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Fuel Tax Enforcement. Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop Mesa, Arizona September 2010. M & M Blitz M arch & M ay 2010 Fuel & IFTA inspections Compliance initiative. Prepared by: Georges Sansfaçon, Andrew Markle, Marc Nichols . M & M Blitz. Purpose Objectives

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Presentation Transcript
Fuel tax enforcement

Fuel Tax Enforcement

Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop

Mesa, Arizona

September 2010

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

M m blitz m arch m ay 2010 fuel ifta inspections compliance initiative
M & MBlitzMarch & May 2010Fuel & IFTA inspections Compliance initiative

Prepared by: Georges Sansfaçon, Andrew Markle, Marc Nichols

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

M m blitz
M & M Blitz

  • Purpose

  • Objectives

  • Participants

  • Project results

  • Futur plans

  • Closing remarks

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


  • In Phoenix Sept. 2008 at the closing of the annual IFTA Workshop, during our LEC meeting, 14 committee members proposed 2 IFTA projects;

    - Blitz

    - Road Show

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement

  • The BLITZ :

    Viewed as a compliance initiative

    towards an “Annual IFTA & fuel check event”.

    Our goal is to establish consistent road side enforcement

  • The Road Show:

    Wanting to promote IFTA enforcement throughout the IFTA community.

    As a result of -$ -$ = we produced a power point

    presenting the LEC “Law Enforcement Committee”

    accompanied by a brochure highlighting IFTA.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

C i or blitz
C. I. or Blitz

  • This initiative effort or blitz, would be held at the beginning of the year right after grace period “ One day in March”.

  • Then, a 3 day event in “ May” with the optimal number of jurisdictions involved among members of the IFTALEC.

  • Suggestions where made to try and piggy-back during an existing event such as the “I-40 road check”.

    - A solution for those jurisdictions that may not have enough man power to get the project started.

    - Considering the required time utilized by DOT agents during this road side operation, the volume of traffic may be limited & the target of this operation may not be truly representative.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


IFTA and Dyed Fuel checks consist of making sure that carriers are in compliance.

  • Ifta credentials; -temporary permits,

    -trip permits,

    -valid Ifta license

    -and valid decals properly displayed.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued
Objectives' continued

  • Fuel used for propulsion;Clear Fuel or Dyed ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued1
Objectives' continued

  • Prescribed vehicles not registered: GVWR ??? checked ; Ex. Hot Shot

Recreational or For Hire?

How do your officers make the determination ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued2
Objectives' continued

  • Violators placed into compliance and charged.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Ifta qualified motor vehicles
IFTA Qualified Motor Vehicles?

Subject to IFTA ?


IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


  • Strategy: Where should we locate our operations for maximum impact ?

  • Phase I = 8 jurisdictions participated;

    IL. MD. TX. KS. NC.

    MB. ON. QC.

  • Phase II = 4 jurisdictions; NC. TX. ON. QC.

  • Phase III = 11 jurisdictions, AZ, QC, ON, IL, MB ,KS,NC, MI, TN, MR, PA.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


  • What are we looking for ? Qualified vehicles!

  • Several questions: -Are carrier’s IFTA permit valid?

    -From which jurisdiction; truck registration vs. ITFA ?

    -Valid decals or “Ifta stickers”?

    -Valid trip permit issued by other jurisdiction?

    -Expired permit: Why?

    -Not carrying valid Ifta license ?

    -Not displaying valid Ifta decals?

    -Displaying only one (1) valid IFTA decal?

    -Not registered in home base; frequent traveler?

    -Mileage log sheet:

    -record keeping for fuel purchases and of distance available?

    -Documents in support of record keeping (could be a satellite tracking unit ! ).

    -Need for Sighting Report ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


Phase I Phase II

-Vehicles inspected………………….4213 2883

-Not registered;…………………………….6 6

-Expired license;.…………………………69 6

-Not carrying a valid Ifta license;…..58 14

-Not displaying valid decals;………..156 9

-Displaying only 1 decal “sticker”;….13 11

-Trip permits issued;…………………….41 24

-Citations issued;………………………..236 59

-Valid temporary IFTA permit………… 15 N/A

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Results continued

phase I II

- Check points;…………………….29 30

- Border crossings………………..10 4

- # Scales houses…………………20 13

- Dyed fuel checks…………..1801 1192

- Dyed fuel charges………………21 6

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Results continued1

Phase I II

  • Criminal citations 10 26

  • Civil Penalties 38 37

  • Other agencies participating 9 3

  • Working hours “shifts’’ 7 to 10 hrs

  • Staff 89 44

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Phase iii

  • Total vehicles inspected: 61741

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Registration Violators: 2733

  • IFTA Decal violations (only 1 decal): 255

  • IFTA Decal violations (Fail to Display): 439

  • Trip permit purchases: 1944

  • US in-state Fuel Tax Violations: 28

  • US in-state Decal Violations: 15

  • Total warnings issued for permits & Decals: 478

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Future !

  • LEC’s long term goal;

    “Be a national event to get the IFTA word out”

    & U N I F O R M I T Y


    - Uniform enforcement is a viable goal and will benefit compliance efforts.

    - Inspection protocols would encompass techniques to find

    unique evasion schemes.

    - Roadside enforcement must be supported by diligent administrative efforts to combat fraud.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Closing remarks
Closing remarks

  • This data was cumulated and transmitted by participating jurisdictions in order to demonstrate the importance of hosting such initiatives.

  • Such project results are directly linked to one’s investment:

    -Presence at road side “Visibility” = better tax control.

    -Absence or NO enforcement = Possible Tax loss or Less $$$

  • We hope that it’s format “ 1 and a 3 day event”, will be retained by the IFTA community to strengthen Law Enforcement activities.

    Uniformity will be gradually introduced in the IFTA world, A positive view.

  • Such Ifta Blitz or compliance initiatives are a “ Win deal situation”

  • “Tool” on a long term basis for promoting the benefits of IFTA.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement

Let’s put our Energy to the success of IFTA

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee