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CloudSystem Matrix References

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CloudSystem Matrix References - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CloudSystem Matrix References
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  1. CloudSystem Matrix References Updated November 7, 2011

  2. CloudSystem Matrix customer wins Matrix wins and references 11/7: Woongjin Holdings, Asia University, Alatum/Singtel, Shro slides added

  3. Alatum, SingTel Alatum is a collaboration between SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.) and HP to deliver commercial cloud computing services to small-medium businesses (SMBs), enterprises and public sector agencies in the Asia-Pacific region. SingTel Alatum needed a solution which would help them become a leader in cloud computing services for Asia-Pacific region. Challenge Built a powerful, scalable & secure virtual infrastructure platform based on HP CloudSystem Matrix, HP Storage Enterprise Virtual Array SAN, & Citrix XenServer. Solution • Allows new Iaas and Saas customersto be set up in minutes • Lowers administrative costs • Scalable, virtualized platform meets customer needs for faster time-to-value & time-to-market • Lowers power and cooling by 40 per cent Results

  4. Alatum, SingTel “The scalability, reliability and performance of our Alatum cloud services powered by HP will enable businesses to be more agile, reduce their operating costs significantly and operate more productively.” Alvin Kok Head of Infocomm Services SingTel

  5. Asia University A dynamic higher education institution with great vision Asia University wanted to create a cloud-based teaching environment and optimize the use of its computing resources throughout the campus. Challenge Asia University Taiwan constructed a cloud computing lab with HP’s CloudSystem Matrix as the foundation for delivering new IT services and to help staff and students focus on new educational research. This makes Asia University Taiwan the first institution in Taiwan to have a Cloud Computing curriculum within a genuine private cloud environment. Solution By creating a cloud infrastructure and a new cloud computing curriculum based on HP’s CloudSystem Matrix, the University achieved the flexibility of a cloud environment combined with the control of an internal IT environment. Students and faculty members are able to harness the cloud as a learning tool in application, complementing their research/education objectives. The deployment of the cloud not only boosts Asia University’s learning excellence but also places the University at the frontier of cloud innovation. Results • Helped restructure the depth, availability, and efficiency of information-sharing within the university • Easy accessibility to the private cloud, for software updates, archival data, and the dissemination of education tools • Consolidated database management • Green IT, with a smaller, more efficient footprint • Prepared them to meet 3-year IT scale-up requirements

  6. Asia University “Currently most of the end user devices (PC desktops) must have internal storage to keep their data, which wastes power and data center space. When our Cloud Data Center (powered by HP CloudSystem Matrix) is ready we will be able to replace all of our client PCs with thin client devices. We would also like to extend this model to our mission critical applications in the future, and we believe HP is the best partner to help us to build a dynamic, secure and reliable cloud environment.” Chia-Cheng Liu, Office of Information and Communication Technology Director

  7. Bell Aliant “Bell Aliant has selected HP BladeSystem Matrix as the standard platform for its x86/x64 server environment. Matrix will provide OPEX savings through the proactive management of consumption of power and cooling, as well as the automation of operational tasks that had been performed manually and/or reactively. It will improve provisioning times, while ensuring consistency and adherence to standards and policies in new server deployments. Finally, Bell Aliant found HP’s “integrated by design” approach to the Matrix the most comprehensive, and mature, offering in the x86 server market.” Derek Murrans, Senior Systems Designer, CIO

  8. Capgemini Global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and local professional services and one of HP’s Global Systems Integrator and AllianceONE partners Go beyond providing hosting solutions customized for each client and offer consolidated computing solutions that were more affordable and flexible to meet the needs of potential mid-market SAP clients. Challenge Created a ruthlessly standardized SAP offering built around the HP BladeSystem Matrix technology that provides rapid delivery, ease of management, and quick procurement. Solution This private cloud solution is delivering infrastructure services to clients that can be created and deployed quickly with precision, at a fraction of the cost and time of a customized cloud solution. Results Reduced the timerequired to deliver infrastructure services to customers from weeks and months to days and hours  Complete multi-tiered e-business services be deployed in less than 2 hours

