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Services offered by IDETECT

IDETECT is an innovative and game changer tool embedding the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine-learning. This fraud detection solution reports market abuses before they occur.

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Services offered by IDETECT

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  1. IDETECT IDETECT is an innovative and game changer tool embedding the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine-learning.

  2. About IDETECT IDETECT is a B2B company helping financial institutions to fulfill their compliance obligations and stop financial crime (including Watchlist screening, Anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC), Fraud Detection, and Market Abuse).

  3. Services offered by idetect • Anti-Money Laundering and Transaction Monitoring • Watchlist Screening and Identity Resolution • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Risk Scoring • Counter Fraud and Behavior Analysis • Market Surveillance and Holistic Detection

  4. ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING & TRANSACTION MONITORING • Combined with real time capabilities and artificial intelligence, IDETECT eradicates the risks and protects your reputation while lowering the cost of compliance in real time.

  5. Watchlist Screening & IDENTITY RESOLUTION • IDETECT leverages contextual identity-based analytics, machine-learning, and decision trees making watchlist monitoring easy and accurate. 

  6. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) AND RISK SCORING • IDETECT offers real-time client onboarding and risk scoring and database encryption up to top Secret level.

  7. Counter FRAUD & BEHAVIOR ANALYTICS • IDETECT uses Pseudo-Natural Language (PNL) giving you the means to interpret and control the detection models and prevent financial crimes.

  8. Market Surveillance and Holistic Detection • IDETECT provides global surveillance and risk management to detect and prevent illegal trades. It also automates the behavior profiling of traders enabling the enterprises to anticipate the most sophisticated forms of abuse.

  9. Conclusion • Idetect is aninnovative concept specially designed with artificial intelligence and machine-learning to detect and prevent financial crime. • Our team of experienced professionals designed IDETECT to enhance business intelligence by helping you to make fast, informed, and rational decisions. • Through IDETECT, we provide a single framework to capture and manage the entire spectrum of financial crime risk. • IDETECT has a user-friendly functionality does not require the customer to have IT knowledge. • We use 256-bit database encryption and provide secure communications using https and certification mechanism.

  10. THANK YOU If you have any queries regarding IDETECT, feel free to visit us at https://idetect.staging.basedigital.io/

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