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Macy’s vs. Nordstrom PowerPoint Presentation
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Macy’s vs. Nordstrom

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Macy’s vs. Nordstrom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Angel Reed Kelly Vouklizas Michelle Preston Stephanie Parks. Macy’s vs. Nordstrom. Purpose of Macy’s Site. Advertise merchandise Offer special promotions Offer a wider variety of merchandise than can be offered in stores. Pros & Cons of Macy’s Site. Pros Well organized

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angel reed kelly vouklizas michelle preston stephanie parks
Angel Reed

Kelly Vouklizas

Michelle Preston

Stephanie Parks

Macy’s vs. Nordstrom

purpose of macy s site
Purpose of Macy’s Site
  • Advertise merchandise
  • Offer special promotions
  • Offer a wider variety of merchandise than can be offered in stores
pros cons of macy s site
Pros & Cons of Macy’s Site
  • Pros
    • Well organized
    • Easy to navigate- The tabs are clear and well marked where to find the merchandise
    • Sales are the first thing the customer sees
  • Cons
    • Very cluttered- The sales were displayed all over the website
    • Hardly any pictures of merchandise on the home page– sales take over the site
macys com customer solutions informational content– “Customer Solutions” Informational Content
  • Customer can review the product
  • Ability to rate the reviews based on helpfulness
  • A chance to win a $1,000 gift card as incentive to write a review
  • Macy’s Star Rewards Card
    • Macy’s credit card- gives customers rewards such as 10% off
macys com revenue model– Revenue Model
  • Product Catalog Revenue Model
    • Images, reviews, product description, size charts, etc.
  • Business-to-Consumer
    • Connecting the business to the consumer
macys com marketing relationships– Marketing Relationships
  • Macy’s Inc. is also a parent company of Bloomingdale’s
  • Participate in a variety of events throughout the year
    • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • Macy’s Holiday Events
    • Etc
macys com features and functionality– Features and Functionality
  • Search tab
  • Wedding registry
  • Personalized shopping cart- it remembers you, you can share with others, etc.
  • Customer service section
  • Social media utilization
macys com social media– Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Macy’s App for iPhone and Android
  • Sign up for text messages or email
  • mBlog
macy s international presence
Macy’s– International Presence
  • Shipping worldwide to over 100 countries
nordstrom com how does website usability compare– How does website usability compare?
  • Not as cluttered with promotions
  • More modern feel
  • More presentable
  • Promote their products with more images
  • More strictly apparel and accessories based, rather than home furnishings
are the strategies for the two websites different
Are the strategies for the two websites different?
  • Macy’s
    • Focuses more on sales
    • Not as presentable
    • Put as much information as possible in one place
  • Nordstrom
    • Focuses more on the quality and the products
    • More aesthetically appealing
    • Not as concerned with sales and promotions
what are the significant differences in assortment
What are the significant differences in assortment?
  • Macy’s
    • Carries more home goods, along with apparel
    • Appeals more to the everyday, classic buyer
    • More of a broad view of product
  • Nordstrom
    • Focuses more on apparel and accessories, rather than home products
    • Appeals a little more to the fashion forward consumer
    • Specific to the season and occasion in the upcoming months