  9. Capgemini “The HP BladeSystem Matrix made it possible for Capgemini to offer cost-efficient, standardized SAP computing solutions. Our clients benefit from this combination of technology and solution approach because they have the SAP service almost immediately and it is easy for them to manage. We’re pleased, because the time usually spent building out the infrastructure is now spent with clients exploring their business needs and focusing on portfolio offerings to meet those needs.” Derek Howard, Vice President in the Hosting Practice of Capgemini

  10. DaChan Food (Asia) Limited China’s largest poultry processor, DaChan Food (Asia) Limited is the trademark which bears quality, safety and high standard of hygiene Disparate environments are inefficient and expensive to operate and maintain. To keep pace with its rapidly growing business, DaChan Food required a dynamic IT environment equipped with off-site disaster recovery capabilities that are easily manageable. Challenge HP Converged Infrastructure based on the HP BladeSystem Matrix, and EVA 4400 unified previously disparate environments to improve overall business manageability. Solution Improved business performance with quicker response time to customers’ demands. IT operational costs greatly reduced as environment became easier to manage. Results Reduced the timerequired to deliver infrastructure services to respond to the growing needs of the business from weeks to days  Reduced operational costs by 30 percent

  11. Dubai Airport One of world’s fastest growing airports offers data center services to 100 tenants from airlines to catering Enable DA Infrastructure to Generate Revenue by delivering technology services and solutions to multiple types of businesses. Challenge Consolidate 8 data centers into 4 virtualized data centers with business resiliency and disaster recovery. Solution Turned IT into a profit center while lowering operational costs, accelerating service delivery and raising SLA’s. Results 200% space savings over previous environment 12 Month ROI

  12. Dubai Airport “To keep pace with rapid growth, we needed to consolidate IT resources from 8 datacenters to 4 and turn IT into a profit generator. By adopting a converged infrastructure with HP BladeSystem Matrix and working with HP services, we achieved our goals, and created a green, highly responsive data center environment at a significantly lower cost of operations, while eliminating the complexities caused by IT sprawl.” Ghanim Al Falasi. VP IT, Dubai Airport, UAE

  13. ESSAR Group Multinational Business Conglomerate Shared IT Environment Essar Group requires an automated end-to-end solution that helps them respond quickly and more efficiently to their rising business demands. Challenge Developed a shared services model with the HP BladeSystem Matrix where IT resources are pooled together into a highly virtualized and automated environment, allowing for fast provisioning of internal services when business needs arise. Solution Improved time to market and reduced costs by leveraging a flexible IT model where services can be provisioned on the fly as per business demand. Results Greater Flexibility by allowing IT administrators to iteratively repurpose virtualization based on resource utilization Equipped with the Agility to rapidly address new business opportunities, changing business requirements and increase market competitiveness

  14. ESSAR Group “The need today is to align IT with the business strategy, and that's not just about optimizing IT itself but delivering tangible business results. With HP BladeSystem Matrix, Essar is able to quickly adapt to the unpredictable and rapidly changing business environment with greater agility. We are now in a better position to rapidly address new business opportunities and emerge stronger against competition globally.” Jayantha Prabhu, Head IT, Infrastructure and Technology Essar Group

  15. FICO A leader in predictive analytics solutions that drive smarter decisions, FICO is the company behind the scores that measure credit risk. Due to growth through acquisitions, disparate product development tools and infrastructure were spread across numerous product lines affecting the ability to meet business objectives. Challenge A private cloud transformation based on CloudSystem Matrix and HP’s integrated suite of tools, FICO created a global product development center of excellence. Solution Improved product delivery time and secure software development to meet business objectives for regulatory requirements and competitiveness. Results Audits that took 15-20 hours now take minutes.. 21% improvement in change process compliance …Lowered QA expenses by ~33% in one year

  16. FICO Tom Grahek, VP IT, FICO “Using HP’s Cloud Service Automation, FICO was able to build a dynamic private cloud in 90 days that transforms the way IT services are delivered.”

