missions through the sunday school n.
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“Missions Through the Sunday School”. Why do Local Missions?. What are the benefits?. The Church Benefits. Gets your people fulfilling the Great Commission Matthew 28:19-20 Starts with your Jerusalem Acts1:8 Creates a mindset of inviting others to church

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why do local missions
Why do Local Missions?

What are the benefits?

the church benefits
The Church Benefits
  • Gets your people fulfilling the Great Commission Matthew 28:19-20
  • Starts with your Jerusalem Acts1:8
  • Creates a mindset of inviting others to church
  • Cost Effective – missions experience without the major expense
  • Convenient Location - may be friends or family of the team or members of your church
sunday school benefits
Sunday School Benefits
  • Outreach and missions leaders are identified and equipped
  • Mobilizes classes to work together to fulfill the Great Commission
  • Classes are unified around the idea of working toward a common goal
  • Classes work together to win souls, and follow up with discipleship material
leadership benefits
Leadership Benefits
  • Leaders are trained and multiplied
  • Leaders are evaluated for future ministry responsibilities and roles
  • Leaders are trained to properly enlist ministry teams for effective service
  • Leaders are trained to organize and oversee individual team member roles
  • Leaders are trained to follow up and integrate new believers into the life of the church
members benefit
Members Benefit
  • Members catch a vision for missions
  • Members are trained to share the gospel
  • Members are trained to follow up and help make disciples
  • Members naturally start inviting friends, family, and co-workers to church
  • Members are challenged to use their spiritual gifts to participate in missions
  • Members embrace their share of discipleship responsibility of the Great Commission
families benefit
Families Benefit
  • Children hear a clear presentation of the gospel
  • Families get to train and work together on the same team
  • Parents teach by modeling and instilling missions and witnessing
communities benefit
Communities Benefit

Taking the church to the people connects with the community

organized for maximum impact
Organized for Maximum Impact

Classes can get started in missions by connecting to their Jerusalem by putting on an Impact Event in the community

  • Prayer isn’t a strategy, it’s the strategy. Bathe everything in prayer
  • Pray about every decision & encourage your teams pray as well
  • Pray for open doors and direction every step of the way
  • Teams should prayer walk the community they want to reach
get started
Get Started
  • Start with a cross cultural block party to reach your local mission field
  • Multi-housing dwellings usually provide a cross cultural setting creating a cross cultural missions experience. 90%are lost
get authorization
Get Authorization
  • Look for open doors and Christian managers or owners
  • Check the church calendar before setting an event date
  • Secure permission from apartment manager/owner
set dates
Set Dates
  • Leadership Vision Casting/Training (3-6 months out)
  • Team Roster Due Date
  • Team Training and Prayer Walking (1 week prior to Impact Event)
  • Impact Event (Saturday morning 10-2 or Sunday afternoon 3-6)
  • Managers will promote to some degree
  • Leaders who are properly enlisting will be promoting
  • At the prayer walk your teams will put up promotional posters
  • On the day of the event teams will go door to door with promo flyers
multi teams church coordinator
Multi Teams Church Coordinator
  • Has a vision & passion for missions
  • Male or female administrative leader
  • Secures food, tracts, EvangeCube for the team
  • Volunteer or church staff member
enlist team leaders
Enlist Team Leaders
  • Outreach Leaders
  • Mission Leaders
  • Director or Teacher
leaders are trained in the following areas
Leaders are trained in the following areas:

1. How to Properly Enlist a Team

  • Proper Enlistment Principles
  • Team Role Definitions
  • Team Roster Due Date: Require that team leaders give you a list of team members and their roles one month before the team training.
enlist team members
Enlist Team Members
  • Invitation Coordinator
  • Balloon Animal & Face Paint Trainer(s)
  • Translator
  • Discipleship Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Co-Leader
  • Prayer Coordinator
  • Hospitality Liaison
  • Cook

2. How to Organize Your Team and Impact Event

  • Sign up lists (Team Roster ) let them tell their preferences
  • Collect Items (balls, 12 ft jump ropes, tracts…)
  • Grocery list

3. How to Thoroughly Follow Up

  • Registration
  • Invite everyone to Sunday School
  • Invite everyone to Church
  • Invite those that accept Christ to a discipleship class on site

Impact Team Training

  • Team Training the week before event
  • EvangeCube
  • Face Painting & Balloon Animals
  • Prayer Walk the Mission Field

Impact Team Training

  • EvangeCube/Mission Bandz Training (train everyone first)
  • Face Painting & Balloon Animals Training
  • Meet with Leadership
  • Prayer Walk your Mission Field

Set up Crew- sets up and starts cooking

  • Invite Crew- goes door to door and invites the people

Register everyone it is critical to follow up.

  • Have a drawing at the end of the day to encourage participation. Get name, address, phone and email.

Face painters and balloon animal people will work non-stop! They can talk about spiritual matters with children as they work.


When a person accepts Christ, invite them to the discipleship class on location starting the next week. Write down their name, apartment number and phone number.


Don’t stay too long, break down as planned.

  • Teams will want to gather at the church for a debriefing after the event.
mission event ideas by month
Mission Event Ideas by Month
  • January: Health Fair on site (medical)
  • February: Local Missions Leadership Training, Valentine’s “Love” theme
  • March: Local Missions Fair, Prayer Walk
  • April: Spring Block Party Easter Outreach
  • May: Mission site cleanup day
  • June: VBS, Backyard Bible Club, Go on an international trip
mission event ideas by month1
Mission Event Ideas by Month
  • July: Register to Vote Drive, Afterschool Leadership Training
  • August: Back to School Party (promote after school & ESL programs)
  • September: After School Program (2 days per week Mon. & Wed.)
  • October: Fall Block Party, Jesus Film
  • November: Missions Conference
  • December: Christmas Gift Distribution
question answer session
Question & Answer Session

Thank you for your participation today. If you have any questions, I am available to assist you feel free to call or email.

In Christ,

Derrick Poston

NAMB MSC Missionary


678-665-8164 or derrickposton@att.net


I am a faith promise supported missionary. You can support my mission work electronically via my web site or mailing a check to:


MSC 9532 Derrick Poston

PO Box 116543

Atlanta, GA 30368-6543

For the tax deductibility of your support, be sure to make out your check to NAMB and put my MSC number (MSC # 9532) & my name in the memo box.