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Mystic Places PowerPoint Presentation
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Mystic Places

Mystic Places

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Mystic Places

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  1. Mystic Places Done by the students of the 10th A form

  2. Our team… Bob was our designer Alex was our chief editor Ann was the source of information Tim was our cameraman

  3. …was to answer the questions • What is the Stonehenge mystery? • Do people need it today? So we decided to find out: What is Stonehenge? Where is it? Why and how was it built?

  4. Picture Gallery

  5. Interview Data among the 10th grade students Where is Stonehenge situated?

  6. Where in the world is Stonehenge? • Local Map • World Map • Stonehenge can be found in England. • In the county of Wiltshire.

  7. Welcome to Stonehenge What is it?Stonehenge is a mysteryStonehenge was once the greatest standing stone circle in England.   ConstructionConstruction of Stonehenge: A process of blood, sweat, and tearsThe construction of this megalithic monument is both confusing and mystifying. But to the builders, it may had just been a way of life. PreservationStonehenge is returning to its original gloryThousands of people visit Stonehenge every year -- but it may not be what they expected. The landscape is changing: thousands of people ruin it. Everyone tries to carry away at least a piece of stones. People, be careful: you may lose it.

  8. EnigmaMystery of Stonehenge points to the heavensStonehenge has been decoded, analyzed and debated for hundreds of years -- but does any one know what it means? One of the Hypotheses • Archaeology and astronomy at Stonehenge Already in the 18th century the British antiquarian William Stukeley had noticed that the horseshoe of great Trinitrons and the horseshoe of 19 bluestones at Stonehenge opened up in the direction of the midsummer sunrise. It was quickly surmised that the monument must have been deliberately oriented and planned so that on midsummer's morning the sun rose directly over the Heel Stone and the first rays shone into the centre of the monument between the open arms of the horseshoe arrangement.

  9. Materials We have used the following websites: Www,