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Presented by Ken Baldauf Florida State University PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented by Ken Baldauf Florida State University

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Presented by Ken Baldauf Florida State University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented by Ken Baldauf Florida State University

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  1. TEACHING WITH NEW TECHNOLOGIES * Introducing: “In a Flash” Video Lessons Presented by Ken Baldauf Florida State University

  2. State of Technology and its Impact on Students

  3. Powerful Processors Increasing Storage Supercomputing • BlueGene/L 478.2 teraflops Tera = trillion (1,000,000,000,000) • Petaflop by 2011 from IBM/Cray Peta = Quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) • Sania and Oakridge National Labs working on “Exascale” computer. Exa = Quintiliion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) • The computational capacity of the human brain is estimated to be around 100 Petaflops - achievable in supercomputers by the end of this decade and personal computers by 2020. [Blue Brain project ]

  4. Powerful Processors Increasing Storage Personal Computing • Multicore processors + powerful graphics boards provide high-resolution 3D computing and gaming environments. Computing has become much more graphical in nature. Dell xps720overclocked quad core

  5. Powerful Processors Increasing Storage Mobile Computing • Notebook computers have become desktop replacements, and include powerful processors and now up to a TB of storage. • Smartphones and Ultramobile PCs (UMPCs) run full blown apps and hold Gigabytes of data. • Solid State storage provide convenient fast access storage in increasing quantities and will ultimately replace archaic hard drives. • Powerful servers providing network-delivered applications and storage.

  6. High-speed Pervasive Wireless Internet Sprint Xohm (2-4 MB) is launching in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington D.C. in spring 2008, with more cities following soon. Mobile Networks • 3.5G and 4G Wireless Networks will provide access to communications, information, and media at increasing data rates.

  7. Social BookMarking Media Sharing Social Nets Wiki RSS Consumer Reviews Appealing Web-delivered Applications and Services Micro-blogging Life casting • Web 2.0 - the participatory, social Web, is dramatically changing online life.

  8. Powerful Processors Increasing Storage High-speed Pervasive Wireless Internet Appealing Web-delivered Applications and Services

  9. L U C D O Computing

  10. Impact on Students • Students are spending increasing amounts of time in virtual space. • They are drawn to this space because it is a rich environment for communing and communication. • They are drawn to this space for entertainment: video and audio.

  11. Mobile Jaiku Impact on Students • They are drawn to this space because it is conveniently available anywhere, anytime.

  12. Adopting New Models for Teaching

  13. Teaching Technology Concepts Wired Tired • Media, Graphics, Web • Interactive Group Discussions • Online Self-directed Discovery, and Discussion • Learning about key technologies and issues through current events. • Bulleted List PPTs • Lectures • Textbook Reading • Memorizing Key Terms

  14. Teaching IT Skills Wired Tired • Video tutorials and online help • Student-designed Problem-solving Assignments • Collaborative work using online community tools • A variety of productivity, communication, and Web 2.0 apps. • Step-by-step textbook tutorials • Canned Assignments • Individual Work • Microsoft Office

  15. At FSUFrom Literacy to Fluency • CONCEPTS TO BE TAUGHT • Digital Technology Basics • The Digital Revolution • General Purpose and Special Purpose Computers • Hardware: Processing, Storage, and I/O • Software: System Software and Application Software • Network Technologies • Telecommunications: Wired and Wireless Technologies • Computer Networking • The Internet and Web • Management Information Systems • Databases • E-commerce • Business Systems • Systems Development • Digital Media • Digital Music and Audio • Digital Graphics • Digital Photography and Video • Interactive Media • Information Security • Information Security and Vulnerability • Machine-Level Security • Network Security • Wireless Network Security • Internet Security • Digital Society, Ethics, and Globalization • Living Online • Freedom of Speech • Privacy Issues • Ethics and Social Responsibility • Globalization

  16. At FSUFrom Literacy to Fluency • Required • Operating Systems and File Management • Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux • Personal Information Management (PIM) • Contacts, Calendars, and To-Do's • Internet Communications • Email, Instant Messaging, SMS Texting, Online Forums • Word Processing • Any advanced word-processing application that can save to Microsoft Word format • Spreadsheet Management • Any advanced spreadsheet application that can save to Microsoft Excel format • Team Project • Work as a group to apply the above skills to design a solution to a professional problem • Student Choice 1 (choose one) • Presentation Software • Microsoft Access • Project Management/Mind Mapping • Digital Photography and Photo Editing • Student Choice 2 (choose one) • Digital Media Production (video, audio) • Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications (social networking, social bookmarking, wikis, media sharing, Google Docs, etc.) • Web publishing (Web site, Blog, Podcast, or Vodcast) PLATFORM INDEPENDENT SKILLS TO BE TAUGHT

  17. New Initiatives from Course Technology

  18. CourseCasts • CourseCasts are audio podcasts that bring learning to a whole new medium. This podcasting solution provides you with weekly technology news tied to concepts taught in technology courses. • • search for “CourseCasts” in the iTunes store and subscribe.

  19. Microsoft Office 2007In a Flash

  20. In a Flash Video Tutorials • Provide an “over the shoulder” view of application skills with an accompanying audio explanation.

  21. DEMO In a Flash Video Tutorials • Teach application skills quickly. Four or five 10-minute lessons expose the student to all primary functionality of the software. • Microsoft Excel • An Introduction to Spreadsheets • Working with Cells and Cell Data • Working with Functions and Formulas • Formatting Spreadsheets • Creating Charts, Inserting Pictures, and Printing

  22. History • In use in my classes and in classes at other colleges for three years – with phenomenal success. • Implementation: • Student & Teacher Feedback

  23. Benefits • Gives students the “big picture” • Lesson coherence builds project-based understanding • Provides a customizable learning environment • Narration provides a personable and professional experience • Covers the basics to allow teachers and students to progress further

  24. State of the Product • Released Jan 2008 on CD • In bundles or shipped alone

  25. Future • Additional Lessons in Office and other applications • Online Delivery? • Improvements based on user feedback.

  26. Thank You! Ken Baldauf Florida State University Center for Interdisciplinary Computing