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Saving Trees, Tempers, Time & Money The Impact Of Special Portfolios on Workflow Within Wilder Coe Stephen Landy & Colin Dicks Wilder Coe LLP. The Right Tool For The Job…. Make Sure You Know What Outcome You Want Before You Start!. In The Beginning….

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The right tool for the job

Saving Trees, Tempers,Time & MoneyThe Impact Of Special Portfolioson Workflow Within Wilder CoeStephen Landy & Colin DicksWilder Coe LLP

The right tool for the job
The Right Tool For The Job…

Make Sure You Know What Outcome You Want Before You Start!

In the beginning
In The Beginning…

Paper Workflow reports were circulated and discussed in meetings.

Updating workflows was a pain
Updating Workflows Was A Pain…

To update a Workflow, you had to click on Portfolio, then Workflow, then find the Client and click on the Yellow arrow…

Scroll down find the tasks
Scroll Down & Find The Tasks…

Click on Edit To Access The Fields…

Edit the task fields
Edit The Task Fields…

By Entering The Relevant Data…

And when complete
And When Complete…

Click on Update to Save Changes…

Find repeat for any other tasks
Find & Repeat For Any Other Tasks…

Before going back and…

Laboriously repeating
Laboriously Repeating…

For Each Individual Client.

Then along came practice engine version 8 with special portfolios
Then Along Came Practice Engine Version 8With Special Portfolios.

Where are special portfolios hiding
Where Are Special Portfolios Hiding?

In the Portfolio Task Pad.

Special portfolios screen
Special Portfolios Screen

There are Two Dropdown Boxes…

Portfolio type
Portfolio Type

Select the Type Where Your Special Portfolio was Saved.


Then Select Your Special Portfolio.

Click on refresh
Click on Refresh…

Find The Client We Want To Update…

Update the relevant fields
Update The Relevant Fields…

Directly Into The Relevant Box!

Then scroll down
Then Scroll Down…

And Repeat for any other clients.

So Much Simpler!

Old school exception reporting
Old School Exception Reporting…

An old paper “Jobs over Budget” report discussed at meetings

Again a pain to update because
Again, A Pain To Update Because…

To update a Job budget, you had to go through Portfolio, Workflow…

Find the client job
Find The Client Job…

Right click on the job and select View Job Details in order to…

Access the job details screen
Access The Job Details Screen…

Change the Budget Cost figure and Click on Save

Repeating the process for each job
Repeating The Process For Each Job

Again, Quite Slow & Clunky!

But with our special portfolio
But With Our Special Portfolio…

We can not only update all the Job budgets very quickly…

We record other useful information
We Record Other Useful Information…

Such as the estimated billing month and a variety of pitiful excuses in the boxes provided!

Techy bit
Techy Bit…

Special portfolios use sql script
Special Portfolios Use SQL Script…

Which Are Saved As Stored Procedures.

The portfolio table
The Portfolio Table…

Details of the Special Portfolio and its sources are stored here.

The portfolio columns table
The Portfolio Columns Table…

Each Column Has Its Own Customisable Entry.

Create an update script
Create An Update Script…

Changes To Data Can Be Made Dependant On Which Field Is Updated.

End of techy bit
End Of Techy Bit…

Using clunky old client attributes
Using Clunky Old Client Attributes… ICAEW Annual Return?

To update our Client classification attribute, we used to have to go Client, Searchand find the client…

Access the client details page
Access The Client Details Page… ICAEW Annual Return?

Then, in the Client Details area, remember to select Client Attributes…

Find the relevant attribute
Find The Relevant Attribute… ICAEW Annual Return?

Update the appropriate Classification, Click on Apply &…

And then go back
And Then Go Back … ICAEW Annual Return?

And Do It Again For EACH Client. One at a time!

Analysis was done using our crm system
Analysis Was Done Using Our CRM System ICAEW Annual Return?

Partners reviewed & marked up any changes on paper copies of reports for Annual Returns.Then sent back to Admin dept to update system.

Now one stop classification within pe
Now, One Stop Classification Within PE… ICAEW Annual Return?

Info for Annual Institute Returns is easily reviewed & amended through a Special Portfolio.

Attribute field updating en masse
Attribute Field Updating En Masse… ICAEW Annual Return?

