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The Mystic two

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The Mystic two. Prashant Agarwal & Rashmi Lahoti INDIA. TITLE: Metallic Future. FOR. My Dream JOB. Working in a MNC in the field of “Artificial Intelligence” which works in the following areas:-. Development of technologies which include 3D vision. Tangibility of objects.

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the mystic two

The Mystic two

Prashant Agarwal & RashmiLahoti


TITLE: Metallic Future


My Dream JOB

working in a mnc in the field of artificial intelligence which works in the following areas
Working in a MNC in the field of “Artificial Intelligence” which works in the following areas:-
  • Development of technologies which include
    • 3D vision.
    • Tangibility of objects.
    • Vision of different past eras and estimation of future on the basis of data interpretation.
    • Decisions to be made by the technology based on their own analysis.
    • Design viewing in various fields.
    • Infinite memory capacity.
about the work
About the Work..!
  • Time bound (at least 8 hours a day on a 24 hours shift basis, over time to be appreciated) with a facility to know how much hours have we worked, electronic monitoring of entrance and exit with one gadget installed on us, highly disciplined work culture and most importantly, work in secrecy and assured safety.
  • We would like to work in India as we are Indians and would like to contribute in the development of our own Nation.
  • Going to the office by a company’s vehicle which runs on anything but fossil fuel at a speed of more then 150 kmph.
  • Eateries to be borne by restaurants on daily basis.
  • The whole world to be on the Palm top with super fast internet access in the whole nation.
relations with the other industries
Relations with the other Industries
  • Every industry will be requiring some kind of support from this field of technology as it is made by keeping in mind the requirement of each and every individual.
  • Certain examples like Biotech- DNA analysis, Oil and Gas- exploration and accurate drilling, Genetics, Space- Satellite movement tracking and continuous data signaling, Pharmacy- medicine composition determination, ECG etc.
about the talent acquisition
About the talent acquisition..
  • All the professionals would be very much interested in joining such kind of company because of the leverages provided and the kind of reputation associated with the same. The job qualifies to be innovative in its nature and requires the candidate to consistently perform and achieve the challenging tasks put ahead of them. Regular International trips and trainings are also provided.
  • Recruitment is on the basis of an exam which is conducted WORLD WIDE (the first of its nature), the exam will be highly practical and will test the psychological and physical capabilities of an individual. After the test, there would be an interview conducted by means of Artificial intelligence to test the neurological smartness of the candidate.
educational requirement
Educational Requirement
  • Thorough understanding of each and every computer language.
  • Working on multiple simulation software from the early age to understand the basics of coding.
  • A typical day at school would require to develop at least one software daily which can help in making the present life easy and comfortable from the societal point of view.
  • Apart from understanding the coding, every minute details of every other industry should also be read and made handy for further use.
  • More practical knowledge then theoretical knowledge.
  • Research in Science and Technology enhancement including Energy (solar, wind etc), Space,
  • Making aware of Natural calamities more accurately and way before time so necessary action may be taken.
  • Analyzing various information and interpreting the problems taking place and providing with solutions.
  • The general lifestyle of any human being will be drastically influenced by this technology and hence the impact would be so huge that it will become inevitable.