  17. Forsythe An elite HP Converged Infrastructure channel partner, Forsythe provides IT technology and infrastructure consulting, integration and value-added reselling and leasing solutions. How to demonstrate to and educate their customers on the value of HP Converged Infrastructure and automation software to deliver cloud services. Challenge Forsythe added an HP Cloud Center of Excellence, based on HP CloudSystem Matrix with HP Cloud Service Automation, to their Technology Evaluation Center. Solution A showcase of HP cloud expertise where their customers can directly experience the benefits of cloud, such as accelerated service delivery and operational efficiency, to increase their cloud computing knowledge. Results Accelerated ability to build a cloud services practice and demonstrate to customers the business transformation potential from a cloud environment utilizing HP CloudSystem Matrix

  18. Forsythe “The Cloud Center of Excellence with HP CloudSystem Matrix enables us to educate our customers on how HP Converged Infrastructure and Automation Software deliver cloud services. This solution is designed to enable easy provisioning in half the time, through an automated and validated process.” Gary Brown, VP of Virtualized Computing, Forsythe

  19. General Dynamics Information Technology/Marine Corps General Dynamics delivers IT solutions for the military, government and commercial customers worldwide Transform and modernize data center to provide shared services and application hosting while offering savings in space, power and cooling. Challenge Create green data center based on HP Converged Infrastructure built on HP BladeSystem Matrix with ProLiant server blades and EVA storage. Solution Built a collaborative environment to share information across business and war fighter domains, fueling productivity and enabling appreciable energy savings. Results Enabling enhanced collaboration across departments

  20. GMO Cloud K.K. “The HP CloudSystem Matrix made it possible for GMO CLOUD to offer 99.999% high availability SLAs to customers who need to use cloud services for enterprise business usage. We selected it as our cloud platform on which runs our ‘Iqcloud’ service. This solution will improve the system’s operational efficiency and will decrease total running cost, while enabling us to provide a fully secured cloud service. Finally we found that CloudSystem Matrix is the best solution to build our "Virtual Private Cloud" on our converged infrastructure.” Aoyama Mitsuru, President & CEO, GMO CLOUD K.K.

  21. Hostworks Managed services leader in Australia’s online and digital media sector Needed a computing solution that was able to scale up and down quickly, so meeting the ebb and flow of demand required to support its customers’ campaigns and events. Challenge Created a highly resilient shared services facility with the HP CloudSystem Matrix to accommodate Hostworks’ customer base load. The solution offered fail-safe delivery of a robust operating system, complex applications, wide ranging content, networking and management services that can be shared across multiple customers. Solution Delivered an elastic computing platform that underpins Hostworks’ emerging cloud style offerings. Hostworks is now capable of implementing a common virtualized infrastructure that can scale quickly to deliver new programs and pass on cost savings to their customers. Results Delivered the ultimate customer experience by ensuring 100% Uptime during The World Cup

  22. Hostworks “Our clients’ customers often have unpredictable appetites. A ratings juggernaut – such as SBS TV’s World Cup coverage or Channel Ten’s MasterChef – can really test our capacity. Customers demand 100% uptime. We expect no less in turn from our partners. HP committed to a delivery timescale that was challenging…… after all, you can’t move the World Cup. HP delivered in spades and we never missed a beat.” Adrian Britton, Head of Technology and Innovation, Hostworks

  23. Mahindra & Mahindra 65 years since its inception, India’s market leader in Utility Vehicles & Tractors, Mahindra is one of the world’s top brands Consolidate IT Infrastructure for R&D of different vehicles types onto a single, flexible IT system. Challenge Created a shared services environment using HP BladeSystem Matrix to enable nimble deployment of application platforms for different R&D needs. Solution Expect significantly reduced response times for application requests due to unified shared services across the company. Results Faster response time for new application requests Lowered cost by creating simplified environment

  24. Mahindra & Mahindra “Our business success depends on our ability to quickly and reliably roll out new services to our internal and external customers. We provide shared IT Services internally to our Group Companies. HP BladeSystem Matrix was clearly the best technology we found to support a shared services approach, and we are looking forward to reaping the business benefits of faster time to market while lowering our costs.” Vijay Mahajan,Senior General Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

  25. McKesson Merritte Stidston, Director, Development Center Strategy & Operations, McKesson – Office of the CTO “Our success depends on our ability to deliver reliable, high-quality IT services, so that we can respond to fluctuations in demand without disrupting operations and bolster business growth. HP CloudSystem Matrix provides a self-service, template-based portal using McKesson and HP system best practices, that allows us to quickly provision blades (90 this year) within a minute each. This ability gives us consistent and repeatable results. It saves my team precious time to accomplish other tasks while reducing build errors.”

