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Competitive profile cross reference

Competitive profile cross reference

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Competitive profile cross reference

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  1. Competitive profile cross reference • Company Strategy • Financials • Ecosystem Participation • Strategic Alliances • Channel Partner Program • Joint Ventures • Marketing • Go-to-Market • Organization • Future Direction Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential

  2. Strategic Alliances Accenture has an Alliance network of 150 business partners; Relationships are managed strategically or tactically - classified into 4 types… Put Title Here Using Commands: View >>Header Footer (Not Master)

  3. Partner Ecosystem Accenture continues to expand core ISV practices around its Top 3 partners while building new practices with cloud-based ISVs • Accenture relies heavily on its top 3 ISV partners -- SAP, Oracle, & MSFT -- to drive topline (~60% of total) • Accenture is also considered to have the largest SaaS practices for and Workday • Heavy sponsor at ISV events (Titanium sponsor of Workday Rising) Accenture Practitioners dedicated to Top ISVs: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft,, & Workday Accenture is aggressively investing in SAP New Markets Microsoft # in 1000s SAP Oracle apps SaaS ISV practices Sources: IDC, Forrester, Gartner, ACN Workday 3 3

  4. Partner Ecosystem Accenture will rely mostly on joint initiatives with its top 3 partners -- SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft -- to drive near-term revenues; HW relationships are secondary • Accenture is looking to maintain and expand its full spectrum of SAP and Oracle capabilities through a range of prebuilt solutions, tools, and talent. • Continue strong SAP collaboration. Core ERP business still running strong. The company is focused on investing in new markets – analytics, HANA, cloud and mobility and has been aggressive with its co-innovation centers (10 such centers globally) and day in a life Scenarios (9 HANA/analytics DITL scenarios under development) • Overall SAP strategy is to have regular joint GTM to build pipeline, target opportunities, and show end-to-end capabilities; this includes joint enablement and opportunity referrals • Accenture is investing to build out their industry expertise and develop pre-built solutions in key verticals (such as CPG and retail, govt. and communications) where Oracle is already strong and in emerging markets to drive growth. • The company is targeting broad Oracle plays central to client transformation and is focused on selling very large, global & complex deals • Working with Microsoft & Avanade, Accenture is actively pursuing new innovations… • in healthcare, oil and gas, CRM, digital marketing, analytics, cloud and software. Accenture/Avanade/Microsoft have developed more than 100 industry-specific and cross-industry solutions • on the Microsoft platform, .NET. .NET is to be the preferred platform for ASG software assets. • in cloud-related services for Microsoft offerings, including Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Windows Azure platform, and Avanade Online Services (AOS). • HP will continue to be Accenture’s key IT infrastructure partner in outsourcing deals especially when competing against IBM Global Services. Accenture can leverage certified HP/SAP solutions, some bundled Oracle & Microsoft solutions, and a few joint ACN/HP vertical offerings. • Accenture primarily looks to IBM for its industry-leading middleware. Accenture has solutions enabled by IBM software such as Tivoli, Rational, Websphere, & some Cognos. Will consider IBM as a hardware partner only as an HP alternative. Accenture also invests heavily in IBM technology training. • Cisco is a relatively new strategic partner around Network-enabled business processes and Smart Energy. Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential

  5. Accenture’s ISV ecosystem is a key engine of its core business growth; Oracle and SAP businesses provide a base that is an estimated 2.5x larger than GBS SAP, Oracle, and MSFT Practices are critical to Accenture’s core business. These three practices are a growing part of their total C&SI business. All practice areas are estimated to have grown headcount at double digits from ’05-’09. Accenture is also a key participant in other fast growing ISV market opportunities (e.g., Workday); services around are growing an estimated 28% YtY in 2012 Revenue by Partners WW GBS EA Revenue @Plan Rates, $Billions Accenture $10.3B - 50% of ACN’s revenue 24% of GBS total revenue 2 – Source: GBS Finance; all segments= CS+AMS+US Fed.; at plan currency * SAP & ORCL per IDC; 2009 figures are unofficial; MSFT from Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential Source: IDC estimates, IBM ACN Alliance team; ACN FY-end: Aug. Note: C&SI revenue related to each business partner practice. 5

