Fuel tax enforcement ifta
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Fuel Tax Enforcement (IFTA). Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop Mesa, Arizona October, 2011. M & M Blitz M arch & M ay 2011 Fuel & IFTA inspections Compliance/Enforcement Initiative. Prepared by: Andrew Markle (ON)

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Presentation Transcript
Fuel tax enforcement ifta

Fuel Tax Enforcement(IFTA)

Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop

Mesa, Arizona

October, 2011

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

M m blitz m arch m ay 2011 fuel ifta inspections compliance enforcement initiative
M & MBlitzMarch & May 2011Fuel & IFTA inspections Compliance/Enforcement Initiative

Prepared by: Andrew Markle (ON)

Presented by: Andrew Markle (ON) & David Couprie (MB)

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

M m blitz
M & M blitz

  • Purpose of this compliance initiative

  • Objectives

  • Participating Partners

  • Project results

  • Future plans

  • Demonstration of the IFTA Inc. Web page

  • Closing remarks

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


  • In Phoenix Sept. 2008 during closing of the annual IFTA seminar, the LEC committee members proposed 2 IFTA projects;

    - Annual Blitz initiative

    - Road Show

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement ifta

  • The BLITZ :

    Viewed as a compliance initiative

    towards an “Annual IFTA & fuel check event”.

    Our goal is to establish consistent road side enforcement with all participating Agencies

  • The Road Show:

    Promoting IFTA enforcement throughout the IFTA community.

    As a result of $$ = we produced a power point

    presenting the LEC “Law Enforcement Committee”

    accompanied by a brochure highlighting IFTA.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

C i or blitz
C. I. or Blitz

  • This initiative effort or blitz, would be held at the beginning of the year right after grace period “ One day in March”.

  • Then, a 3 day event in “ May” with the optimal number of jurisdictions involved among members of the IFTALEC.

  • Suggestions were made to try and piggy-back during an existing event such as the “I-40 road check”.

    - A solution for those jurisdictions that may not have enough man power to get the project started.

    - Considering the required time utilized by DOT agents during this road side operation, the volume of traffic may be limited & the target of this operation may not be truly representative.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


IFTA and Dyed Fuel checks consist of making sure that carriers are in compliance.

  • IFTA credentials; -temporary permits

    -trip permits

    -valid Ifta license

    -and valid decals properly displayed

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued
Objectives' continued

  • Fuel used for propulsion;Clear Fuel or Dyed ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued1
Objectives' continued

  • Prescribed vehicles not registered: GVWR ??? checked ; Ex. Hot Shot

Recreational or For Hire?

How do your officers make the determination ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Objectives continued2
Objectives' continued

  • Violators are charged and possibly audited.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement ifta

Subject to IFTA ?


IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

P articipants

  • Strategy: Where should we locate our operations for maximum impact ?

  • Phase I = 8 jurisdictions participated;

    IL. MD. TX. KS. NC.

    MB. ON. QC.

  • Phase II = 4 jurisdictions; NC. TX. ON. QC.

  • Phase III = 11 jurisdictions, AZ, QC, ON, IL, MB ,KS,NC, MI, TN, MR, PA

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee


  • What are we looking for ? Qualified vehicles!

  • Several questions: -Are carrier’s IFTA permit valid?

    -From which jurisdiction; truck registration vs. ITFA ?

    -Valid decals or “IFTA stickers”?

    -Valid trip permit issued by other jurisdiction?

    -Expired permit: Why?

    -Not carrying valid IFTA license ?

    -Not displaying valid IFTA decals?

    -Displaying only one (1) valid IFTA decal?

    -Not registered in home base; frequent traveler?

    -Mileage log sheet:

    -record keeping for fuel purchases and of distance available?

    -Documents in support of record keeping (could be a satellite tracking unit ! ).

    -Need for Sighting Report ?

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement ifta
Results: Phase IV (2011)March: 18 Jurisdictions 85, 825 Vehicles inspectedMay:13 Jurisdictions42, 303 Vehicles inspected

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Results continued phase iv 2011
Results-continued Phase IV (2011)

IFTA vehicles: 110 645

IFTA Violations: 2 159

Decal violations: 2 157

Trip Permits purchased: 1 987

Fraudulent Decals: 14

Dyed diesel inspections: 11 988

Total Officer hours: 18 633

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

What does a multi agency blitz look like
What does a Multi-Agency Blitz look like?

Safety first: traffic and inspection zones

Good communication: between all participating partners

Education: not only enforcement

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Future !

  • LEC’s long term goal:

    “Be a national event to get the IFTA word out”

    & U N I F O R M I T Y


    - Uniform enforcement is a viable goal and will benefit compliance efforts.

    - Inspection protocols would encompass techniques to find

    unique evasion schemes.

    - Roadside enforcement must be supported by diligent administrative efforts to combat tax evasion.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Closing remarks
Closing remarks

  • This data was cumulated and transmitted by participating jurisdictions in order to demonstrate the importance of hosting such initiatives.

  • Such project results are directly linked to one’s investment:

    -Presence at road side “Visibility” = better tax control.

    -Absence or NO enforcement = Possible Tax loss or Less $$$

  • We hope that it’s format “ 1 and a 3 day event”, will be retained by the IFTA community to strengthen Law Enforcement activities.

    Uniformity will be gradually introduced in the IFTA world, A positive view.

  • Such IFTA Blitz or compliance initiatives are a “ Win Win situation”

  • “Tool” on a long term basis for promoting the benefits of IFTA.

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Fuel tax enforcement ifta

Let’s put our Energy to the success of IFTA

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee

Ifta inc webpage
IFTA Inc. Webpage

  • Live presentation of the new data base for statistical purposes

IFTA Law Enforcement Committee