united way of mid south jefferson county august 24 2010 n.
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Community Needs Assessment 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Needs Assessment 2010

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Community Needs Assessment 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County August 24, 2010. Community Needs Assessment 2010. Community Needs Assessment 2010.

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community needs assessment 2010
Community Needs Assessment 2010

The United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County is dedicated to improving the quality of the life in the Mid & South Jefferson County area by funding and implementing local programs that address community needs.

In order to identify the most critical needs in the Mid & South Jefferson County area, the United Way MSJC conducted a Community Needs Assessment.

community needs assessment 20101
Community Needs Assessment 2010

United Way MSJC will use the information from the Community Needs Assessment (CNA) as a tool in determining funding for existing programs.

The CNA results will also help determine funding for new programs and initiatives that address unmet or under-met needs.

2010 CNA Study was conducted by Dakota Doman, Robert M. Tinstman Fellowship Award Winner.

survey distribution
Survey Distribution
  • The official survey was constructed using a Professional Account with SurveyMonkey.
  • The survey was only produced in English.
  • The survey was available on paper and online.
  • An email list was procured from the Port Arthur and Nederland Chambers of Commerce.
survey distribution1
Survey Distribution
  • All 22 United Way MSJC partner agencies were provided with paper surveys and links to distribute to their clients.
  • The survey was also promoted through media outlets.
  • 130 surveys were returned.
  • United Way MSJC looked exclusively at perceived needs in Mid & South Jefferson County.
  • In a focused effort, 28 needs were listed, and respondents were asked to rank the criticality of each need.
  • Respondents were given an opportunity to write in their own perceived top human service needs in the community.
  • Respondents had three levels of criticality from which to choose.
  • “Most Critical Need” , “Somewhat Critical Need” and “Least Critical Need.”
  • This report will look at the responses by ranking the twenty-eight needs solely by the percentage scores for the “Most Critical Need.”
other community needs
Other Community Needs
  • Respondents were asked to write-in their top three community concerns.
  • The majority of the responses were already addressed in the survey.
  • Two responses that were not specifically addressed in the survey were:
    • Lack of work ethic in youths
    • Self-esteem issues amongst youth
quotes from respondents
Quotes From Respondents
  • “United Way has such a strong presence in the community and works diligently toward increasing campaign contributions.”
  • “The United Way MSJC is constantly trying to make our community a better place to live by addressing issues that create problems for our community.”
  • “Takes care of the biggest needs in the county.”
quotes from respondents1
Quotes From Respondents
  • “Have not heard about a lot of the programs that are offered.”
  • “Does not really teach the hungry how to fish, instead of providing a fish.”
  • “Fundraising allocation needs to be updated.”
  • “Need to revisit pulled funding from certain communities and organizations.”
united way of mid south jefferson county august 24 20101
United Way of Mid & South

Jefferson County

August 24, 2010

Thank You