  6. Business Partner SAP 2011 was SAP’s best in 40 year history with robust software growth of +28%; Accenture has prospered as a strategic partner SAP & ACN SAP Software vs. Revenue ($$ and YtY growth) Accenture SAP Services Revenue (est) ($$ and YtY growth) • SAP grew its SW license revenues +19% and +28% in 2010 and 2011, respectively. • Accenture capitalized on SAP’s growth to achieve +14% and +23% revenue growth in its SAP practice* +23% YtY +28% +14% Revenue $B +19% * Analysts track Accenture SAP practice as part of the Accenture Consulting revenue What has happened • Accenture has invested in SAP services as a growth play and has increased headcount to support its revenue growth • Accenture has driven a transformational agenda through their Diamond account program Why this matters • Accenture’s success in linking transformational projects with SAP implementation could erode IBM revenue in key accounts and strategic spaces • SAP’s stated growth areas (e.g. Analytics/HANA, Cloud, Mobility) are potential collision points for IBM and leverage points for ACN Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential Source: ACN SAP revenue estimates based on IDC, Forrester, PAC analyst - estimates may include some outsourcing, BAO,.- ACN does not release service line performance data

  7. Business Partner Joint initiatives with SAP and Oracle will expand Accenture’s industry expertise; Microsoft is a key growth play partner ACN Investment: Expected Future Areas • Accenture is looking to expand its full spectrum of SAP and Oracle capabilities through more prebuilt industry solutions, tools, and talent. • Accenture will continue strong SAP collaboration and composite AD in banking, life sciences, chemicals, O&G, utilities, government as well as continued investment in horizontal SAP solutions such as BI, EPM, MDM, and GRC • Promote pre-built Oracle solutions in retail and CPG, government, & communications. Continue to invest in horizontal Oracle solutions in HR, BI, EPM, GRC, SCM. • Make additional investments to create Oracle-based platforms or extend ERP functionality in banking, communications, public sector and utilities. • Microsoft & Avanade (JV) are becoming important strategic partners in Accenture’s growth areas – software, cloud, analytics, digital marketing. I n d u s t r I e s G r o w t h Industry focus Growth platform focus Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential

  8. Partner Ecosystem Accenture Ecosystem Alliance Best Practices Accenture Alliance Best Practices: Accenture Alliance Results: • Accenture claims "#1 ERP implementer“. • C&SI signings highest in 2.5 years in 2QFY11 • Reflects implementations on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft platforms, as well as package enhancements and add-on industry-specific software, including analytics • Products OG – “more clients are beginning bigger ERP transformation programs, particularly in North America.” • In US federal, Accenture is seeing “increased demand for ERP services” • In Resources “consulting growth was driven by demand for ERP programs,…” • “ERP is at the heart of our clients‘ business transformation programs” • SAP Pinnacle Revenue Contribution Award Winner– from 2007-2010. • First Oracle Diamond Partner(announced Sept.10, 2010) – one of only two. • Treat partner as a client relationship including setting primary goals for the relationship (e.g., marketing/selling, solutions development, and innovation and delivery). • Est. Alliance-focused leadership teams with global and local alliance processes. • Est. formal governance structure including joint reporting mechanisms, special escalation process, and knowledge-sharing. CEOs of ACN and SAP meet quarterly and regularly distribute joint communications. • Schedule regular joint GTM to build pipeline, target opportunities, and show end-to-end capabilities. Includes joint enablement and opportunity referrals. • Foster personal/informal dimensions of the relationship -- bonus and awards schemes, high level of $$ and personal commitment that builds mutual trust, special events (e.g. rent out Wrigley field for joint ACN/SAP council). • Co-invest. ACN COEs co-develop industry specific solutions with alliance partners. ACN has developed a # of joint solutions with alliance partners that function as add-ons or extensions to an alliance partner's existing core solution. Accenture Strategic Assessment | IBM Confidential

  9. Joint Venture While Microsoft offers technical expertise in the JV, Accenture and Avanade offer cross-industry experience & consulting, and technical expertise, respectively Engagement Model Industry expertise and consulting Technologies and platforms Solutions • Application Development • Business Intelligence • Enterprise Collaboration • Technology Infrastructure • Customer Relationship Management • Enterprise Resource Planning • Application Outsourcing Industries • Communication and Hi-tech • Resources • Financial Services and Insurance • Health and Public Services Technical expertise in Microsoft products Avanade Competitive Profile Source: Company websites

