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Regulatory Overview. Todd Cipperman, Esq. Cipperman & Company September 25, 2007. Overview. SEC Examinations and Compliance 22c-2 12b-1 Revenue Sharing Valuation Soft Dollars Best Execution Disclosure Other Insider Trading Hedge Funds Market Timing Advisers/Broker-Dealers.

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Regulatory overview l.jpg

Regulatory Overview

Todd Cipperman, Esq.

Cipperman & Company

September 25, 2007

Overview l.jpg

  • SEC Examinations and Compliance

  • 22c-2

  • 12b-1

  • Revenue Sharing

  • Valuation

  • Soft Dollars

  • Best Execution

  • Disclosure

  • Other

    • Insider Trading

    • Hedge Funds

    • Market Timing

    • Advisers/Broker-Dealers

Sec exams nyro examination request list l.jpg
SEC Exams: NYRO Examination Request List

  • Comprehensive: Due Diligence List/Audit

  • Requires specific data formats

  • Focus on individuals: Who is responsible?

  • Work Papers: output from daily work flow

  • RFI: Disclosure, Portfolio Mgt, Brokerage, Trade Allocation, Conflicts, Valuation, Custody, Marketing, Data Protection, Compliance Program, BCP, Service Providers, Pooled Products

  • Compliance: current inventory of risks; exception reports; annual review

  • Roadmap for compliance program

Compliance priorities l.jpg
Compliance Priorities

  • OCIE Compliance Alert re common deficiencies: performance advertising, “as-of” trading, overcharging SMA accounts

  • Advisor Regulation (Donohue): e-mail retention, ADV Part II, Merrill Rule, accredited investor defn

  • Broker-Dealer Exams (Gadziala): branch supervision, hedge fund sales practices, data security, net capital, best execution, AML, books/records

  • NASD Exams (Errico): branch supervision, AML, new product sales, hedge fund suitability, BCP, non-cash compensation

  • State Regulators esp. Massachusetts and New York

    • Hedge fund hotels

    • Sufficiency of disclosure

    • Sales practices (cold calling)

  • GAO Report: SEC should require submission of compliance reviews to better segment firms into risk categories

In re capitalworks and correnti l.jpg
In re CapitalWorks and Correnti

  • First (only) case under 206(4)-7

  • Correnti headed Marketing and Compliance

  • RFP responses said that CapitalWorks never had a deficiency

  • SEC warned the firm to implement P/P

  • Firm violated 206(4)-7

  • Correnti personally liable as CCO for aiding/abetting violations of 206(4)-7

22c 2 l.jpg

  • SEC to ICI: Funds can’t use shareholder data for marketing

    • Regulation S-P limits use of personal information

    • Who owns shareholder data?

    • Intermediary Agts

  • ICI letter to intermediaries “reminding” them of rule requirements and deadlines

    • Market Power and Intermediaries

  • Relief to foreign intermediaries from delivering government issued identification

12b 1 l.jpg

  • SEC considering 12b-1 rescission (roundtable in June)

    • Cox: a substitute for front-end loads

    • Tax on current shareholders without benefit

    • Drag on performance

  • ICI: 12b-1 fees are good

    • pay for advice, administrative support, and recordkeeping

    • help smaller funds

  • Who will compensate the broker-dealers?

  • Back to front-end loads?

Revenue sharing l.jpg
Revenue Sharing

  • In re Morgan Stanley: must disclose receipt of revenue

  • Directed Brokerage – See In re John Hancock (not enough Board disclosure of conflict of interest)

  • No private right of action against fund advisors (See In Re Franklin Mutual Funds)

    • Who benefits from “shelf-space” arrangements?

