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Connecting Dwarka with the NH8, the Expressway will bring Delhi and Gurgaon closer PowerPoint Presentation
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Connecting Dwarka with the NH8, the Expressway will bring Delhi and Gurgaon closer

Connecting Dwarka with the NH8, the Expressway will bring Delhi and Gurgaon closer

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Connecting Dwarka with the NH8, the Expressway will bring Delhi and Gurgaon closer

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  1. A whole new corridor of connectivity Connecting Dwarka with the NH8, the Expressway will bring Delhi and Gurgaon closer Currently, only 2 roads of connectivity between Delhi and Gurgaon-MG Road and the NH8 Not enough to tackle the heavily increasing traffic of daily commuters between Delhi and Gurgaon

  2. A whole new corridor of connectivity With Dwarka Expressway, connectivity becomes smoother, faster and so much easier! IGI airport - a mere 2.5 kms away Also bridges the gap between 16 new Residential Sectors

  3. The changing face of Gurgaon And this is how Gurgaon will soon look, when the Expressway opens up

  4. A catalyst of change and development Planned around a world of opportunities and development Dwarka Expressway marks the beginning of a golden era in real estate Acts as a new channel of business and commerce between Delhi and Gurgaon World-class infrastructure and facilities to transform lives of residents and investors

  5. Years of thought and planning A result of years of planning, research and development by the best brains in real estate Aided by experts and top professionals in the Corporate and Government sector, a range of exciting projects in the residential and commercial space are already underway

  6. No more toll! No more delays! No more toll for commuters between Delhi and Gurgaon! No more delays and traffic jams at the toll gate on NH8! All thanks to the toll plaza moving beyond Manesar shortly

  7. Power cuts are history From power-shortage to power-surplus, Haryana’s power supply improving massively 4 new power plants have been set up by the Haryana Government Power generation capacity of the state has increased from 1587 MW to 5800 MW in the last 5 years

  8. Exciting opportunities in Education Reputed educational institutions flocking to areas surrounding the Expressway MatriKiran School under construction Modern School opening a branch in Sector 91, Gurgaon Other well-known schools of Delhi are currently looking to expand on this stretch

  9. Boom in Healthcare Nationally and internationally famous healthcare organizations setting up branches around the Dwarka Expressway Reputed names in healthcare have/in process of finalizing Dwarka Expressway as the location of establishment

  10. All this adds up to making the Dwarka Expressway a new hub of exciting developments in real estate and the Golden Road!

  11. The widest road in the NCR 18 kms long and 150 mtrs wide, with 60 mtrs of greenery on both sides, the Dwarka Expressway is 2x that of the NH8 14 kms out of the 18 kms is already constructed

  12. Constructed means black-topped and driveable From Delhi Dwarka Expressway The double yellow line indicates the constructed expressway From Haryana

  13. Gurgaon - Manesar Urban Complex - 2025 AD

  14. The Expressway today: The remaining 4 kms 800 mtrs handed over to Indian Railways for construction of Rail over-bridge, with HUDA paying Railways Rs. 38 Crores in advance already (Expected Completion Time: 16 months) 700 mtrs under various HUDA utilities such as HT pillars and water works which HUDA is in the process of shifting (Expected Completion Time: 6 months) The balance 2.5 kms – has been resolved

  15. The latest on the 2.5 kms under stay order On 30.9.2013, HUDA announced a rehabilitation policy which was published in the Times of India

  16. People with built up homes / structures are being offered alternative plots in Sectors 110A and 37C The plots on offer are of the same size as the plots being taken over HUDA has already acquired 145 acres in the above 2 Sectors for this purpose Only 15 acres required to re-settle all the petitioners As Per Policy Published on 30.09.13

  17. As Per Policy Published on 30.09.13 Applicants had till 30.10.2013 to apply under this policy HUDA has received applications from 80% of the residents on this stretch and is sorting them out All petitions expected to be resolved under this process in the next 3-4 months

  18. Actual availability of stretches (As per Actual Site condition)

  19. Dwarka Expressway: The Delhi update

  20. Dwarka Expressway: The Delhi update Thanks to DDA’s efforts, all issues related to land acquisition on Delhi side, resolved Remaining stretch of less than a Km to be ready within the next 6 months

  21. All obstacles soon to vanish All land issues on Delhi side resolved All issues pertaining to 2.5 kms on Gurgaon side soon to be resolved (Expected Timeline – January’2014) Soon, no more obstacles preventing investing in the Golden Road!

  22. Strike while hot! (Average rate per sq ft)

  23. Besides, the best developers are building here Some of the best and most trusted names in real estate singling out the Dwarka Expressway as the preferred location for various visionary projects Residential or commercial, most of these projects in full swing and nearing completion

  24. Glimpses of the Expressway

  25. Glimpses of the Expressway

  26. The golden road beckons Members of: