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Pretty Poetry

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Pretty Poetry. Alisha Mccrorey 4B . Softball. Softball is fun Especially a game in the afternoon sun When your patiently waiting in the dugout You must be supportive if your teammate strikes out. You will never feel more proud then when you hit a homerun

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pretty poetry

Pretty Poetry

Alisha Mccrorey 4B


Softball is fun

Especially a game in the afternoon sun

When your patiently waiting in the dugout

You must be supportive if your teammate strikes out.

You will never feel more proud then when you hit a homerun

But you must remember to always have fun

When you run the bases like a horse gone wild

You feel like your no longer just a child

When you strike out and feel like your done

Just remember the game is supposed to be fun.


Here I am again,

Stuck in a day dream.

Thinking about all of the possibilities in the world for me

My mind talks about all of the should of, could of, would of’s.

What happens after I graduate?

Which career do I choose?

So many questions fill my mind.

I dream of living in London

I dream of falling in love

See the thing about day dreaming is

The possibilities are endless.

So please let me be, in my day dream.


The cupcakes I make are better than the rest

I like to use baking as a way to relieve stress.

I love the taste of fresh chocolate chip cookies

Baking is something that’s not for rookies.I bake everything from brownies to cakes,

I have to be careful to never make mistakes.

I bake for birthdays, weddings, and party’s too

People tell me what they want and I do what I can do

I hope they like what I've baked when I’m done

They eat what I’ve baked and then have fun.

My specialty is a cute creative cupcake

I make everything from scratch, nothing is ever fake

i m like a kitten
I’m like a kitten

I’m like a kitten always ready to pounce

I’m like a kitten although ill never eat a mouse.

I’m like a kitten playful during the day

I’m like a kitten that needs time to lay

I’m like a kitten I give everyone a chance

I’m like a kitten that likes to hop around and dance

I’m like a kitten I like to explore

I’m like a kitten I can always eat more and more.

I’m like a kitten I’ll always be nice

I’m like a kitten but I don’t eat mice.

my sister sheridan
My sister Sheridan

My sister Sheridan is always there for me,

Whether I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to go shopping with.

She always has my back and I know she will never go

She is not only my sister but my bestfriend.

She can sing like an angel sent from the heavens above

She is as funny as a comedian and always makes me laugh

She is beyond beautiful but she doesn’t even know it.

She will put everyone else before her with out ever complaining.

She is an amazing person inside and out

And I know that no matter how many people I come across in my life

No one will ever understand me like her.

Not only is Sheridan my sister, She is also my bestfriend.


Music helps me get through a lot,

It always helped me drown out the yells when my parents fought.

Music helps me to calm down

Music helps me when I’m wearing a frown

There is a song for almost every mood

There are even songs that talk about food.

A song can hold so many things

Music can hold secrets and memories.

When I have a bad day music is always there

I can blast my music and sing along without a care.