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Chinese Instruments

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Chinese Instruments
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Chinese Instruments

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  1. Chinese Instruments China is a nation with a long history. Many musical instruments have been found buried along with other treasures in royal tomb.It divides in to three main types:the wind, the string, and the percussioninstruments. Back

  2. Drum 鼓

  3. Chinese Instruments Back Pipa is one of the oldest and well-known instruments in the Chinese orchestra with 2,000 years of history. It is rich in expression and has diverse performing techniques. Pipa is one of the most symbolic Chinese musical instruments. Listen

  4. Chinese Instruments Back Liuqin is also known as liuyueqin. It is a two or three-string willow-shaped plucking instrument which was popular during the Tang Dynasty. It is now improved to a four-string plucking instrument. This instrument provides the high notes in a Chinese orchestra. Listen

  5. Chinese Instruments Back Yangqin originates from Western Asia and was introduced into China during the Ming Dynasty. Two bamboo sticks are used to hit strings strung in pairs thus producing a high and tinkling timbre in its top registers. Listen

  6. Chinese Instruments Back Zheng is popular during the Warring States. The instrument comprises 13 to 21 strings. In the orchestra, the zheng is employed when special effects such as the descending strains of cascading water is required. Listen

  7. Chinese Instruments Back The erhu is also known as the nanhu, nan being south, because the instrument first became popular in southern China. It is capable of producing a gentle but firm tone. Listen

  8. Chinese Instruments Back Also known as yuehu, is developed from the erhu by the renowned Cantonese musician, Lu Wen Cheng. The Construction is smaller than erhu.The tuning of the gaohu is a perfect fourth or fifth higher than the erhu. Listen

  9. Chinese Instruments Back The zhonghu produces music of a lower pitch. The shade of the resonator varies from circular to octagonal. Listen

  10. Chinese Instruments Back Drum 鼓 The drum has been in existence since 2079BC.There are twirling drum, hanging drum. Drums can be made of metal, bamboo or animal skin. Listen

  11. Chinese Instruments Back Like the luo, the cymbals or bo is mainly used in theatres and on ceremonial occasions. Listen

  12. Chinese Instruments Back The gong is a popular folk musical instrument. It is also known as luo. The sound from the luo or gong is produced by the mallet hitting the metal plate. Listen

  13. Chinese Instruments Back This double reed instrument was brought to China by Muslim travellers 500 years ago. It is able to produce both sad and lively sounds. It can imitate the sound of bird singing. Listen

  14. Chinese Instruments Back The suona was introduced into China from Persia and Arabia during the Ming dynasty. Gradually it came to be commonly used in the wedding and funeral ceremonies, orchestral and theatrical music. Listen

  15. Click the button and listen to the music carefully. Guess which Chinese instruments are used to perform the songs. Click the answer yourself. Back 1. Pipa Erhu Liuqin Yangqin 2. Sheng Goahu Drum Suona 3. Zhonghu Zheng Gaohu Dizi 4. Drum Gong Cymbals Erhu 5. Yangqin Zheng Pipa Liuqin

  16. Good Back Excellent Congratulation! You are correct! Let's go back to the game and try another one!

  17. Oh! Back Your answer is wrong, but I hope you can try again to get the correct answer.Don't be so sad!

  18. Click the to listen to the music! Swan Lake: Final Scene Composer: Tchaikovsky Dreaming Composer: Schumann Minute Waltz Composer: Chopin

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