  26. Case: Macau Polytechnic Institute Leading academic services organization in Macau Improve services efficiency in providing IT services to its 3,000 students and stuff. Reduce services provisioning time from days to minutes especially during the peak periods such as project submissions, beginning of school terms, etc. Challenge HP Cloud services with HP CloudSystem Matrix to deploy private cloud computing environment (IaaS and SaaS) to support their IT and application services provisioning through services portal and auto-provisioning. Solution The solution delivers an IaaS and SaaS compute platform to swiftly provision IT services to meet the time to services delivery requirements while reducing the manpower and potential issues due to human error. Results Reduce IT resources provisioning time from Days to Minutes Services Portal & Auto-Provisioning for IT services delivery

  27. Case: Macau Polytechnic Institute “During heavy homework periods, high resource demands meant students had to wait a long time for the required IT resources to complete their projects. The new private cloud we have adopted with HP CloudSystem Matrix will allow students and academic staff to easily request resources on a single, simple web-based self-service portal and dramatically improve our ability to deliver those needed resources instantly.” Jose Chan, Head of Computer Services, MPI

  28. MSI “Helping our customers deliver high quality IT services quickly and cost-effectively to their end-user customers is how we differentiate ourselves in the market. Doing this reliably day in and day out with consistent levels of service quality requires a proven platform that is easy to deploy and manage. HP BladeSystem Matrix brings together all of the advantages of the BladeSystem portfolio and Insight software that we’ve been working with for years, and combines them with the HP storage and networking elements in a turnkey, integrated solution resulting in faster time to solution, and a greater return on investment.” Phil Sauvageau, Chief Operations Officer, MSI

  29. A nursing care service company, JapanPartner : NISSHOELECTRONICSCORPORATION Home help and nursing care service provider in Japan Customer needed high performance, more stability and a reasonable cost for their Private Cloud System Challenge • HP CloudSystem Matrix solution to run the nursing care business applications • The system to be hosted by the data centre hosting services • HP EVA4400 storage and VMware software licensing to facilitate the solution Solution • Significantly reduced the system management resources and operational costs • Customer could provide 24/365 service • Interoperability with servers • Enough scalability for future system expansion Results NISSHO provides services and solutions of the latest IT infrastructure and business applications which meet customer needs. NISSHO also provide customers “private cloud” and “hybrid cloud” by the latest cloud technology such as virtualization and automation and network technology.

  30. NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION “With HP‘s Cloud Solution (especially CloudSystem Matrix and 3PAR) we are able to quickly offer our customers cost-efficient and stable systems, to resolve customer problems. HP Japan also provided us with technical and sales Training and use of their facilities and so on. It has encouraged us to pursue more successes in our Cloud business. ” Toshiaki Kibe,Executive Officer, NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION., Solution Partner Business Unit

  31. Resource AG – A SWISSCOM Company Leading SAP Full Service Provider in Switzerland. Plans, develops, implements and operates SAP solutions for medium-sized and large enterprises. Complex offer process at prices which are too high, inflexible contract periods and time-consuming project implementation. Challenge Standardized offering with customer-specific adaptability on the basis of integrated, speedily available resources in the HP CloudSystem Matrix. Solution Flexible and fast offer process with unparalleled price/performance ratio, fast implementation and highest possible quality and availability. Results Binding offers within 7 days. Productive rollout of new customers within 1 week. Price point in the market 20% lower than for comparable services. Internal production costs significantly reduced.ROI of the project within 11 months.

