Oscar takes a nap
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Oscar Takes a Nap. By Miss Connie. After Oscar finished lunch, Miss Connie told him it was nap time. He took a nap. He had a fit. He had a fit. So he had to sit in timeout. Then he…. He got really tired. So Miss Connie asked him if he was ready to take a nap. He said… No! Yes ma’am.

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Oscar takes a nap

Oscar Takes a Nap

By Miss Connie

He had a fit
He had a fit. time.

So he had to sit in timeout.

Then he…

He got really tired
He got really tired. time.

So Miss Connie asked him if he was ready to take a nap. He said…

No!Yes ma’am

So he had to move a clip
So he had to move a clip. time.

Miss Connie told Oscar that it is not very RESPECTFUL to tell your teachers no and your friends can’t rest well because you are being so loud. Oscar had to move his clip down, which isn’t very fun. Oscar should make better choices next time.

And he laid on his cot
And he laid on his cot time.

Oscar made a good choice to lay on his cot during nap time. He took a nice nap and had sweet dreams. When he woke up, he felt much better. He didn’t have to move a clip, so he didn’t lose any center time and he had lots of fun playing with his friends.

He had sweet dreams
He had sweet dreams. time.

He dreamed about fun on the beach.

In his dream he…

Went on an adventure
Went on an adventure time.

with a pirate!with a mermaid!

They sailed the seas
They sailed the seas! time.

Ahoy, Matey!

They explored the ocean
They explored the ocean! time.

Under the sea!

Time to wake up
Time to wake up! time.

It was time to wake up. Oscar felt really good and had lots of energy after his nap. He made a good choice to rest. He had a really fun dream and now its time to go play with his friends!

The end
The end! time.