never work harder than your students
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Never Work Harder Than Your Students

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Never Work Harder Than Your Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Never Work Harder Than Your Students.

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never work harder than your students
Never Work Harder Than Your Students

It is always a good idea to step back and reflect on our teaching styles and curriculum. The problem is we often get into a rut and there is never that “extra” time to sit and reflect. What we need to remember is by analyzing our classes, we possibly could lessen our work load and the result would be less time.

We have had several discussions lately has a department on helping decline our freshmen failure rate. With some research, we have learned there is a giant leap in student responsibilities from 8th grade to 9th grade. After reading the chapters on principle 7, I reflected on what I was currently doing and realized I probably should do a little more discussion with my students at the beginning of the year and at semester about their responsibilities and my responsibilities for the course.

principle seven example 1
My Work

Student Work

Principle Seven: Example 1

I think one thing I could do is to make a list together with my students of our responsibilities for the year.

principle seven example 2
Principle Seven: Example 2
  • School Webpage
    • My lesson plans
    • My webpage
  • I would want to go to the lab and actually do an activity where they will need to find items on my lesson plans and webpage. This will allow me to know that everyone knows where notes, worksheets, and assignments can be found if they are absent or have forgotten what is due.
principle seven example 3
Principle Seven: Example 3
  • I will want to make sure students are aware where the assignment board is in class. I will also model for the first few weeks where they can find assignments when they are absent, if they need an extra or if it is showing no grade but they are sure they handed it in to go to the no name bin.
principle seven example 4
Principle Seven: Example 4
  • I will model the first few weeks where to hand in assignments and where to pick up assignments. Then it is their responsibility to remember where items go.
  • I will post grades in my room once a week on the wall but remind students on Monday that is is their responsibility to check for missing work.