequency
  • CPU Cooling
  • Conclusion about CPU
  • Computer consists of two parts:

- hardware.

- software.

  • * The two parts are complementary to each other can not take advantage of the existence of one without the


* Hardware are divided into a central unit and secondary devices.

* The central unit is further divided into:- Processor (CPU).- core memory

definition cpu
Definition CPU
  • Calling computer by the processor (CPU).
  • What is the processor (CPU).
  • Multi-processor.
  • Development the processor.
components of cpu
Components of CPU
  • The important components of CPU is :

- CU (Control Unit):

Function to search for information stored in RAM and determine what should be done through (ALU).

- ALU ( Arithmetic Logic Unit ):

Function to carry out orders issued by the (ALU).

Operations control and calculation 

(such as collection(+) , subtract(-) , division(÷) and hit(×), 

and Boolean operations etc...

stages of the work of cpu
Stages of the work of CPU
  • Read instructions from RAM.
  • Decide what data needed to execute the instructions.
  • Brings the data needed to

implement those instructions.

  • Do the instructions.
  • Write the result in RAM.
  • Begins with the following instructions.
cpu frequency
CPU frequency
  • Intended frequency of the processor.
  • The unit of measurement speed of the processor:

- Megahertz (MHz).

- Gigahertz (GHz).

cpu cooling
CPU Cooling
  • Any piece of any electronic device you need a certain range of temperature within which to work, especially the processor.
  • damage to the processor when the lack of proper temperature:
  • Shorten the life of the processor.
  • Slow down the work.
  • Cause errors in the accounts.
  • Cause the computer stops working repeatedly.
  • Restores a computer may restart itself for no reason.
  • Errors may occur in the hard disk.
  • Can hang the processor fully.
conclusion about cpu
Conclusion about CPU
  • Can have two processors in the computer and this requires several factors, including :

- to be available in the motherboard any

occurrence of this potential slots for the processor.

 - to support the processor and operating system have this feature.

  • But often not be fully double the increase.