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SAT Words. Week 1. By: Hailey Christian. Revenue ( rev-uh n- yoo , -uh- noo ). Income from the government in taxation, customs, duties, and other sources. /.

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Sat words

SAT Words

Week 1

By: Hailey Christian

Revenue rev uh n yoo uh noo
Revenue (rev-uh n-yoo, -uh-noo)

Income from the government in taxation, customs, duties, and other sources

“Where does a bank’s revenue come from?”

Debt det
Debt (det)

Something that is owed

“ How could I be in so much debt?!”

Expenditure ik spen di cher
Expenditure [ik-spen-di-cher]

Money spent or paid out

“Should I choose name brand salad or Publix?”

Municipality myoo nis uh pal i tee
Municipality [myoo-nis-uh-pal-i-tee]

A city or town with its own local government

“I am proud to present that we have our own government.”

Special purpose district
Special- Purpose District

Created for single job or single group of tasks

“My job is just for me because I am in a special-purpose district.”


A document outlining the conditions of how a city is organized and describing its rights and privileges.

“Signing this charter, will give the city more rights and privileges.”

Splost special p urpose l ocal o ption s ales t ax
SPLOST- Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

Taxes to help for improvement projects for public facilities, roads, and bridges


The sum of money paid to investors of an establishment out of earnings

“Ma’am, this is your dividend.”

Council manager city government
Council- Manager City Government

The voters elect a city council that establish law and policies

“ I’m voting for a council manager form of government.”

Income tax
Income Tax

Tax on income that is taken out before you get your check

“ The income tax takes out an amount that gives me less money to have to pay bills.”