  10. Joint Venture Accenture/GE alliance and joint venture poses new Smarter Planet threats if they can deliver software strength and cross-company synergies Joint venture + Alliance Cloud Big Data Analytics Smarter Planet • Dec 2012: Accenture and GE form a joint venture ‘Taleris’ targeted as Aviation industry • Taleris leverages GE Aviation’s Intelligent Operations and ProDAPS predictive analytics technology to analyze data from multiple sensors in the aircraft • Accenture to provide solution architecture and operations systems integration services to Taleris • June 2013: Accenture and GE form strategic alliance to expand their ongoing relationship • Jointly develop and market new technology services and pre-packaged cloud-based, intelligent analytics solutions that can impact efficiency and productivity • Key Threats to IBM: • Smarter Planet – can expand into eHealth, Smart Grid, Smarter Transp., Smarter Buildings, & Smarter Cities • Smarter Analytics – Accenture to leverage other GE vertical-specific analytics solutions • Asset Mgmt. play – Accenture could develop GE asset management solution alternative Source: MI CI analysis

  11. API Ecosystem – Competitive Assessment SummaryFragmented ecosystem will standardize/converge over next few years Cloud Foundry Accenture/APIGee Google cloud platform Amazon Web Service Salesforce/Haroku Wordpress MS Azure APPDIRECT • Access to information, multimedia and products, social, mobile, commerce • Simple provider & consumer API model MASHAPE • Large, mission-critical business processes • IT/CIO essential • Transformational solutions – changes how processes work Action today! Evolving • APIs for discrete business functions • Build business apps independent of IT/CIO • Improves how business functions work Insights TBD Items in Red, and re-think the names of 3 groups of apps (Kal) Show the ecosystem size (the size of the circle)? (Kal) Define details for each group (Mark)

  12. Competitive Ecosystem Models Cloud Centric

  13. Competitive Ecosystem Models Cloud Enabled Cloud Centric

  14. Details

  15. Microsoft (Azure) • Unified Cloud & Server PaaS for hybrid cloud infrastructure & solutions – Data management, Web, Mobile, Big Data, Identity Mgmt, Media services, Cloud deployment services • Enterprises can build applications using any language, tool, or framework and integrate public cloud applications with current IT environments • Build and run highly available applications with infrastructure providing automatic OS and service patching, built in network load balancing and resiliency to hardware failure • Customers can purchase application and data services from Microsoft partners thru the Windows Azure Store, with management and billing integrated into their Azure environment Platform and marketplace offering • Ecosystem partner types: Startups, Traditional, Enterprise • ISVs integrated to core Microsoft products - Dynamics, Office, Sharepoint, Windows 8, Xbox, Windows Phone • Partners providing solutions on non-Microsoft technologies including Linux, iOS, Android, Java, Open Source, Eclipse • Building an ecosystem of partners around Windows Azure Infrastructure Services Ecosystem • Platform has many features attractive to partners for application development, testing and deployment • Low cost roadmap for partners to get started and simplify platform adoption with BizSpark  - including estimation of production costs for compute, storage, infrastructure  • Windows Azure Development Tools support multiple programming models, data access and device toolkits, easy for Web developers to get started with Azure • Multiple options for ISVs to migrate to Azure and provide their solutions via Azure Store: VM’s, hybrid Cloud applications, Azure Web applications, full Azure platform application Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 15

  16. Adobe • Adobe Marketing Cloud integrated solution for all digital marketing services: analytics, social, media optimization, targeting, web experience management and cross-channel campaign management • Partner applications integrated using Adobe Marketing Cloud API and published in marketing cloud for third party marketing analytics and customer insight across digital marketing channels • Adobe Creative Cloud digital hub access to Adobe Creative Suite desktop applications, online services for file sharing, workflow, collaboration, and publishing – creating a network world for multi-media designers, publishers, distributors Platform and marketplace offering • Ecosystem partner types: Traditional, Born on Cloud, Influencers, Startups • LoB focus: Marketing, Digital Media and Publishing, Broadcast • Digital Marketing Cloud partner program • Digital marketing data providers, Demand Side Platforms and ad networks • Media and Advertising solutions partners – technology partners providing encoding, content protection, hardware, video platforms, content delivery networks and broadcast services • Digital Agencies, SIs, VARs and consulting partners Ecosystem • Breadth of third party data partners and audience syndication partners integrated in the marketing cloud • Ease of integration for technology partners thru cloud development and integration wizards • Successfully integrated partner ecosystems from acquired companies • Ongoing access to latest updates, features and products for the entire digital media creation and publishing suite thru a simple licensing model • Lowers barriers for all participants in multi-media ecosystem to co-create, share and collaborate – across web designers, video and media designers, tablet and mobile, based on a standard platform and tools Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 16