  32. Resource AG – A SWISSCOM Company “With HP‘s CloudSystem Matrix solution we are able to quickly offer our customers cost-efficient and customized solutions, to implement these in record time, to operate them in the highest quality and if necessary, to quickly adapt them to changing requirements.” Bruno Schmid,CEO Resource AGA SWISSCOM COMPANY

  33. Roswell Park Cancer Institute A top US cancer research and teaching center in upstate New York treating more than 150,000 patients annually Consolidate 200+ physical servers into a virtualized environment and move to less ad hoc, more mature IT processes to simplify regulatory compliance. Challenge Assess maturity using the Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model and deploy a shared environment based on HP BladeSystem Matrix and HP StorageWorks EVA. Solution Transforming data center with massive virtualization and consolidation, reducing operations costs by $2 million, boosting productivity and simplifying compliance. Results 10-fold space savings over previous environment Availability increase from three to five nines

  34. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Thomas Vaughan, Director of IT Infrastructure, Roswell Park Cancer Institute “Everyone needs guidance. The HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model assessment provided an objective, comprehensive evaluation of our technology assets, resources, and processes. It gave us added confidence that we are making good decisions and good choices.”

  35. Shro Systems Pvt. Ltd. Shro Systems Pvt. Ltd. is HP’s exclusive partner. Shro and HP are jointly delivering several HP CloudSystem Matrix and HP 3PAR deployments for one of the world’s largest software companies providing security, storage and systems management solutions for its worldwide customers. • The customer needed to optimize resources and better manage hundreds of VMs in their Development and Test environment. They were having difficulty tracking the lifecycle of test machines. System resources were being utilized without correlation to actual business requirements. • Users were creating VMs, and then abandoning them after their projects were completed, leading to wasted resources. • Several project groups required very fast resource provisioning, but the IT department was unable to meet those needs due to very long requisition and deployment lead times Challenge HP’s CloudSystem Matrix helped the customer create a resource pool utilizing templates configured for typical requirements, which in turn resulted in optimal resource utilization and faster turn-around times for infrastructure provisioning and recovery. The management of a large number of VMs was made easier with the help of workflow design processes as 3PAR storage supports a highly dynamic environment with extremely variable workloads. This is ideal for an environment where resource demands frequently change. Solution • The CloudSystem Matrix projects helped Shro understand the features and benefits of Matrix and 3PAR in the field and the key advantages of Matrix applied to field environments. Shro Systems understands how to address customer issues and to clearly identify situations where CloudSystem Matrix is the right solution for the customers success. • The project also helped Shro to clearly articulate the combined value proposition of CloudSystem Matrix and 3PAR . Shro can now communicate Matrix and 3PAR benefit to other customers enhancing their business success. Results The customer has leveraged HP CloudSystem Matrix and 3PAR to achieve better resource utilization, resulting in cost savings. At the same time, system performance has increased. The benefit is that project delivery cycles have shortened, enabling quicker delivery, ability to meet deadlines and improve overall company productivity . Shro Systems has been recognized as a technology value provider with higher TCE. Shro Systems has achieved higher profitability as a result of the HP CloudSystem Matrix and 3PAR wins.

  36. Shro Systems Pvt. Ltd. “Shro Systems has been an exclusive and loyal partner of HP since many years and we have enjoyed exponential growth during this period due to the HP relationship. It is a win-win for both us and HP as we gain from this mutually beneficial, transparent and progressive relationship. HP, with its various initiatives has helped us grow our business multifold. As a Platinum ESSN partner of HP we embody all the knowledge and experience to take the complete  HP Converged infrastructure story to the market place. We provide differential value to our customers and follow the simple policy of ‘Delighting the Customer’ with HP products and our services. We are glad that HP has taken several initiatives to increase Partners’ awareness of Cloud related developments. We have attended several workshops and training for senior management, sales and presales. We believe that this will enable us to build and showcase our skills, allow ISVs to leverage CSM and in turn build a higher margin business model.” Anirudh Shrotriya, Director, Shro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  37. SFR Business Team – French Telecom Leading First french alternative telecom operator generating new revenue by extending the advantages of cloud computing to its business customers. Quickly bring to market a complete cloud services platform designed to enable SFR Business Team to offer IT infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with utility-based pricing to French companies. Challenge HP CloudSystem Matrix as the foundation for private cloud, integrated with HP Cloud Service Automation software and the HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS software. Solution SFR Business Team business customers can take advantage of a wide selection of service on demand and state-of-the-art IT technology with predictable operating costs, less capital investment and decreased risk in new technology adoption. Results Providing cloud-based infrastructure to accelerate SFR Business Team growth in its enterprise business that already serves 150,000 French companies

