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Crossroads. Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) User Group Meeting– July 2014 Hosted by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Caroline Jackson Crossroads Project Manager North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

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Presentation Transcript

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) User Group Meeting– July 2014

Hosted by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)

Caroline Jackson

Crossroads Project Manager

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Public Health

Brief crossroads history
Brief Crossroads History

  • Four states with diverse requirements applied to be a State Agency Model (SAM) Project

    • Two EBT states

    • Two Food Instrument (FI) states

  • Virginia (EBT), Mid-Atlantic FNS Regional Office

  • West Virginia (EBT), Mid-Atlantic FNS Regional Office

  • North Carolina (FI), Southeast FNS Regional Office

  • Alabama (FI), Southeast FNS Regional Office

Crossroads organization
Crossroads Organization

  • USDA FNS Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

  • USDA FNS Headquarters

  • Crossroads Executive Steering Committee

  • State WIC Director and one Designee

  • CSC

  • Crossroads Design, Development &Implementation Vendor

  • USDA Southeast Regional Office

  • USDA FNS State Systems


  • Crossroads Quality Assurance Vendor

  • Caroline Jackson

  • Crossroads Project Manager

  • Jim Finley

  • UAT Director

  • Barbara Swartz

  • Project Management Assistant

  • Leah Aspell

  • Project Management Assistant


  • WV EBT Vendor


VA EBT Vendor

High level system features
High Level System Features

  • Family Centric

    • Aggregated Benefits

    • Family Appointments

    • Family Issuance

  • Benefit Issuance (FI or EBT)

  • Highly Customizable and Configurable (for example):

    • Flexible Scheduling Component

    • Proof of Pregnancy

High level system features con t
High Level System Features (con’t)

  • Highly Customizable and Configurable (for example continued):

  • Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women

  • Length of Certification for Children

  • Head Circumference

  • Social Security Number Visible

  • Allows for a Indian Tribal Organization to utilize the system under a State Agency

  • Participant and Vendor Portals

  • Disconnected Solution

  • High level system features con t1
    High Level System Features (con’t)

    • Electronic Interfaces to 3rd Party Systems and Devices

      • State (such as accounting systems, adjunctive eligibility systems)

      • Federal (such as Food Programs Reporting System (FPRS) and Integrated Program Accounting System (IPAS) are planned)

      • External Partners (such as

      • Peripherals (such as scales, hemoglobin/hematocrit measurement devices, signature pads)

    • Clinic Workflow Dashboard

    Crossroads technology
    Crossroads Technology

    • Microsoft .NET 4 Technology

    • Structured Query Language (SQL) Database

    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

      • Uses XBAP (XAML Browser Application) for download from browser

    • Active Server Pages (ASP)

    • Crossroads is installed at each State’s Data Center

    Crossroads sizing
    Crossroads Sizing

    • Average monthly caseload by state for Oct 12-Sept 13:

    • Number of WIC staff members using Crossroads:

    Crossroads status
    Crossroads Status

    • Pilot

      • Start dates were adjusted from Summer 2013 to Winter 2013/2014 to allow for:

        • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of over 5000+ scenarios

        • Development of several Change Requests identified during UAT

        • Set-up and testing of FI states was more time consuming than EBT state set-up

    • Rollout

      • VA Pilot began 11/18/2013 (completed 5 of 5 rollouts)

      • WV Pilot began 1/21/2014 (completed 4 of 7 rollouts)

      • NC Pilot began 2/10/2014 (completed 4 of 10 rollouts)

      • AL Pilot began 2/24/2014 (completed 4 of 10 rollouts)

    • Warranty (October 2014-October 2015)

      • Continue working on Consortium deferred non–essential Change Requests

    Crossroads lessons learned
    Crossroads Lessons Learned

    • Begin Process Early!

      • Focus on Environment and Configuration set-up

    • Realize Data Conversion is a complicated process

      • Identify data to convert

      • Verify results

    • Utilize a “Mission Control Center” during pilot

    • Develop a Communication Strategy

    • Planning will pay off!

      • Realize that you can’t plan, anticipate and mitigate everything

    Crossroads lessons learned con t
    Crossroads Lessons Learned (con’t)

    • Testing is an ongoing activity

    • Staffing Challenges

      • There will be turnover in staff

      • Balancing act for staff assigned to project activities along with existing job responsibilities

    Crossroads ebt
    Crossroads EBT

    • Crossroads EBT Interface is built on Universal Interface Specifications version 3

    • What Worked Well for Crossroads EBT

      • Moving from legacy EBT to Crossroads EBT

      • Moving from legacy FI to Crossroads EBT

    Future of crossroads
    Future of Crossroads

    Crossroads is in the process of forming an official User Group to continue the positive, forward momentum of the Application as it is adopted by other states

    If you want to know more…

    • Several sessions throughout this EBT User Group Meeting will be discussing and demonstrating the Crossroads application

    • Go to NC WIC Program Web Page found at: and view Crossroads Training videos