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Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre

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Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre. Kawartha Manufacturers Association October 24, 2012. The Need – 2007-08 TOPS Report. Skills requirements and shortages Literacy, language and essential skills training Access to employment programs and services in rural communities

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kawartha trades technology centre

Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre

Kawartha Manufacturers AssociationOctober 24, 2012

the need 2007 08 tops report
The Need – 2007-08 TOPS Report
  • Skills requirements and shortages
  • Literacy, language and essential skills training
  • Access to employment programs and services in rural communities
  • Marginalized labour force
  • Out-migration of youth
  • Need for a training network for employers & training institutions
  • Need for training systems to respond to the needs of workers
  • Need for non-traditional training approaches to respond to challenges of small & medium companies
the project july 2008 construction sector skills development strategy
The Project (July 2008) – Construction Sector Skills Development Strategy
  • Increase pre-apprenticeship graduates
  • Increase apprenticeship registration & completion
  • Skills upgrading for qualified trades persons
  • Flexible, high quality trades training & career education opportunities
the project july 2008 outcomes
The Project (July 2008) – Outcomes
  • Increased participation rates from students who graduate and currently do not go onto post-secondary education
  • Increased opportunity for displaced workers
  • Increased participation by business and industry in employee training & development
  • Increased supply of skilled workers to meet demands of the labour shortage – regionally & provincially
  • Increased participation by new immigrants
the project july 2008 outcomes1
The Project (July 2008) – Outcomes
  • Increased participation of aboriginal students in skilled trades programs
  • Expansion of apprenticeship participation by employers in our regions
  • New programs to meet the future needs of the workforce
  • A focus in our programs on meeting essential employability skills
  • Opportunity to attract new businesses (i.e. Peterborough as an area to grow)
the project july 2008 graduates
The Project (July 2008) – Graduates
  • Creative problem-solving capabilities
  • Technical know-how
  • Ability to interact with colleagues and customers
  • Business and management skills
  • Life-long learning
  • Environmentally aware
outreach to employers 2012
Outreach to Employers (2012)
  • Team from Fleming visited over 50 businesses engaged in trades and manufacturing
common challenges 2012
Common Challenges 2012
  • Aging workforce
  • Skills shortages
  • Difficulty accessing training and development
  • Apprenticeship – more difficulties than strengths
  • Concerns about low cost competitors off-shore and south of the border
what employers want from fleming 2012
What Employers Want from Fleming 2012
  • A bigger talent pool by:
    • Exciting youth about careers in trades and technology
    • Providing experiences that expose youth to trades and technology during formative years
    • Attracting skilled people into the area (e.g. welcoming diversity; finding spousal employment)
  • Continue making Fleming students available for work on “applied projects” and other special assignments that meet employer needs while enriching student learning
developing future tradespersons
Developing Future Tradespersons
  • Increased post secondary participation
  • Increased apprenticeship participation
  • More “reach ahead” opportunities
  • Earlier (Grade 7/8) student engagement
  • Better career options & pathways post-high school
  • More rewarding employment opportunities
  • Better business & industry understanding & awareness of our current efforts & activities
what employers want from fleming 20121
What Employers Want from Fleming 2012
  • Grads who have:
    • Depth (strong skills in their specialization)
    • Breadth (an understanding of related trades and processes)
    • Foundation skills (e.g. mathematics)
    • A positive attitude and motivation to succeed
    • An understanding of “lean” and a commitment to continuous improvement
    • Soft skills, including an ability to work in a team
    • A business sense (understanding of sales and what goes into the bottom line)
current state 2012 13
Current State (2012/13)
  • Computer Engineering (83)
  • Construction Skills (48)
  • Carpenter Apprentices (138)
  • Electrical Engineering (142)
  • Electrical Apprentices (101)
  • Electrical Techniques (46)
  • Fire Systems Engineering (13)
  • Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (38)
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering (31)
  • Plumbing Techniques (44)
  • Wireless Information Networking (24)
what employers want from fleming 20122
What Employers Want from Fleming 2012
  • Employers want training on terms that fit with their operational requirements
current state 2011 12
Current State (2011/12)
  • McCloskey International (Welder Fitter, ESL)
  • GE (Motor Winder Apprenticeship, ESL, Blueprints)
  • Horizons Plastic (Effective Meetings, MS Publisher)
  • Siemens ( Machine Shop)
  • Cameco Fuel (MS Project)
  • Weetabix (Operations Training, Leadership)
  • Limpact International (Leadership)
  • CPS Woods (Leadership)
  • Dart Cup (Leadership)
what fleming needs from employers
What Fleming Needs from Employers
  • Expert faculty – full-time and part-time, able to teach in non-traditional formats
  • Intensive applied learning for our students –using a variety of resources to set our graduates apart
  • Support with acquiring the infrastructure and equipment that will be the basis for hands-on learning
leveraging the opportunity
Leveraging the Opportunity
  • We have a new opportunity to “crack the nut” on skilled trades and technology education and training

- New level of engagement

- Partnerships with industry and secondary school boards

- Improving economy

- New state-of-the art facility

local trades involved


Kawartha Roofing

J.P. Rowland

Cremer Brothers


DM Wills Engineering

Pinchin Environmental

All rebar workers are local

Footings started

Formwork started

MOE application submitted for storm water management pond.

Local Trades Involved