  • Wells settlement: detailed Prospectus and SAI disclosure including names of firms and amounts

  • NASD Non-Cash Compensation Rules: NASD fined 3 mutual fund distributors for entertaining third party reps who sold funds

Valuation l.jpg

  • Focus of sweeps: See NYRO Exam Request

  • Sub-Prime contagion

  • In re Allied Capital: Private Equity Firm BDC did not value portfolio companies as required by ASR 118

    • Valuation committee was not independent

    • No books and records

  • SEC v. Sentinel: Run on the cash manager during the sub-prime liquidity crisis

    • Commingling and leveraging client assets

    • Misrepresentations about leverage and valuation

  • IOSCO valuation principles: documentation, consistency, independent review, vendor due diligence, transparency

  • Responsibility for valuation

    • In re McCurdy: concurring audit partner knew financials were incorrect

    • In re Seghers: delivering inflated valuations to administrator

Soft dollars l.jpg
Soft Dollars

  • 2006 Interpretive Release

    • Narrowed scope to advice, analysis, reports

    • Computer hardware out

    • Clear allocation of mixed use items

    • Defines “effecting a trade”

  • Cox has suggested outlawing soft dollars

  • SEC guidance re when a research provider can avoid BD registration: create a pool of credits and avoid linkage

  • Goldman XPRESS No-Action Letter: Money Manager must determine value of research

  • In re Schulze: Provide enforcement order to investors and prospective investors (the “Scarlet Letter” approach)

    • Shell “research” company to pay for non-28(e) expenses e.g. salary, rent, health insurance

  • Remaining issue: What is within 28(e) after last year’s guidance

Best execution l.jpg
Best Execution

  • See Soft Dollars

  • In re Morgan Stanley: Trading system failed to ensure best execution

    • Embedded mark-ups/downs

    • Delayed settlement

    • In-house system replaced commercial applications

    • No compliance review of in-house system

  • In re Folger Nolan: Use of BD affiliate to execute trades without demonstrating best execution

  • Can a firm ever trade through an affiliate?

Disclosure l.jpg

  • Donohue calls for electronic 2-page profile

    • Prospectus/SAI available on internet

    • Tagged data would allow easier access to information

    • Will SEC exempt issuers from liability?

  • XBRL initiative: tagging data for access

    • Who benefits: shareholders, advisors, plaintiffs’ lawyers?

Hedge funds insider trading l.jpg
Hedge Funds, Insider Trading

  • Insider Trading: SEC focus esp. w/ hedge funds

    • PIPEs

    • UBS/Morgan Stanley ring

    • Safeguards: SEC v. Suman: E-Mail Administrator bought target company stock ahead of tender offer

  • Hedge Funds

    • Clawbacks in bankruptcy: redemption proceeds, margin payments, service provider payments

    • Risk Disclosure - SEC v. Wood River et. al.: failure to disclose overly concentrated position in EndWave stock

    • Proposed definition of “accredited natural person” ($2.5 Million in assets exclusive of real estate)

    • Hedge Fund Hotels: really soft dollar cases in disguise

    • Short sales: covering with public offering allocations

Market timing advisers broker dealers l.jpg
Market Timing, Advisers/Broker-Dealers

  • Market Timing

    • Fair Fund distributions continue at slow pace

    • In re Byck et. al: Using Fund/SERV to late trade for hedge fund clients

  • Advisers/Broker-Dealers

    • Anti-fraud rule applicable to unregistered advisers

    • Merrill Rule etc.: discretionary BDs must become RIAs

    • Reverse Churning: need to monitor accounts

Final discomforting thoughts l.jpg
Final (Discomforting) Thoughts

  • SEC exams have become increasingly comprehensive and forensic; everything is a “priority”

  • Post-Spitzer SEC remains aggressive

  • Regulation through enforcement action

  • Focus on personal liability

  • State regulators very active

  • How will fund companies compensate distribution channels?

  • Lacking clear guidance on valuation, best execution and soft dollars

  • Cox wants to outlaw 12b-1 and soft dollars

  • Donohue wants to re-structure disclosure (again)

  • Bad actors with technology have increased systemic risk

  • What will happen when data starts flying on October 16?

  • New sheriffs in town in 2009?

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