  38. SFR Business Team – French Telecom Paul Corbel, General Manager, SFR Business Team “Cloud services represent a major opportunity for both SFR and our business customers. HP’s cloud expertise and proven technology will help SFR become the trusted provider for a wide range of ‘as a service’ offerings.”

  39. SIFY IT Hosting Provider On Demand Cloud Maintain market competitiveness and create new revenue stream to gain market share. Challenge Created a highly resilient shared services facility with the HP CloudSystem Matrix that allows Sify to launch new cloud services including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for select applications under its On-Demand Hosting Platform. Solution Sify can now provide demand-based computing services on a pay-per-use/flexible contract model. A highly scalable and expandable architecture underpins its On-Demand Hosting Platform that significantly reduces the time and cost of deploying new cloud services to their customers. Results HP CloudSystem Matrix provides fast, strong entry to Capture Nascent Market Scalable, virtualized platform meets customer needs for Faster Time-to-value and Time-to-market

  40. SIFY “HP’s technology delivers a highly resilient and elastic computing infrastructure that will enable Sify to deploy computing resources in the scale and durations dictated by our customers. The launch of our On-Demand Hosting Services is a momentous beginning as it integrates Sify’s expertise in data center, network, security, enterprise applications and professional support services and gives unique advantage to our enterprise customers to leverage fully integrated Cloud infrastructures under single window solution” P J Nath, Executive President, Enterprise Business, Sify Technologies Limited

  41. Secondary Mortgage Corporation (SMC) Promote and support development of secondary mortgage market in Thailand SMC needed to upgrade its IT estate to provide a flexible, cost-effective infrastructure that would support the growth of its business. Challenge Implemented a virtualized, converged infrastructure solution with the HP BladeSystem that enables SMC to develop a ‘private cloud’ for maximum flexibility and ease of deployment. Solution Future growth is supported by a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure with the capability for shared services. Cost savings are achieved due to improved performance and lower energy usage. Results Microsoft Exchange and bespoke loan processing systems run 8-10x faster Productivity of system administrators improved due to the ease-of-management of the HP BladeSystem Matrix

  42. Secondary Mortgage Corporation (SMC) “Previously, our servers were separate, but we are now virtualizing and consolidating our data and applications. HP BladeSystem Matrix’s capability to deliver a ‘private cloud’, and the flexibility and efficiencies that it provides will help us scale our IT services to meet the changing demands of our growing business.” “The three most important benefits that HP BladeSystem Matrix has given us are ease of management, efficiency in terms of performance per cost, and the flexibility to move forward with new technology trends such as private cloud.” Somkiat Roongruanglada, vice president of Information Technology Department, Secondary Mortgage Corporation

  43. Server Cloud Canada Server Cloud Canada, based in Kingston, Ontario, offers virtualized servers and infrastructure-as-a-service to small and mid-size businesses. Deliver servers and infrastructure as services faster and more cost-efficiently, increasing service levels. Challenge Deploy HP CloudSystem Matrix, consisting of HP ProLiant c-Class server blades, Virtual Connect Flex-10, HP Networking, and HP P4000 SAN solutions. Solution Able to offer virtualized, template-driven, IT services portals enabling faster customer time to value and greater agility. Results 99% reduction in customer time to value deploying new infrastructure (minutes vs. days) Projected 1 million CAD annual savings possible by eventually reducing staffing

  44. Server Cloud Canada Kevin Moniz, Chief technology officer, Server Cloud Canada “Because of HP CloudSystem Matrix, we’re able to set-up customers threefold faster, in one day in our Kingston facility compared to three to five days in our other facilities.”

