the endocrine system n.
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The Endocrine System PowerPoint Presentation
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The Endocrine System

The Endocrine System

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The Endocrine System

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  1. The Endocrine System Medical Terminology

  2. Calc/o: calcium Gonad/o: gonads (ovaries; testicles) Kal/o: potassium Natr/o: sodium Parathyroid/o: parathyroid Pituitar/o: pituitary -dipsia: thirst -genesis; -gen: production; producing -ism: process; condition -stasis: standing; stable -eu: good New Roots, Suffixes, and Prefix

  3. Acromegaly Acr/o: extremity; top -megaly: enlargement Definition: enlargement of many skeletal structures, particularly the extremities Androgen Andr/o: male -gen: producing Definition: substance producing male characteristics. An example is testosterone Endocrinologist Crin/o: to secrete -logist: specialist Endo-: within Definition: specialist in the study diseases of the endocrine glands Estrogen Estr/o: female -gen: producing Definition: female sex hormones Glucogenesis Gluc/o: glucose/ sugar -genesis: production Definition: production of glucose Glycolysis Glyc/o: glucose/ sugar -lysis: breakdown Definition: breakdown of sugars Homeostasis Home/o: same -stasis: standing/ stable Definition: a balanced, yet sometimes varied state

  4. Euthyroid Thyr/o: thyroid gland -oid; resembling Eu-: good/ normal Definition: normal thyroid gland Hyperthyroidism Thyroid/o: thyroid gland -ism: condition/ process Hyper-: excessive Definition: condition characterized by excessive secretion of thyroid hormones Adrenocorticotropic hormone -tropic: stimulate Adren/o: adrenal gland Cortico/o: cortex/ outer layer Definition: hormon secreted by the anterior pituitary that stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete its own hormones Gonadotropic hormones -tropic: stimulate Gonad/o: gonads Definition: hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary that stimulates the gonads to secrete their own hormones Hypercalcemia Hyper-: increase/ excessive -emia: blood condition Calc/o: calcium Definition: excessive calcium in the blood Hyperkalemia Hyper: increase/ excessive -emia: blood condition Kal/o: potassium definition: excessive potassium in the blood Hyperglycemia Hyper: increase/ excessive -emia: blood condition Glyc/o: sugar Definition:excessive sugar in the blood

  5. Hypoparathyroidism hyp/o: decrease/ deficient -ism: process/ condition Parathyroid: parathyroid Definition: condition characterized by decreased secretions of the parathyroid hormone Hypopituitarism Hypo-: decrease/deficient -ism: process/ condition Pituitar/o: pituitary gland Definition: condition characterized by decrease secretion of pituitary hormones Hyponatremia Hypo-: decreased/ deficient -emia: blood condition Natr/o: sodium Definition: decreased sodium in the blood Panhypopituitarism Pan-: all -ism: condition/ process Hypo-: decreased/ deficient Pituitar/o: pituitary gland Definition: a condition characterized by a deficiency of all pituitary hormones Polydipsia Poly-: many; much -dipsia: thirst Definition: excessive thirst Polyuria Poly-: many; much -uria: urination Definition: excessive urination

  6. Home/o Estr/o Crin/o Natr/o Acr/o -tropic Glyc/o Kal/o Andr/o -dipsia Male Sugar Female Sodium Thirst Potassium Secrete Same Extremity nourishment Matching word parts with meaning

  7. From the list below, select the gland that secretes the hormones that follow. The glands can be used more than once. Adrenal cortex Adrenal medulla Anterior pituitary Pancreas Posterior pituitary thyroid Aldosterone Antidiuretic hormone T3 Cortisol Epinephrine Glucagon Follicle-stimulating hormone Insulin Prolactin norepinephrine Short Answers