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welcome to biology n.
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Welcome to Biology

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Welcome to Biology
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Welcome to Biology

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  1. Welcome to Biology

  2. AGENDA for the week • Introduction & procedures • Personal Interview Project (begin now and return for homework) • First day packets (3rd period only) • Syllabus + powerpoint • On-line Book + check out (handout) • Remind 101 • Safety contracts (get them signed) • Safety mapping (activity) • Safety type III writing • Freshmen Academy Topic – Agenda’s and To-Do lists • Using the scientific method (activity) • What is Biology? (Characteristics of Living Things) • Hall pass coupons (handout) • Properties of water • Introduction to Biomolecules

  3. 1st Period • Rules & Procedures • Rules #1-3:http://youtu.be/NejnJdsi6cE • Rule #4:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w8kS_W8VE8&feature=share&list=PL5HBTxS4Gl3Oh9v5R16mcWb_h6mxsMrN3 • Rule #5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TxjoKdXsvA&feature=share&list=PL5HBTxS4Gl3Oh9v5R16mcWb_h6mxsMrN3 • Rule #6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YG-uWU6Ue4&feature=share&list=PL5HBTxS4Gl3Oh9v5R16mcWb_h6mxsMrN3 • Rule #7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qzfQhbZ4HM&feature=share&list=PL5HBTxS4Gl3Oh9v5R16mcWb_h6mxsMrN3 • Rule #8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpbiG517CYU&feature=share&list=PL5HBTxS4Gl3Oh9v5R16mcWb_h6mxsMrN3

  4. 3rd period • Print your full name on the top of EVERY paper in your packet. • Return these packets the next class session. • Every form must be either filled out or you must write “Does not apply” on the top of the form.

  5. Student Info and Safety You must have this paper filled out, signed and returned to me by next class session

  6. Class supplies (needed daily) • Pen and pencils • Map pencils • Glue sticks • One Three-ring binder • Notebook paper for notes • Composition book • Biology “killer whale” or • Biology “dragonfly” book • Flash drive (will be helpful)

  7. Syllabus – 1st semester • Introduction to biology and scientific methods • Biochemistry • Cells & Cell Structure • Cell Processes • Human Body Systems and Cell Differentiation • DNA/RNA &Protein Synthesis • Genetics and Heredity

  8. Syllabus – 2nd semester • Variation & Evolution • Natural Selection & Classification • Relationships between Organisms & their Environment • Ecology • STAAR Prep &Review • Enrichment

  9. Typical day • Record Objectives & Agenda • Lecture/ note taking • Activities • Closure & Wrap up • Learning Journal/Type III Writing

  10. Daily • At the beginning of every period, you will record the agenda and objectives into your agenda or binder so that you document activities, assignments and due dates.

  11. Assignments • Are often started in class and expected to be finished at home. • Turn in all assignments at the beginning of class unless other instructions have been given. • NAME, DATE, PERIOD • Remember: The person who does the work is the one who learns. • Copying is considered academic dishonesty.

  12. Late work is not given full credit. The HIGHEST you may earn on late work is a 70%. • There are hard grade deadlines every three weeks that must be adhered. • Work turned in for credit after these deadlines have passed will be awarded a 50% maximum.

  13. You will be expected to sit at your assigned seat and follow all instructions. Safety is our first priority. • During class time students MUST follow all class rules to ensure the safety of all students. • There can be absolutely NO horseplay during class time. • PISD Laboratory Safety Rules will be strictly enforced at all times. You will be given a copy of these rules and MUST pass a Safety test.

  14. Assessments will be given at the end of each topic. Make up exams or corrections must be scheduled with your teacher. • If you miss an assignment or an EXAM they will be marked with “M” or ZERO “0 %” until it is made up. • Remember.. There are some hard deadlines that must be adhered to such as 3-week cycles.

  15. Grading: • 80% - • Major Assessments 50% • May include: Bundle Tests, Long term projects, Lab write-ups, etc • Minor Assessments 30% • May include: Quests (short test), Notebook evaluations, Short term projects, etc • 20% • Daily Grades • May include: Quix (quick quizzes), Notebook checks, homework, warm up checks, exit tickets, etc

  16. Semester Grades • Two cycle grades (averaged) = 90% of semester grade. • Exams (midterm & final) = 10% of semester grade • Both semesters need to average to at least a 70% to receive credit

  17. Student Progress • Parents/guardians will receive a grade update every 3 weeks. • It is REQUIRED that every student have on-line access to monitor their grades.

  18. Class Guidelines & Expectations: • Be in your ASSIGNED seat and prepared with class materials when the instruction bell rings. • No Backpacks, Book bags or Purse bags at your tables…put them on the side and back counters unless I instruct you otherwise. • Sit in assigned seat facing forward during instruction unless I give you instructions otherwise. • NO FOOD …NO open sodas, lollipops/suckers or seeds are allowed. • NO selling of fund-raisers without permission first...otherwise you will forfeit your goods and have to pick them up from your Principal. • Follow HHS policies of personal electronic devices such as phones, cameras, mp3 players. • Follow all instructions given and stay on assigned task. • Do every assignment fully and turn it in on time.

  19. SUGGESTIONS FOR SUCCESS IN BIOLOGY • Do every assignment. • Most frequently the people that do poorly in this class do so because they are not doing their homework and assignments. Likewise, those that do every assignment usually do very well in the class. • Carry a good attitude. • Tenacity and perseverance will most of the time take you further than someone with a high IQ and a sour disposition. Participation, cooperativeness, attitude, responsibility, work habits, promptness, dependability, and enthusiasm can affect your grade. • Come in for help • if you genuinely do not understand a subject or topic, I'll be glad to help you as much as possible.

  20. Class Website • http://hawknationbiology.weebly.com/ • The class website is a great resource for you to use. You can find anything from the course syllabus to PowerPoint/notes we have taken in class.

  21. Binders: • Each student MUST have a 3-ring binder. • All paper work pertaining to this class is to be KEPT in this binder in chronological order. • It is highly suggested that you have only 1 binder for all subjects to avoid A & B-day confusion. • The objective is to get you to keep your work for further reference. Term exams are comprehensive, and you will need your notebook material to study for these. In addition, the notebook assignments may be scored periodically.

  22. General policies • Class will begin when the bell rings. • Save individual needs to the end of class • Be Prompt, Prepared and Polite • We will follow the HHS First & last 10 minute rule • Prohibited items: • headphones, music players, cell phones, cameras, smart phones, PDA’s, handheld games, etc.

  23. Study Hall / Tutorials • Knox: • After School 4:20 – 5:15 • Mornings only available by appointment. • You must get a tutorial pass if you intend to come in. • Although you may attend ANY Biology teacher’s Study Hall

  24. Reminders • Remember to turn in your safety contract to me by next class session. • Get your syllabus sheet signed • 3rd period get your required paperwork packets filled out and signed. • Bring your 3 ring binder, composition notebook and materials. I will be giving a daily grade for this.

  25. Sign up for Biology Reminders

  26. Sign up for PreAP Biology Reminders