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t -GIBS T24 Global Internet Banking System PowerPoint Presentation
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t -GIBS T24 Global Internet Banking System

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t -GIBS T24 Global Internet Banking System

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  1. More than a Partner t-GIBS T24 Global Internet Banking System

  2. Identity References Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland Active in EMEA, Latin America & Asia International branches: Luxembourg Geneva (HQ) Revenue (mCH) Mexico Morocco Singapore Chennai (India) « Think global, to offer the most advanced and complex services to our customers wherever they are – act local, to remain close to our customers with tailor-made services . » Patrick Jaccoud, CEO Authorized to provide services (SECO)

  3. t-GIBS strategy is to provide Banks with a simple easy to use secured Internet Banking platform so that Banks can deliver their products and services to their clients at a low cost and faster time to market.

  4. tGIBS Overview Comprehensive eBanking solution for Retail, Corporate & Private Banking modules Easy to use and highly secured with multilevel authentication with RSA & user level control Scalable and can be customized based on Client needs. Interfacing with any core banking All basic & complex functionalities and enquiries like Account Statements, Payments, FT etc Advanced JavaEE technology with 3 tier app. Cost efficient with added value and quick ROI

  5. Internet Banking System t-GIBs shall implement error detection and recovery mechanism and would notify users with appropriate error messages in all nonfatal error • cases. • All application users shall be directed to the home page of the Internet Banking System t-GIBs and enter their logon-id , password and one time token code. • Depending upon their access privileges and their level in hierarchy, the system is going to display a list of screens that they can work with. • Error Detection and Recovery • Normal Pathways

  6. t-GIBS will also support unlimited users on-line accesses simultaneously. The logon response time shall not exceed 5 seconds. The system will maintain separate levels of security for application users and the system administrator. • All logons will have audit trails. The system must automatically logout a user if he is idle for more than x minutes. • Peak load handling is the maximum load the system can handle meeting all the criteria set in Performance section. • In this phase, the Internet Banking System t-GIBs would support High Availability and High Reliability. • Performance, Capacity and Control Considerations • Peak Load Handling

  7. Contact usITSS109, rue du Pont du CentenaireCH – 1228 Plan-les-OuatesSwitzerlandTel: + 41 22 706 20 80www.itssglobal.com Thank you for your attention! QUALITY PARTNER FOR YOUR EXPANSION