  17. • - application agility, ease of use of the platform enables partners to easily create business applications by technically sophisticated business analysts using modular components & AppExchange partners – and to easily go into production, with management of user licenses, product upgrades, turn-key trials, market and sell on AppExchange • Heroku Cloud Platform API allows developers to seamlessly extend into third party applications using modern application development practices and comprehensive cloud infrastructure to ease application deployment • Continually adding capabilities to ease adoption of technologies of increasing importance for customer processes including cloud, social and mobility Platform and marketplace offering • Ecosystem partner types: Traditional, Born on Cloud, Influencers • LoB focus: Sales, Customer, Service, Marketing, Finance, IT • AppExchange ISVs and Embedded ISVs build and package apps to target Salesforce CRM customers – free trials, customer collaboration, license management, real-time upgrades, AppExchange, % sales revenue model • Consultants and SI’s for large enterprises using the platform to transform their customer processes – integration across business units and locations, increase services & consulting margins rapid development of on-demand solutions using the platform vs. traditional packaged application approach Ecosystem • Ease of app development and deployment, large install base (millions), availability of ~2000 partner apps in AppExchange and integration with third party business applications with Heroku • Highly collaborative, community driven, open-source like approach with partners and customers based on modular approach to building business applications starting from CRM to accommodate any enterprise application – Sales, customer service, HR, financials, accounting, ERP, …. • Heroku apps being made available thru additional marketplaces (iTunes AppStore, Shopify) Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 17

  18. Amazon Web Services – $3.8B (2013 projection) • Platform and marketplace offering • AWS provides two kind of cloud services • Hosting infrastructure platform (compute EC2, storage S3, networking, CDN – cloudfront) • Recently added platform services (Database include both relational DB and NoSQL DB, Analytics basedon Hadoop, Beanstalk etc) although its CTO stated AWS is not interested in PaaS offering • Amazon provides AWS app marketplace, but only sells AMI right now. • Ecosystem Success Factors • Price leader in the Cloud hosting industry • Lowest in the market, like Walmart’ Eveyday Lowprice • Frequently lower the price YOY and set the bar. • Built on top of its core strength: e-commerce base and self-service infrastructure. • Industry’s first Try and Buy experience – its Micro-tier service is adequately free for a web/mobile app developer • First in offering “return” policy – developer can reserve the instance and return unused portion to AWS • Easily provided payment/transaction capability for its marketplace participant • Highly active participation from Startup community and its influencers: • Hosts annual “startup challenge” 4 winner get $50k cash+$50k AWS usage • Endorsed by some high profile startup such as Netflix, which served as “free ads” and evangelizing best practices such as “Chaos-monkey” • Actively seeking startup at its AWS Cloud Kata for startups. • Standard choice for startup accelerator/incubator • Endorse open source/technical community heavily in its stack, and encourage developer contribute: 4012 Amazon related github source code projects. • Ecosystem • It’s main target audience is the long tail of consumer apps, and promise no SLA guarantee, • IT professionals – its first 2 day developer conference 2012 Reinvent was sold out and had 6000 developer audiences • Startup community and open source community – highly depending on outside developers to contribute to add its platform service functionality. • Engaged actively in the academia - Started in 2009, offers Program for Educator, Research and Students, $100/student to qualified universities that covers AWS usage

