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Services Offered by Inkcolours PowerPoint Presentation
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Services Offered by Inkcolours

Services Offered by Inkcolours

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Services Offered by Inkcolours

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  1. Ink Colours Services Offered by Inkcolours

  2. Services Offered • Design services • Brochures • Flyers • Infographics • Video • Web Design and development • Company profile • Content writing services • Web copy • Articles • eBooks • Blog Posts • Guest Posts • Product description • Product Review • Company Profile • Books

  3. Articles & eBooks eBooks If you are an aspiring writer with a story but are a person of fewer words, we help you fill it up. Stories connect people like no other medium and what’s better than to make it available as an eBook which can be accessed by millions for a fee. Having said that, an eBook can most definitely be your way out in the literary world. Articles Informative and articulated content forms the foundation of a good article, which can indeed create a difference. With good quality research, articles are perfect for educational and motivational websites. Even if most blog posts and contents make up for basic articles, it is an umbrella term for all that is published on the website.

  4. Brochures&Flyers Flyers Short, simple, yet attractive and persuasive is what flyers should be. Have a sale coming up or want to advertise a party which requires people to sit up and pay attention? We got your back. Flyers play an important role in communicating the message and getting it across. So why shy away from them? Brochures Advertising through the paper is as important as digital media. Brochures give you a comprehensive idea of what your business is all about. It is precise, concise and speaks volumes about exactly what needs to be communicated about a business or an event. With better designing in place, it is always beneficial to have it all organized. The more professional it gets, the better it portrays your business.

  5. Video & Company profile Company profile As a company who has just launched its website, profiling needs to be paid complete attention to. Be it supply chain, metals, gambling, self-help, food, travel, technology, photography, IT, marketing, finance or anything at all, you need your customers to understand what you do and why you do it. We help you design better profiles through our services. Video Products need to stand out. With amazing graphics and world-class designs, you could feature in the leading podiums. But would it be great if it doesn’t have that appeal to it? Perhaps not. We take your video designs from better to awesome in no time at all.

  6. Blog Posts & Product Review Product Review Do you need better product reviews which can inform other buyers about how great your product can be? Well, it is not an easy task pitching it against others. However, an unbiased and neutral approach is the honest way to go. With features, pros and cons called out, product reviews do go a long way in expanding the customer base. Blog Posts Blogs from the basis of the webpages. If you already have a web copy in place that mentions blogs as one of the options, doesn’t it feel empty without posts? Blog posts give your reader an insight into the world which is so dear to you. Moreover, you can explore fields and areas that you were wary of to ensure that it could actually work. Not only does it help you optimise the SEO score but also makes it more visible.

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