tuesday august 13 th n.
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Tuesday, August 13 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Tuesday, August 13 th

Tuesday, August 13 th

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Tuesday, August 13 th

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  1. Tuesday, August 13th Bell Work: Please pick up a daily handout worksheet from the front table and sit in a group of 6 people (your choice today). Please take out your reading notes from Unit 5.2 (Texas Independence and Mexican War).

  2. Texas Independence and the Mexican-American War • How did Texas become an independent country? • What delayed the admission of Texas into the United States? • Why did the Mexican-American War occur? • What was the significance of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? • Why did the U.S. pay so much for the Gadsden Purchase? • Describe the United States interactions with the British during this era of Manifest Destiny.

  3. Daily Agenda: • Bell Work: Partner Summarizing • WOD Obsolete • Vocab: Word Sort • Critical Reading: The Case for/against Slavery • Philosophical Chairs Debate • Summarizer Essential Question: How did the question of the expansion of slavery deepen divisions between the North and South? Homework: Finish reading Chapter 13 and complete Unit 5.4 notes.

  4. Obsolete– no longer in use; outmoded in design or stylePronunciation for Word • Complete the following analogies for the word obsolete. • Synonym(obsolete : old :: modern : ________) • Tool/Object (current : DVD :: obsolete : ________) Word Analogies Aug 13, Block 2

  5. Obsolete– no longer in use; outmoded in design or stylePossible Answer • Complete the following analogies for the word obsolete. • Synonym(obsolete : old :: modern : new) • Tool/Object (current : DVD :: obsolete : VHS) Word Analogies Aug 13, Block 2

  6. Word Sort Each of your groups has been given a stack of cards with terms on them. Take a few minutes to sort the terms into at least 3 different groups, with at least 2 terms in each group. You must use all of the cards. [Challenge: Who can come up with the most unique/analytical groupings]. Be prepared to share your groupings with the class.

  7. Possible Groups? Treaties/Documents Wilmot Proviso Ostend Manifesto Manifest Destiny-related 49ers John Jacob Astor Stephen F. Austin Mexican Cession Tensions with Britain Joint Occupation Aroostook War “54-40 or Fight” Slavery-related Quakers Liberty Party Frederick Douglas “Peculiar Institution”

  8. Critical Reading: • Each of you will be given a primary document to read regarding the issue of slavery. • Silently read the document to yourself. Feel free to highlight, underline, circle, etc. key points and arguments. • Answer the critical reading questions on your DAILY HANDOUT sheet. • Finally, find someone with the same article as you. Take 2 minutes to discuss your responses to the critical reading questions.

  9. Debate Planning: • All students with articles in support of slavery will move to the WINDOW side of the classroom. Those with articles opposing slavery will move to the DOOR side of the room. • Working in teams, complete the debate planning sheet provided (everyone needs their own copy, but each teams should look the same). • Determine the order of your arguments and who will orally express those in our debate (nobody may speak twice for a team). • Minimally, your team will need to read your arguments in the debate, however, it is strongly recommended that you elaborate and support your arguments from your reading.

  10. Debate Rules: • Each side will have up to 1 minute to explain their argument in each round. • Arguments will alternate from round-to-round. • Teams may only make a single argument in each round, though can respond to the arguments made by their opposition in each round.

  11. Exit Slip: Take the last few minutes of class to complete the exit slip activity on your daily handout worksheet prior to leaving class. Make sure to turn in your handout into the homework bin before leaving.