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SAT Words

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SAT Words

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  1. SAT Words English 12 Block 8 1-10 : Moira Ziemba 11-20 : Jiyea Um

  2. 1. Abstruse This picture represents the word in action by showing a girl having a hard time trying to understand what she is reading.

  3. 2. Absurd This image represents the word absurd because the girl is doing something meaningless. She is working on homework that is only for extra credit in the class that she has an A+ in.

  4. 3. Bedlam This picture represents bedlam by the girl having that facial expression of a confused feeling. Also, the clock in the image shows that the time is confusing to the girl.

  5. 4. Belie This image shows a girl under the disguise of a piece of fabric. It shows the word in action because “belie” stands for disguise.

  6. 5. Cacophony Cacophony relates to this image because both a phone and TV make annoying sounds when mixed together.

  7. 6. Callous This image displays disregard for others, callous, through the girl’s actions. The girl has her feet in a chair, earphones on, and a book right in front of her face, ready to ignore anybody that comes up to her.

  8. 7. Debilitate A sick person is shown in this image to represent the word debilitate; which means to make someone weak.

  9. 8. Debutante Debutante is shown in this image through a young woman wearing a formal, new dress symbolizing a new start or appearance. It is also clear that this woman wouldn’t just wear a formal dress for fun and that it is for going into the public, like what debutante stands for.

  10. 9. Decorum Using a fork to eat crackers shows that a person is using extremely proper manners, this relates to decorum because decorum stands for proprietyin behavior.

  11. 10. Edifice Edifice is an structure that has been human made and because this is a picture of a house it is edifice, becauseall houses are made by humans.

  12. 11. Eclectic • This box of chalk consists of eclectic mix of different colored chalks. Eclectic means selecting or choosing from different sources.

  13. 12. Fabricate • This lady is fabricating a story that she is a proffessional softball player even though she never actually held a softball bat in her life. Fabricate means to make; To concoct in order to deceive.

  14. 13.Gamut • This person is showing gamut of emotions. Gamut means an entire scale or range of something.

  15. 14. Hamper • This person is really hungry, but her desire to buy food is hampered by her lack of money. Hamper means to prevent the free movementor action of someone.

  16. 15. Iconoclast • This person is an iconoclast because she is truing to destroy statue of Jesus. Iconoclast means a person who attacks religious images or opposes their veneration

  17. 16. Ignominious • Getting an F on her physics test, this kid feels ignominious. Ignominious means to be marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame.

  18. 17. Labyrinth • Getting lost on the first day of school this person feels as if the hallways were a labyrinth. Labyrinth means an intricate structure of interconnecting passages through which it is difficult to find one's way.

  19. 18. Magnanimous • Giving her money to her friend who insulted her twice during the meal, this girl feels very magnanimous. Magnanimous means to be generous in forgiving an insult or injury.

  20. 19. Nadir • Falling down stairs in front of the whole school this girl feels like he is experiencing the nadir of his existence. Nadir means the lowest point.

  21. 20. Obliterate • He put s on his head phones every class to obliterate the noise from the teacher. Obliterate means to do away with completely so as to leave no trace.