  45. Stein Mart Upscale, off-price retailer offers choice, style and convenience to 276 neighborhood locations throughout the U.S. Help bare-bones IT staff simplify application rollouts, adapt to economic changes and maintain 200+ stores. Challenge Created a central data center based on BladeSystem Matrix to support corporate functions and servers in each store. Solution Turned IT into a competitive weapon by accelerating time to deployment, lowering operating costs and improving flexibility to respond to market demands. Results Bare-metal server to live application in 3 hours in any location 50%improvement in deployment time Lowered cost for deployment of new and replacement systems

  46. Stein Mart “A converged infrastructure like the BladeSystem Matrix is the way IT is going because it takes complexity out of our way. Ultimately, all of our applications will live in the BladeSystem Matrix and help us manage more applications with the same number of people.” Brian Bacus, IT Manager, Stein Mart

  47. TIANJIN nature land and building An agency under the China National Bureau responsible for the land and resources of 1.3M people across 18 areas. To support management of the vast land and resources of 1.3M people across 18 areas, Tianjin needed to build a shared platform, consolidate current resources, and increase the efficiency of resource utilization; and to improve the IT automation process. Challenge The CloudSystem Matrix solution (consisting of a c7000 with BL680 c G5 blades, Virtual Connect Flex-10, Fibre Channel 8GB, Windows server 2008,R2,X64, and EVA). The Matrix Operating Environment provides the infrastructure provisioning and recovery management capabilities. Solution Tianjin now has the ability to utilize a shared services platform and instantly respond to their customers IT requirements. In addition, Tianjin now has disaster recovery capability using the recovery management feature with the HP EVA portfolio. This has established Tianjin Nature Land and Building’s leadership as an IT provider in China’s public sector. Results Utilizing a shared services infrastructure to support the IT needs required to manage the land and resources of 1.3M people across 18 areas in China. Tianjin’s deployment of HP BladeSystem Matrix enabled the bureau to establish itself as an innovative IT leader in the public sector.

  48. Vozrozhdenie Bank Moscow-based bank which provides personal banking and business services to clients throughout the Russian Federation. Also, the largest issuer of debit and credit cards in Russia. Needed to transform their IT infrastructure to better serve to 1.5 million customers across 167 locations and over 700 ATMs. Challenge Virtualized environment with Matrix as the flexible and scalable platform used to quickly provision and deploy mission-critical banking services. Solution The bank now has a shared services environment which saves them weeks of testing. They can now efficiently respond to business demands and quickly provide new banking services to their customers. Results With improved management and less hardware, reduced maintenance costs by approximately 50 percent Matrix infrastructure orchestration frees IT staff to work on innovative projects to provide competitive advantages to the business.

  49. Vozrozhdenie Bank “As a lead system administrator with Vozrozhdenie Bank, I always need to be 100 per cent confident that any change that happens to our IT infrastructure causes minimal disruption to the businesses processes of our bank. Before HP BladeSystem Matrix was installed, every change required very complex approval processes and literally weeks of testing by the entire team. Now, we can spend time just once to prepare the template and confidently deploy entire services without any business disruptions.” Alexander Bakanov, Lead System Admin, Vozrozhdenie Bank

  50. Woongjin Holdings Leading ‘SAP’ SI Company in Korea FY12 1H, gaining 500 SMB references (service customers) Create business synergy through Woongjin Group’s large enterprise application customer base Implement a Converged Infrastructure and improve management efficiency through integrated management of servers, storage and network Challenge HP CloudSystem Matrix, including HP BL460c G7 server blades, HP EVA4400 SAN, VMware and the SAP ERP Solution Solution Quick and efficient distribution of IT resources Easy expandability to accommodate customer growth without downtime Reduced cost of power leading to greener IT Management is simplified and failure minimized by having an integrated solution based on the Matrix Operating Environment rather than manually combining different software components Results Allocation of resources that will allow launching of new services in matter of minutes