Update a classification attribute field from options listed in a dropdown box.

Before status field updated client by client
Before – Status Field Updated Client by Client ICAEW Annual Return?

Using PE’s hard-coded Client Status values.

Now client status is a special portfolio
Now, Client Status Is A Special Portfolio ICAEW Annual Return?

And we created our own Client Status field & linked it to the main PE field. Client Status is now updated through a dropdown box, along with the Date Lost, when necessary.

What s the definition of a good tax accountant
What’s the Definition of a good Tax Accountant? ICAEW Annual Return?

  • How do you improve the smooth running of your Tax department?

By using special portfolio workflows
By Using Special Portfolio Workflows! ICAEW Annual Return?

Tax Job Special Portfolios have significantly increased efficiency within the Tax department.

Auto populating job workflows
Auto-Populating Job Workflows… ICAEW Annual Return?

Ticking the India box automatically populates a job with the relevant outsource tasks, and allows the outsource worker to access the job in their own workflow.

Outsourcer s tax jobs workflow
Outsourcer’s Tax Jobs Workflow ICAEW Annual Return?

Any Issues arising are flagged and normally dealt with by phone. Special Portfolio Workflows provide an easy & efficient way to keep the Job data up to date.

Minimising write offs
Minimising Write Offs… ICAEW Annual Return?

This Tax Exception report immediately flags Jobs where Outstanding WIP exceeds the budget. (nb. Interim WIP Budget = Job Budget less any Fees already billed).

The right tool for the job
Special Portfolios Also Helped Turn A Laborious 5 Week Tax Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

Annual tax engagement letters
Annual Tax Engagement Letters… Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

Before Special Portfolios Budget and Engagement Letter informationused to have to be entered into spreadsheets.

Now quick tax job budget entry
Now, Quick Tax Job Budget Entry… Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

New budget data is captured through a Special Portfolio

Linked to engagement letter view
Linked To Engagement Letter View… Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

Where the Engagement Letter data is reviewed and used in a straight forward mail merge.

Courtesy of our money laundering officer
Courtesy of Our Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…Money Laundering Officer…

What is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?

The right tool for the job

Don’t Try To Automate Something Until You Understand Every Step Of The Manual Process Because You’ll Only End Up Making A Big Mess Faster!

Case in point new client assurance
Case In Point: New Client Assurance… Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

Forms used to be manually filled in, printed out and sent off to London for gatekeeper approval. This could take several days with different offices involved.

Incomplete kyc data issues
Incomplete KYC Data Issues… Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

If the data was incomplete (ie missing signatures etc) forms got sent back,adding to the time it took to process the request.

Manual checks required prior to input
Manual Checks Required Prior To Input Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The request then had to be signed by gatekeeping before being sent to admin for input. A questionnaire was then completed prior to final gatekeeping approval.

Client assurance now all on screen
Client Assurance – Now, All On-Screen Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The Assurance form is now completely entered through Web Engine.

New client set up
New Client Set-Up Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The contact search feature automatically populates the fields in the assurance form.

Set up in stages
Set-Up In Stages Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

All information entered will be stored in a secure, hidden area in the database.

Including services jobs
Including Services & Jobs Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

Services and Jobs are also now entered during the set-up phase.

Initial admin on screen review
Initial Admin On-Screen Review Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

When submitted, admin first reviews the request. It is then either returned or approved.

Money laundering questionnaire
Money Laundering Questionnaire Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

When approved, the requestor fills in the questionnaires. KYC documentation can also be attached as PDF file .

Money laundering questionnaire1
Money Laundering Questionnaire Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The Partner And Manager Must “Sign” Their Own Questionnaire.

Gate keeping process
Gate-Keeping Process Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The gatekeeper then reviews the questionnaire and approves or returns it.

Gate keeping process1
Gate-Keeping Process Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

The Partner And Manager Must Submit Their Own Questionnaire.

All done
All Done! Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…

It could take up to a week to finalise assurance requests in the past.Now, requests are finalised within a day & Urgent requests can take as little as an hour! How things have changed!

The right tool for the job

Special Portfolios Have Certainly Admin Job Done Every Year, Into A 5 Day Job…Had A Positive Impact on Wilder CoeWe Hope You’ve Seen How TheyCould Do The Same For You Thank YouStephen Landy & Colin DicksWilder Coe LLP