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Integrated Bodywork Feature PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Bodywork Feature

Integrated Bodywork Feature

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Integrated Bodywork Feature

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  1. Integrated Bodywork Healing for the mind, body and soul

  2. Integrated bodywork combines three powerful ancient healing techniques that have been practiced for centuries. • Deep Tissue Massage • Aromatherapy Massage • Reiki Healing

  3. Integrated bodywork menu • Swedish massage • Therapeutic massage • Deep tissue massage Progressive counseling Aromatherapy massage Reiki healing therapy Sports massage

  4. Deep Tissue Massage: A strong yet deeply relaxing massage Relieve muscle tension Revamps the restricting muscles caused by stress Targets the deeper layers of muscles and tissue Improves the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body Increase the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients

  5. Aromatherapy Massage: A deeply relaxing and reviving massage Helps tired and aching muscles Uses essential oils to deeply hydrate and purify the skin Aromas soothe the mind and body Awakens body’s natural healing system Treats skin conditions with essential oils

  6. Reiki Healing Therapy: An authentic healing and relaxation therapy Promotes the body’s ability to heal itself Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy Safe and natural healing and self-improvement Helps relieve side effects and promote recovery Increases relaxation and feelings of inner peace

  7. Sports Massage: A targeted conditioning and relieving massage Manipulating specific muscles used for sporting events Muscles in need of injury rehabilitation Helps enhance endurance to minimise the chance of injury Restoring mobility to injured muscle and tissue

  8. Swedish Massage: A deeply relaxing and soothing massage Helps reach the deepest state of relaxation Stimulates circulation across the back, arms, neck and shoulders Awakens the body’s natural healing system Uses a purely practical and logical purpose Involves gliding, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping

  9. Therapeutic Massage: A deeply invigorating and focused massage Slow, controlled strokes, gentle stretching and acupressure Relaxes stressed muscles and restores the sense of well being Releases harmful toxins from muscles and joints Clears the channel that supply natural energy flow to the body Alleviates stress, tension and pain

  10. A progressive therapy for the mind, body and spirit A self-improvement therapy Relaxation and inner peace, safety, comfort and well being Helps with issues relating to partnerships, family and bereavement Guides individuals to see and choose the right path Progressive Counseling

  11. 1987: first trained as a Reiki healer 1994: trained in the UK with the Tisserand Institute and worked as s full time aroma therapist Develops her knowledge continually through lectures, workshops and training Sue Carberry

  12. Book every: Tuesday and Thursday Home visit: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Clinic appointments: Tuesdays and Thursdays (10am – 9:30pm) Appointments

  13. For enquiries Email: Tel: 0845 052 1595 Mobile: 07946 389 763 Contact Information