Observation why bother
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Observation, why bother?. Andy Baxter. Lesson observations Say one thing to one person Say one thing to a set of people. To a novice teacher. Observation. To an experienced teacher. Observations to a novice teacher

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Observation why bother

Lesson observations

  • Say one thing to one person

  • Say one thing to a set of people

Observation why bother

To a novice teacher


To an experienced teacher

Observation why bother

Observations to a novice teacher

  • Describing the lesson they are observing ---- Demonstrating what they have been conditioned to see

  • Objective in teaching

  • Descriptive teaching notes : what the teacher did, teacher’s behaviours and no add commentary.

Observation why bother

  • Useful observation

  • Making observations into conversations.

  • Pointing out behaviours

  • Asking noticing type-questions (real questions and listen to the answer)

Observation why bother


Observations to an experienced teacher

  • 1. A jointly prepared by observer and observee

    • How would this alter observer’s comment

    • How much responsibility for succesful / unsuccessful outcomes

    • Could add another observer and discuss how the lesson alters observational judgement.

Observation why bother


  • 2. A lesson prepared by observer but delivered by observee

    • What useful insight can be gained

    • What needs to be changed

    • Are the problems by the content, or the delivery, the lesson structure or even the fact it is being observed

Observation why bother


3. Action research aim

  • Particular piece of content doesn’t seem to work in your school. (why, how it needs to be altered, create some substitute content)

Observation why bother

Points of observations

  • Part of bureaucratic process

  • To put personal file/portfolio

    Observer’s advice / suggestions

  • What they say about philosophy of teaching

  • Their attitude to learning

  • What do they choose to comment