  19. Google Cloud Platform • Platform and marketplace offering • SaaS platform: Google Apps for Business – Franchise based off its SaaS Gmail/calendar product and extend to Google Doc office line. • Built on top of its SaaS experience, they added Google App Engine – Google’s PaaS provides APIs for its Map, search, Analytics • Google then added Infrastructure service – Google Cloud storage, Compute Engine • Started in March 2010 Google Apps Marketplace, heavy focus in enerprise/ business apps in collaboration/productivity space and integrates with Google Mail/calendar/docs • Ecosystem Success Factors • Strong focus on enterprise high touch relationship - Picked 6000 reseller and focused with one single entry point: office line product: Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs, and used that as gateway to enter the higher end enterprise market • Simple onboarding process to become a google app reseller, include free training, tools and discount. • Strong bonding with developers, providing free tools to developers • Generous Free tier Google cloud platform usage: • Android Developer Tool free of charge • Support Startup community • Open source lots of its projects include Android, Chrom OS • Constantly sharing its best practice, the leader of using Hadoop in analytics • Recruited high profile start up such as Snapchat • Very active in academia • Donated the $100 computer with chrome OS to school and encourage kids to create programs. • Ecosystem • 5Million clients using about 3Million apps so far most of them are business related apps. • 6000+ Google app reseller as of today • IT professional and Developer: last Google 2013 I/O conference had 5000 developers participated.

  20. Accenture + Apigee alliance • Platform and marketplace offering • Before Apigee investment, Accenture has no API offering Apigee investment lets Accenture to jointly build alliance in promoting Apigee based API management in large enterprise • Accenture already had close relationship w/ Fortune 100 clients via its IT consulting/sevices, they intend to focus mainly on enterprise mobile app creation by capturing the API based mobile app development activity • The alliance offers strong industry API management • Ecosystem Success Factors • Alliance is new, its success is yet to be determined • Apigee: strong focus on enterprise high touch relationship to sell its API management enterprise license sales, the alliance offers them a strong base to offer hosted, industry specific API • Apigee; strong focus on helping developers by providing free tools • Ecosystem • Accenture itself is a business consultant and system integrator.

  21. Pivotal/CloudFoundry • Positioning the Pivotal One offering as the OPEN platform for next generation cloud / Big Data application. Working with GE to enter the M2M / Internet of Things marketplace • Pivotal CF is a complete, next generation Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service that makes it possible, for the first time, for the employees of the enterprise to rapidly create modern applications. Available Q4 Platform and marketplace offering • Stitching together an ecosystem of Open Source community coders, acquisition of key service capabilities, fostering the development of new service providers, and leveraging the existing enterprise adoption of VMware IaaS solutions • Sell: Strategic services; Solutions: PAAS - apps, data, analytics; Partner solutions • Generate revenue from selling applications services provided thru the Pivotal One platform offering • Partner types: application developers, solution architects, web operations and IT teams who develop business applications, create multi-device aware web applications, design cloud architectures, and manage high performance infrastructure. • 1250 employees, est $300M revenue in 2013; Wide range of clients and potential providers Ecosystem • Catalyst Partner Program members are key to delivering agile Big Data analytics for our shared customers. Access to latest Pivotal software, collaborate on open source development projects, and access the many tools and resources available to our community members. Pivotal's partners HD ; Program benefits: Joint GTMsales and marketing efforts; Participation in Pivotal events; Greater visibility towards the data scientist community; Publication of joint references on Pivotal website; WW Access to EMC Enterprise Briefing Centers; Access to technical support • Cloud Foundry Core Program Benefits 1. Cloud Foundry Core badge for placement on your website. It’s an indication to developers that their applications will run on your Cloud Foundry based cloud by using a baseline of common runtimes and services. 2. Compatible providers will receive priority listing on The listing service enables you to promote any additional frameworks, services, runtimes, and locations that differentiate you from other Core compatible providers. 3. Compatible providers will be eligible for marketing and technical program support. Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 21

  22. Eclipse • Community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software. Its projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. • Originally created by IBM in November 2001. The independent not-for-profit corporation was created to allow a vendor neutral and open, transparent community to be established around Eclipse. • Three APIs identified: * Eclipse APIs: Line in the Sand - Oct 05, 2010; * API First - Oct 05, 2010; * How to Use the Eclipse API - May 18, 2001 Platform and marketplace offering Member types: 1.Associate Members are organizations that participate in, and want to show support for, the Eclipse ecosystem. 2.Solutions Members are organizations that view Eclipse as an important part of their corporate and product strategy and offer products and services based on or with Eclipse; want to participate in the development of the Eclipse ecosystem. 3.Enterprise Members are organizations that rely heavily on Eclipse technology as a platform for their internal development projects and/or act strategically building products and services built on, or with, Eclipse. These organizations want to influence and participate in the development of the Eclipse ecosystem. 4.Strategic Members are organizations that view Eclipse as a strategic platform and are investing developer and other resources to further develop the Eclipse technology. Ecosystem • The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation, providing four services to the Eclipse community: 1) IT Infrastructure, 2) IP Management,3) Development Process, and 4) Ecosystem Development • Member organizations typically use Eclipse to build products and services that they offer to their employees, customers and partners. You do not have to be a member to use Eclipse or participate in an Eclipse open source project • Membership benefits by member class Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 22

