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What is thin, sleek, accurate and always on time? A wrist watch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is thin sleek accurate and always on time a wrist watch

The “Craft Shaft TM” has many uses and purposes which will allow the world to move quicker and smoother from place to place. The Craft Shaft looks like a large transparent tube with light blue rings on the outside. The cerulean circles around the cylindrical shape provide support and mark the joining of each tubular segment. Craft Shafts have very unique shapes since, similar to toy railroad train sets, people can assemble the tubes in any way they please. The tubes, although transparent, also protect people traveling through them from harmful sun rays and the elements. The Craft Shaft varies in shape, as described, but also in size. Shafts can reach as high as one-hundred stories or can simply serve on two level buildings with only a couple segments. The variety with which people can construct the Craft Shaft makes this product a most ingenious invention. Craft Shaft will offer one of the most reliable and cost-effective means of transportation in the near future.

Craft Shaft assists people in many ways which can even help to save lives! Craft Shaft’s main purpose remains to help hospitals transport patients quicker and with greater ease. Craft Shaft works by sending large amounts of super light gases at lightning fast speeds into tubes. The tubes carry people to and from places in hospitals but also to and from locations in the city or in everyday houses. When a person or patient needs to exit from the tube, vents and other ventilation devices add or take away air from the tube allowing people to land safely on a floor in the building. The gas will not affect the patient or passenger in the Craft Shaft because these gases, although moving very fast, do not harm the body. Craft Shafts uses can seem endless because anyone can purchase the low cost materials and build their very own intricate network of tubes. Craft Shaft remains the inexpensive way to travel safely and quickly around the world.

What is thin sleek accurate and always on time a wrist watch