  23. Wordpress • WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service. • Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. Platform and marketplace offering • WordPress is widely received and is perceived to have superior products than their competitors • used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. • most popular blogging system in use on the web at more than 60 million websites. Ecosystem • Comprehensive website containing information on getting starting and how to use. • Additional extensive online resources like their forums and mailing lists • WordCamp: attend or volunteer, which are free or low-cost events that happen all around the world to gather and educate WordPress users, organized by WordPress users. Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 23

  24. MASHAPE (Mash + Shape) • AP Marketplace, showcase and collaboration center. • Mashape, the Cloud API Hub. Provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume any kind of API in the world, both cloud and internal, both existing, or just born, targeting every developer and organization committed to the internet. Goal is to become the "Assembly Line" of Software; to unlock and facilitate the distribution and consumption of data and services. Mashape is the largest API marketplace in the world; powering thousands of applications everyday. Mashape is used in almost 100 countries and it’s adopted in every major industry including finance, healthcare, military, agriculture, insurance, government, media, e-commerce, retail, aviation, manufacturing and telecom. Platform and marketplace offering • API Developers – find and work with public APIs, education materials • API Creators – a channel through which to showcase their APIs; utilize Mashape’s API-management tools, monetize their APIs. • API Consumers • Tier 1 VC firms including Index Ventures, NEA, CRV, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Eric Schmidt. Ecosystem • Marketing of API products through instant exposure • Visibility of API products through optimized search engine • Simple and Straightforward Pricing • Pricing Guidance • Collaboration for IT professionals • Ebay or Amazon Marketplace-like familiar environment • Easy to use and understand Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 24

  25. APIXCHANGE • A freelance marketplace just for custom API projects. Allows project owners to post projects and receive bids on the project from pre-screen, to-notch developers. Allows project owners to select a vendor based on price and developer rating. • Custom APIs for custom projects • Collaboration and Help • Allows the partnering directly between API companies and their preferred developers • “API's are fast becoming the buliding blocks of modern web applications. Our aim is to provide the builders. We love API's and have implementing and interacting with them for years. We want to help improve the API ecosystem by helping both API's and their clients get onboarded and integrated faster.” Platform and marketplace offering Preferred and Screened API Developers API Project Owners Ecosystem Bidding Marketplace Visibility for successful developers Pricing – Flat 10% fee on all successful projects. Escrow service. Support Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 25

  26. APPDIRECT • AppDirect offers a cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables companies to distribute web-based services. The global network of AppDirect-powered marketplaces allows businesses to find, buy, and manage the best applications the cloud has to offer. Our passion for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), as well as our singular focus on creating a flawless user experience, have helped AppDirect become the leading cloud service marketplace company offering developers reach to millions of users. Service providers can launch a state-of-the-art online application store within a matter of weeks, while developers can integrate once and make their software available across multiple marketplaces worldwide. Platform and marketplace offering • Companies needing to distribute web-based services • Companies needing cloud marketplaces • SaaS Vendors • Service Providers • IT Developers • Business Partners: Comcast Business Services, Staples App Center, Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace, Deutsche Telekom Business Marketplace, Swisscom Business Marketplace, Bell Business Apps Store, Appcelerator Open Mobile Marketplace, SaskTel Business Apps Store Ecosystem • Service providers can launch highly sophisticated, fully branded cloud service marketplaces within a matter of weeks. • The AppDirect solution is ideal for a range of providers across a number of industries, including telecommunications companies, hosting providers, value-added software resellers, retail businesses, and others • Service providers are enabled to administer every aspect of the marketplace easily • Meet the leading white-label cloud service marketplace and management platform. • Let customers find, buy, and manage the cloud services of tomorrow, today. Ecosystem success factors IBM Confidential 26

  27. Ent App? • SynGrid • Email • Use scenario example…